Statistical Analysis: Western Piedmont ID

Brandon Hall
Executive Director, PBR of NC

PBR was in Maiden, NC in Lincoln County on Thursday July 9th to host a scout day and run an open ID.  A fairly new facility, ALab operates out of a massive 33,000 sq foot facility that houses a full weight room, multiple short cages, a pitching area with 5 bullpens, as well as a fully open cage that measures approximately 120ft x 100ft.  The area allowed the players of the ALab and the Western Piedmont ID to run through a full pro-style workout for PBR scouts.

Position players in attendance were able to run a laser timed 30 followed by an offensive evaluation with TrackMan and Blast taking advanced analytics on the swing and ball flight.  Players then went through a defensive workout.  Pitchers were able to throw controlled bullpens for PBR as well.

Below we take a look at some of the notes from the day, as well as some of the statistical leaders from the PBR Scout Day.

CLICK HERE to see the roster and all of the stats collected from the workout.


By the Numbers:

  • 6 players joined the dual event run at the same time as the ALab Scout Day
  • 6 players went through the offensive and defensive workout
  • 2 pitchers threw controlled bullpens
  • 88 mph was the top exit velocity off the tee





With the event being held indoors ALab players ran a laser timed 30 yard dash instead of a sixty.  Inside the Athlete's Lab there is plenty of room to run a full thirty on the laser timer, giving coaches and scouts another metric to measure players against. 

(Note: The chart lists this category as Home to First, however this was a straight 30 yard dash from a steal break.)

Rank Name State School Class Pos H-1st
1 Christian Cole NC Scotland 2022 2B 4.12



Offensive players went through multiple rounds off of a tee to gauge their exit velocity.  Exit velocity was also take in BP using TrackMan and those numbers will be posted soon. 

Rank Name State School Class Pos Exit Velo
1 Mason Reising NC South Caldwell 2023 C 88



With the indoor setup at The Athlete's Lab, infielders were able to simulate a full length ground ball, working through an exchange and make a throw of approximately 140 feet to a target.  PBR scouts were able to watch the catch, footwork, hands, exchange, and release while gathering information off of a radar gun to give us a feel for arm strength.  Scouts were also able to see carry and accuracy on throws. 

Rank Name State School Class Pos INF Velo
1 Jake Mathis NC PRO5 Baseball Academy 2024 OF 82



Outfielders were able to take a full ground ball off of a fungo, playing through the ball and working to a throw that was approximately 40 yards in distance, at a target.  With the space The ALab provided, scouts in attendance were able to see outfielders work through the ball, transition the baseball into a throw.  Carry and accuracy were paired with a gun reading to give feedback on the arm strength of each outfielder.  Below are the top outfielder positional throws.

Rank Name State School Class Pos OF Velo
1 Jake Mathis NC PRO5 Baseball Academy 2024 OF 83



In the pro-style workout, catchers workout from behind home plate, making multiple throws to 2B, simulating a stolen base attempt.  Scouts again are looking for a quick, clean transition to the release as well as carry and accuracy on the throw.  For catchers, evaluators will put a stopwatch on the “pop time” or the time the ball hits their glove to the time the ball hits the MIF’s glove at 2B.  Coaches can also time the transition from when the ball hits the catchers glove to when he is able to release his throw.  PBR scouts add the radar gun to put a number on the arm strength out of the crouched position. 

Rank Name State School Class Pos Pop Time
1 Mason Reising NC South Caldwell 2023 C 2.18-2.19

Rank Name State School Class Pos C Velo
1 Mason Reising NC South Caldwell 2023 C 75



Pitchers threw a controlled bullpen for scouts at The ALab as part of the Scout Day.  TrackMan was used to track and verify all velocity readings. A Stalker Pro SII was also used to flash velocities to an LED board for the player videos, and so the pitcher had some feel for his performance. 

Rank Name State School Class Pos Max FB
1 Jake Mathis NC PRO5 Baseball Academy 2024 OF 80 mph