Prep Baseball Report

The Performance Academy Open ID - Dual INF / Pitcher Analysis

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
North Carolina Director of Scouting & PBR Assoc Scout

On Saturday November 11th, Prep Baseball Report held an open prospect identification, in conjunction with the Performance Academy, at Jim Perry Stadium, on the campus of Campbell University.  With over 70 players in attendance, PBR ran a full pro-style workout, gathering information on each player in attendance.

Position players were up first, going through a full offensive evaluation that included a laser timed 60 on the turf at Campbell, an exit velocity test off a tee in the cage area, and several rounds of batting practice, live on the playing field.  Following the offensive testing, a full defensive evaluation took place with outfielders throwing from right field, infielders working out at shortstop and at first base, and catcher being evaluated on pop times, blocking and recovering, and receiving. 

Following the position players, pitchers and catchers were evaluated in a bullpen setting.  Delivery, arm action, arm speed, stuff, velocity, and command were all taken into account as scouts dialed into each arm in attendance. 

PBR scouts in attendance were able to take stats on each player in attendance, while compiling evaluations on players that will lead to potential invites to the Preseason All-State, Top Prospect Games, the Future Games, and the Super 60.  Player statistics are available, with evaluations and player video coming in the near future.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster from the workout, along with the statistics compiled.

Eleven primary infielders also took the mound during the scout day.  Each player participated in the full pro-style workout and followed it up with a controlled bullpen session.  There are several intriguing athletes in the group, including a few players to continue to follow as they continue to mature.

By The Numbers:

+ 72 players worked out at the event.  All players ranged from 2020 – 2022 graduates.
+ 17 players ran a sub 7.20 sixty on the laser timer.  
+ 7.51 was the median sixty time for the event
+ 91 mph was the top arm velo on the day from Infielder Daniels Stephens (2020)
+ 6 players worked at 83 mph or better across the diamond with a median infield velocity of 73 mph
+ 89 mph was the top OF velocity with 6 at or above 82 mph from right field.  The median velocity was 75 mph
+ 18 catchers worked out with a median pop time of 2.12 and a median positional velocity of 72 mph out of the crouch
+ 2 catchers posted a sub-2.00 pop time with 7 at or below 2.10
+ 2 hitters broke the 90 mph barrier in exit velocity with 13 above 85 mph.  The median exit velocity was 80 mph
+ 87 mph was the top Fastball in the bullpen sessions
+ 6 players worked at 81 mph or better, out of the 16 bullpens
+ 78 mph was the median fastball for the event.


Dual Infielder / Pitcher Analysis

Matthew Beisecker SS / RHP / Heritage, NC / 2021

Thin frame.  Stands 5-foot-11, 145 pounds.  Quickness exists, running a 7.10 laser timed 60.  Right handed hitter is balanced using rhythm in his hands to start his swing.  Short stride.  Direct path.  High barrel awareness with average bat speed.  Quick hands create some leverage as he works for extension, staying in the middle of the field.  Active feet and good bend in the hips defensively.  Average hands work to funnel to the midsection while securing the baseball.  Long exchange with a long arm swing to an over-the-top slot.  Some effort in the release, lacking premium accuracy.  Positional velocity of 72 mph across the diamond.
On the mound, around the zone with three pitches.  Occasional sink to the fastball ranging 73-76.  Breaking ball has a slight hump out of the hands with early, gradual 11/5 tilt at 63-65.  Change-up works to mimic the fastball arm speed.  Some sink on the change at 69-71.  Some rhythm to the delivery, working level and on-line.  Medium arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.



Alec Benigar SS / RHP / Holly Springs, NC / 2021

Average 5-foot-10, 150 pounds.  Balanced on the right side.  Hands load down and then back with a heavy short stride.  Level stoke works for extension.  Lacks barrel awareness.  Exit velocity up to 81 mph.  Defensively there is good rhythm between the feet and hands.  Hips set high but hands work to secure the ball with ease.  Tends to catch the ball off the right hip.  Fluid exchange with a long arm swing and high-3/4 slot.  Some effort in the release with a positional velocity of 78 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 7.48 sixty.
On the mound the fastball plays straight, elevated at times at 73-76, touching 78.  Breaking ball is gradual with 11/5 tilt at 67-68.  Good hand speed on the breaking ball and he is aggressive with the pitch.  Straight change-up at 67-70 is occasionally pushed out of the hand.  Some effort in the delivery and release.  Long arm action to a high-3/4 slot. 



