Prep Baseball Report

The Performance Academy Open ID - Outfielder Analysis

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
North Carolina Director of Scouting & PBR Assoc Scout

On Saturday November 11th, Prep Baseball Report held an open prospect identification, in conjunction with the Performance Academy, at Jim Perry Stadium, on the campus of Campbell University.  With over 70 players in attendance, PBR ran a full pro-style workout, gathering information on each player in attendance.

Position players were up first, going through a full offensive evaluation that included a laser timed 60 on the turf at Campbell, an exit velocity test off a tee in the cage area, and several rounds of batting practice, live on the playing field.  Following the offensive testing, a full defensive evaluation took place with outfielders throwing from right field, infielders working out at shortstop and at first base, and catcher being evaluated on pop times, blocking and recovering, and receiving. 

Following the position players, pitchers and catchers were evaluated in a bullpen setting.  Delivery, arm action, arm speed, stuff, velocity, and command were all taken into account as scouts dialed into each arm in attendance. 

PBR scouts in attendance were able to take stats on each player in attendance, while compiling evaluations on players that will lead to potential invites to the Preseason All-State, Top Prospect Games, the Future Games, and the Super 60.  Player statistics are available, with evaluations and player video coming in the near future.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster from the workout, along with the statistics compiled.

Below is a look at six primary outfielders from the workout.  The group has representation from the 2020, 2021, and 2022 classes.

By The Numbers:

+ 72 players worked out at the event.  All players ranged from 2020 – 2022 graduates.
+ 17 players ran a sub 7.20 sixty on the laser timer.  
+ 7.51 was the median sixty time for the event
+ 91 mph was the top arm velo on the day from Infielder Daniels Stephens (2020)
+ 6 players worked at 83 mph or better across the diamond with a median infield velocity of 73 mph
+ 89 mph was the top OF velocity with 6 at or above 82 mph from right field.  The median velocity was 75 mph
+ 18 catchers worked out with a median pop time of 2.12 and a median positional velocity of 72 mph out of the crouch
+ 2 catchers posted a sub-2.00 pop time with 7 at or below 2.10
+ 2 hitters broke the 90 mph barrier in exit velocity with 13 above 85 mph.  The median exit velocity was 80 mph
+ 87 mph was the top Fastball in the bullpen sessions
+ 6 players worked at 81 mph or better, out of the 16 bullpens
+ 78 mph was the median fastball for the event.



Outfielder Analysis


Kaden Brown OF / LHP / Garner Magnet, NC / 2020

Small frame, still maturing, with room to add strength.  Stands 5-foot-9, 145 pounds.  Quickness over strength right now.  Fundamentally sound and may make quick jumps with added strength.  Ran a 6.93 sixty on the laser timer.  Left handed hitter is balanced with a smooth load back and a short stride.  Solid rounds of BP showing consistency with the swing and a feel for the barrel.  Good rhythm, working gap-to-gap with a line drive approach.  Strength should increase the exit velocity that peaked at 77 mph off the barrel.  Defensively in the outfield, works cleanly through the ball with fluid actions.  Long arm swing to a high-3/4 release.  Accurate with some carry at 79 mph out of the hand.



Sam Holt OF / 3B / Middle Creek, NC / 2021

Average 5-foot-1, 155 pound frame.  Right handed hitter is slightly open, using a short stride.  Looks for extension with a swing geared to the pull side.  Average bat speed.  Showed some feel for the barrel.  Exit velocity of 81 mph.  Worked to play through balls in the outfield.  Long, clean exchange to a short arm swing and high-3/4 release.  Inconsistent accuracy with a positional velocity of 72 mph out of the hand.  Turned in a laser timed 60 of 7.45.



Riley Kenney OF / 1B / Holly Springs, NC / 2020

Intriguing blend of strength and quickness with some rawness in his game.  Physical stature at 6-foot-3, 200 pounds.  Ran a 6.98 sixty on the laser timer.  Right handed hitter is balanced and wide, using a short stride from a small leg kick.  At times rushed through his load.  Creates bat speed through the zone, staying level and peppering the pull side gap.  Wants extension.  Barrel ability increased throughout the BP session, as he got use to the rhythm.  Exit velocity peaked at 86 mph off the barrel.  Future power potential is evident.  Cautious through the ball defensively.  Long exchanges, loading his feet up with a long arm swing.  High-3/4 release flashed some accuracy but did not maintain expected carry.  Carry will improve with reps.  Arm peaked at 75 mph from the position. 



Evan Pratt OF / 1B / Myers Park , NC / 2022

6 foot 1, 180-pound build.  Hits from the right side using a tall setup.  Medium length stride during his load.  Average bat speed with his barrel working level through the zone, getting extension out front.  Line drive approach working gap to gap.  Exit velocity recorded at 84 mph.  Plays through balls in the outfield with average hands.  Long arm action, throwing from a ¾ slot.  Arm peaked at 74 mph from the outfield.  Recorded a 7.59 in the 60.



Isaiah Strother OF / 3B / Raleigh Charter, NC / 2020

5 foot 11, 147-pound lanky build.  Offensively he works from the right side using a tall, slightly open setup.  Works back to in line with his feet, getting his foot down early.  Pushes into the ball with his legs raising up through contact with his barrel getting out of the zone a bit to quick at times.  Works mostly middle to his pull side during batting practice.  Exit velocity recorded at 74 mph and should improve with added strength.  Plays through balls in the outfield with average hands.  Feet work through his throws with a longer exchange. using a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Arm topped at 64 mph from the outfield.  Recorded a 7.02 in the 60.



Darrien Whitaker OF / 1B / Cox Mill, NC / 2020

Athletic 6-foot, 155 pound frame.  Plenty of room to continue to add strength.  Balanced and tall in the box on the right side.  Loads down with the hands.  Works for extension, creating a pull or hook  tendency at times.  Average feel for the barrel with average bat speed.  Exit velocity of 77 mph.  Defensively works to play through the ball, showing accuracy out of the hand on his throws.  Fluid feet with a long arm swing to a high-3/4 release.  Loose arm with a positional velocity of 84 mph.  Ran a 7.44 sixty.