Prep Baseball Report

TPA Scout Day (2): Quick Hitters - Pitchers

Matt Payne
Director of Scouting, PBR of NC

On Tuesday July 6th PBR of North Carolina was on hand at Ting Stadium for the Team Carolina and Future Games Trials which ran in conjunction with the TPA Nationals organizational Scout Day. Players from the 2022-2025 classes took part in the workouts. 

The day started with catchers going through their defensive evaluations. Pitchers followed throwing bullpens of 15-20 pitches with Trackman gathering ball flight information. Position players started their workout by running a laser timed 60, followed by BP on the field with Trackman recording ball flight data. Infielders and outfielders finished the day by going through their defensive workout. 

Below we take our first look at some of the numbers posted by players who participated in the TPA Nationals Scout Day. 

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Quick Hitters - Pitchers

Cole Bowie, RHP, 2024

6-foot-2, 184-pound build. Long clean arm action working through a high ¾ slot. Arm has quickness. Fastball topped at 80 mph. Curveball has sharp, across break at 69-71 mph. Has feel for his changeup with fading action. Showed a slider with similar metrics as his curveball. 

Daniel Morgan, RHP, 2023

6-foot, 165-pound frame has room to add strength in the coming years. Long, loose arm action with quickness. Fastball topped at 83 mph. Changeup has run to his arm side. Has feel for his changeup and throws it with fastball arm speed. Breaking ball has 11/5 shape with big break. 

Jack Litt, RHP, 2023

6-foot-1, 170-pound build. Long arm action and high ¾ slot with arm side run to his fastball peaked at 82.49 mph. Fastball averaged 14.8 inches of horizontal movement. Has feel for his breaking ball with 11/5 shape at 69-73 mph. Some feel for his changeup with fade to his arm side. 

Sunil Lindsay, RHP, 2024

Thin, lanky frame at 6-foot-2, 150-pounds. Worked at the bottom of the zone with his fastball. Fastball reached 78.05 mph. Throws his slider with aggression. Slider has small, across break. Threw his changeup that has run to his arm side for strikes. Arm has some quickness using a high ¾ slot. 

Carter Zamora, RHP, 2024

6-foot, 150-pound frame with room for maturation ahead. Fastball has occasional run to his arm side topping at 78.10 mph. Hand has some quickness using a high ¾ slot. Breaking ball has small across break. Drops his slot slightly on his changeup that has sinking action.