Gabriel Brewington 2B / RHP / Corinth Holders, NC / 2020

Lanky, athletic frame at 6-foot-2, 175 pounds.  Right handed hitter is slightly open and tall in his setup.  Strength in the hands.  Uses a leg kick to load, coiling the body onto the back side.  Uncoils producing average to above bat speed and a level path.  Works for extension with a pull side tendency.  Lacks some barrel consistency.  Exit velocity peaked at 86 mph. On the infield, works with athleticism.  Good rhythm in the feet and average hands.  Clean exchanges to a short arm swing and release, showing average to above accuracy.  Somme carry at 77 mph across the diamond.  Ran a laser timed 7.46 sixty.
On the mound, the fastball sat 81-84 and filled the zone.  Choppy rhythm through delivery still works level and on-line, landing square.  Long arm swing has some effort getting to a high-3/4 release.  Quick arm and athleticism suggest more to the ceiling in the coming years.  Slots the breaking ball just like the fastball.  Sharp 11/5 tilt at 64-68.  Change-up has a slightly lower release point with decent hand speed.  Some arm side run at 71.  Filled the zone with all three pitches. 



Nash Chelcun SS / RHP / Pine Lake Preparatory, NC / 2022

5 foot 6, 140-pound build.  Hits from the right side using a slightly open setup.  Leg kick during his load with his hands working back.  Looks to get extension with his barrel working slightly uphill through the zone.  Gap to gap approach with some feel for the barrel.  Average bat speed with his exit velocity recorded at 78 mph.  Athletically plays through balls on the infield with quick, fluid feet and average hands. Funnels to the midsection after catch with quick exchanges and a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Accurate arm across the diamond. 
Compact delivery on the mound with a quicker tempo.  Short step to the side with his leg lift working just above his waist.  In line to the plate with a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Fastball has some run at 71-74 mph.  Curveball has gradual break with depth at 57-60 mph.  Flashed a changeup with run at 63-65 mph.  Recorded a 7.34 in the 60. 



Travis Dalness 2B / RHP / Cary , NC / 2022

5 foot 7, 125-pound build.  Hits from the right side using a balanced setup.  Quick load with a short stride and hands working back.  Looks to work gap to gap, with his barrel working level through the zone.  Barrel path gets long at times when upper body jerks off the ball.  Exit velocity recorded at 65 mph.  Plays aggressive to the ball on the infield.  Feet stop at catch with some stiffness in his hands.  Clean exchanges leading to a short arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Accurate arm that peaked at 67 mph across the diamond.
On the mound he gets his delivery going with a step to the side, then a compact leg lift with his leg working to the bottom of his chest.  In line to the plate with a long arm action, throwing from an over the top slot.  Fastball sat at 65-67 mph.  Worked in the zone with his curveball with 11/5 break at 55-58 mph.  Feel for his changeup with fade at 57-59 mph.  Recorded an 8.07 in the 60.



David Dilday 3B / RHP / Apex Friendship, NC / 2021

Some strength is present in a 5-foot-10, 175 pound frame.  Balanced setup, using a leg kick to load.  Aggressive with quick hands.  Wants extension, staying level through the zone.  Better than average bat speed with average barrel ability.  Exit velocity peaked at 83 mph off the barrel.  Defensively works to play through the ball with fluid feet.  Long exchange to a long arm swing and high-3/4 release.  Accurate with average carry at 79 mph across the infield.  Ran a 7.46 sixty.
Coiled at balance the ball stays hidden on the mound with the fastball working 79-81 with run.  Level, lands on-line and square.  Some effort through a long arm swing and high-3/4 release.  Some quickness in the hands.  Arm is occasionally late, dragging as the body uncoils.  Change-up ranges 66-70.  Occasional sink it is around the zone.  Seems to choke and push the change at times.  Breaking ball has gradual 11/5 tilt at 67-71.  Slows the arm creating some arm side misses.



Joshua Holloman SS / RHP / Broughton, NC / 2020

Lanky frame with room for development at 6-foot-1, 145 pounds.  Right handed hitter is slightly open and tall in his setup.  Glides into an average stride, back to even.  Decent rhythm.  Short path working gap-to-gap with bat speed that is still developing.  Has a feel for the barrel.  Exit velocity of 84 mph off the barrel.  Easy hands and feet defensively.  Good bend in the hips and the hands secure the ball to the waist for a clean transfer.  Long arm stroke to a high-3/4 slot with advanced accuracy and average carry at 74 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 7.48 on the laser timed 60. 
On the mound, shows the ability to be in the zone with three pitches.  Fastball ranged 80-81.  Slows the arm slightly on the change-up.  Straight it flooded the zone at 69.  The curveball has gradual 11/5 tilt, tunneling in a fashion similar to fastball to release. Curveball sat 65-71.  Flashed a slider without much difference to the breaking ball at 69.  Some rhythm in the delivery as the leg lift fights some stiffness.  Works level and on-line, landing with an open toe landing at foot strike.  Medium arm swing loads the scapular.  Quick hand through a high-3/4 release. 



