Quick Hitters: South Charlotte Braves Position Players

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

PBR of NC continued its coverage of North Carolina on Tuesday September 1st with a full scout day with the South Charlotte Braves.  The Braves organization is based out of Charlotte, NC.  The workout featured 30 players from the organization taking part in a pro-style workout.

The workout included TrackMan gathering data on hitters and pitchers.  The day started with a laser timed 60.  The surface was a little soft from a heavy down pour the day before, creating times that may be slightly slower than if the players had run on a completely firm track.  Following the 60, players worked offensively, taking multiple rounds of live BP.  Defensively, players worked out from their primary positions for PBR Scouts.  Finally, pitchers threw controlled bullpens with TrackMan gathering all the ball flight data out of the hand.

Below we highlight some of the position players who stood out during their pro-style workout. 

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistical out put from the PBR Scout Day.

By the Numbers:

  • 30 players took part from the South Charlotte Braves organization
  • 6 players ran under a 7.30 in the laser timed 60
  • 2 players ran under a 7.00
  • 7 hitters produced an exit velocity of 90 mph or higher in BP
  • 101mph was the top exit velocity off the bat in BP
  • 2 catchers posted pop times under 2.15
  • 2 arms worked at 83 or better off the mound
  • 3 outfielders were 84mph or better in their positional workout


Quick Hitters-Position Players


Luke Barbaryka, OF, 2021  -  Barrel works short to the ball with extension through the middle of the field. Hands are quick with the ball coming hard off his barrel. Arm up to 91 mph from the outfield. 

Drew Beard, 3B/2B, 2024  -  Used a line drive approach through his BP rounds. Loose swing with quickness to his hands. Fluid actions on the infield with soft hands. 

Mason Diel, 1B/3B, 2021  -  Gap approach with his barrel staying through the middle of the field. Has strength with the ball recorded off his barrel at 96 mph. 

Will Farrell, 3B/OF, 2021  -  Sub-7 runner with arm strength. Balanced swing working through the middle of the field with better than average bat speed. Exit velocity up to 93 mph. 

Carson Gesing, RHP/3B, 2021  -  Loose hands with a gap to gap approach. Has pop to his pull side leaving the yard during BP. Ball off his barrel recorded at 93 mph. 

Trenten Grigley, OF, 2022  -  Quick twitch present with room to add strength to his frame. Short swing with a line drive approach through the middle. Quick, accurate arm on the infield. 

Jake Hasner, 1B/C, 2021  -  Flat swing with above average feel for his barrel. Ball carries off his bat to the left center gap. Has feel around the first base bag. 

Ryan Hawkins, 2B/SS, 2023  -  Line drive approach with his barrel working level through the zone. Worked gap to gap with better than average barrel awareness. 

Landon Howard, 3B/1B, 2021  -  Crushed the ball during BP with his top exit velocity recorded at 101 mph. Balanced with his barrel working short to the ball. Above average bat speed and barrel awareness. Soft hands on the infield. 

Matthew Kenney, C/1B, 2021  -  Quick hands with his barrel working flat through the zone. Has strength with the ball off his barrel recorded at 96 mph. Top pop time recorded at 2.00. 

Jack Morrisette, SS/OF, 2023  -  Athletic in the box with a loose swing. Hands have quickness with his barrel working flat through the zone with extension out front. 

Logan Hall, OF, 2021  -  Loose swing with above average barrel awareness. Pull approach with quick hands. Fluid in the outfield with an accurate arm. 

Luke McGrath, SS/RHP, 2023  -  Line drive approach with some quickness to his hands. Made hard contact to his pull side. Above average hands on the infield with an accurate arm. 

Ike Schmidly, OF/RHP, 2023  -  Fluid swing with a gap to gap approach. Barrel works short to the ball with a line drive approach. Accurate arm with carry from the outfield.

Travis Snell, OF/C, 2021  -  Top exit velocity recorded at 97 mph while running a sub-7 60. Quick hands with a flat stroke. Ball has carry off his barrel. Accurate arm with carry.