Reece Landmark 1B / OF / Fuquay-Varina , NC / 2020

Lanky,  thin, and high waisted.  Stands 6-foot-4, 175 pounds.  Quickness exists and numbers should jump with additional strength.  Ran a 7.20 laser timed sixty.  Right handed hitter is slightly open and tall.  Waggle through the bat head to the launch position.  Small kick loads the weight working to a short stride.  Works off the back side with some uphill leverage in the swing.  Wants extension.  Some quickness in the swing produces an exit velocity of 86 mph.  At first base, works with good bend in the hips.  Receives the ball deep in his stance with a stiff exchange.  Long arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Loose arm has carry and accuracy.  Peak positional velocity of 79 mph. 



Adam Quintero SS / RHP / Piedmont, NC / 2021

5 foot 11, 145-pound athletic build.  Quickness exists, running a 7.06 sixty.  Hits form the right side using a balanced setup.  Weight and hands work back during his load with a short stride.  Balanced throughout swing with his lower half getting through the ball.  Feel for the barrel, staying through the ball and getting extension out front.  Works gap to gap with a line drive approach.  Average bat speed with his exit velocity recorded at 80 mph.  Athletically plays through balls on the infield with quick feet.  Average hands getting the ball in the air quickly after catch.  Accurate arm across the diamond with the ability to throw from different slots.  Positional velocity peaked at 71 mph.
From the windup he uses a short step to the side with his hands working over his head with a slow tempo.  Shoulder and hip turn during his leg lift, working slightly across his body to the plate creating some deception.  Long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Fastball has some run at 76-78 mph.  Feel for his breaking ball at 65-68 mph with 11/5 action.  Threw a few with a sharper break.  Works around the zone with his changeup at 71-72 mph. 



Joe Valchar 3B / RHP / Heritage, NC / 2021

6 foot 1, 170-pound athletic build.  Hits from the right side with a balanced, athletic setup.  Weight and hands work down and back during his load.  Small leg kick, getting his lower half through the ball.  Loose hands with above average bat speed. Looks to drive the ball, showing strength to his pull side.  Exit velocity recorded at 86 mph.  Athletically plays through balls on the infield with fluid feet and above average hands.  Strong accurate arm across the diamond that peaked at 83 mph.  Athletic behind the plate with quick feet and quick transfers.  Short arm action, throwing from an over the top slot.  Accurate arm with pop times ranging from 1.97-2.13.  Positional velocity topped at 75 mph.  Recorded a 7.43 in the 60.
On the mound has a fluid tempo to his delivery with a high compact leg lift.  Works in line to the plate with a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Quick arm, with some effort in the delivery.  Fastball has down angle, with some run at 79-81 mph.  Curveball has 11/ 5 action at 68-70 mph. Curveball showed flashes of being an above average pitch.  Flashed a changeup with fade at 74 mph.  Strike thrower with good feel for both secondary pitches maintaining fastball arm speed.  



Richie Van Tassel SS / RHP / Cardinal Gibbons , NC / 2020

Lanky athletic frame at 6-foot-2, 170 pounds.  Open and tall in his setup from the right side.  Smooth, simple load and short stride.  Average bat speed, occasionally feeling his way through the zone.  Wants extension, remaining level and staying gap-to-gap.  Exit velocity peaked at 79 mph.   Sound mechanically with feel for the barrel, and should see an quick increase in power as he adds strength to the frame.  Fluid defensively, playing through the ball with athleticism and rhythm.  Clean, easy exchanges to a long arm swing and high-3/4 slot.  Accurate with carry at 85 mph across the diamond.  Quickness exists in the body, running a 7.18 sixty.
On the mound the fastball is in the zone, playing straight at 78-82, touching 84.  Some feel for the breaking ball and change-up.  Breaking ball ranged 65-66 with gradual tilt.  Inconsistent break as the hand casts the pitch early at times.  The change-up mimics the fastball at 70 with occasional sink.  Smooth over the rubber, works level and on-line.  Long, loose arm swing, occasionally reaching and leaving the arm arc.  Above average hand speed and a high-3/4 slot.