Ultimate Performance / Queen City Open Evaluations: 2021 Dual Prospects

Brandon Hall & Matt Payne
North Carolina Director of Scouting & PBR Assoc Scout

The final open event of the winter schedule for PBR North Carolina was held at Ultimate Performance in Matthews, NC on Monday February 4th.  A dual event, PBR was able to run 50 players through a pro-style workout with players attending the open event as well as players from Ultimate Performance club teams going through their scout day. 

Fourteen players from the 2021 class took part in the workout at the Ultimate Performance facility in Matthews, NC.  Below are the evaluations on the 6 players that worked out at a position and on the mound.  Several may project to be dual type prospects as they continue to mature.  Several have a definite future in at least one spot moving forward.

Below are links to the full statistics from the event as well as the statistical leaders in several key categories.  We will continue our coverage of this event in the coming weeks as we release the player evaluations.

By the Numbers:

  • 42 players ran the 30 yard dash on the laser timer
  • 4.16 was the median time in the 30
  • 9 players ran a sub-4.00
  • 25 infielders worked out defensively
  • Positional velocity for the infielders topped at 89 with a median of 77 mph across the infield
  • 16 outfielders worked out defensively
  • 94 mph was the top positional velocity of Outfielders with a median of 82 mph
  • 4 catchers threw pop times and recorded a positional velocity
  • All 4 catchers recorded at least one pop time under 2.06
  • Median exit velocity of 85 mph from the 42 hitters
  • 13 hitters broke the 90 mph threshold on exit velocity with 7 at 95 mph or higher
  • 24 pitchers threw bullpens on the night with a median max fastball of 80 mph
  • 6 arms worked at 84 mph or higher

CLICK HERE to see the sortable table of statistics from the Queen City Preseason Open and player links

CLICK HERE to see the sortable table of statistics from the Ultimate Performance Preseason Scout Day and player links

CLICK HERE to see the laser timed 30 yard dash times and the 5-10-5 agility test times of all players


Ultimate Performance / Queen City Preseason Scout Day Evaluations: 2021 Dual Prospects


Luke Jenkins SS / OF / Grimsley, NC / 2021


Strong build at 6 foot 4, 180-pounds.  Hits from the left side with his weight back during his setup.  Medium stride with a small hand load.  Flat swing with looseness in the hands.  Works gap to gap with barrel awareness.  Above average bat speed with his exit velocity recorded at 86 mph.  Works around balls on the infield with fluid feet and average hands.  Some stiffness in his upper body with an accurate arm, changing his arm slot based on the play.  Positional velocity peaked at 79 mph. 
Works from the stretch on the mound, coming set with bend in his legs and upper body lean to the third base side.  Long arm action, throwing sidearm.  Fastball has run and works in the zone at 73-75 mph.  Some feel for sweeping breaking ball at 65-67 mph.  Changeup has sink at 63-67 mph.  More command of the changeup than breaking ball.  Recorded a 4.16 in the 30-yard and 4.56 in the 5-10-5.



Jimmy Kerley 1B / RHP / Sun Valley, NC / 2021


6 foot 1, 250-pound build.  Balanced setup from the right side of the plate.  Small load with a short stride and quiet barrel.  Works gap to gap with a line drive approach.  Barrel awareness with a short path.  Looks to get extension with average bat speed.  Some strength in the swing with his exit velocity recorded at 90 mph.  Active feet with average hands on the infield. Clean exchanges with a short arm action, using different slots.  Positional velocity topped at 71 mph.  Recorded a 4.30 in the 30-yard dash and 5.00 in the 5-10-5.
Stable head over the rubber using a leg kick to the belt with a very slight hip turn to balance.  Works across his line slightly, landing with a square toe, falling toward 1B slightly.  Medium arm swing gets to a high-3/4 release.  Repeats the delivery.  Flooded the zone with a fastball – curveball combo.  Fastball at 71-74.  Breaking has early sweeping action at 61-62.



Dylan Koontz 3B / RHP / Community School of Davidson, NC / 2021


Average build at 6 foot, 170-pounds.  Tall setup from the left side of the plate.  Toe tap with bat waggle during the load.  Looks to launch with lift in his swing.  Stays inside the ball, with strength to the opposite field gap.  Some bat whip through the zone with above average bat speed.  Exit velocity recorded at 84 mph.  Athletic defender on the infield with quick, fluid feet and better than average hands.  Accurate arm using different slots.  Positional velocity peaked at 79 mph.  Recorded a 4.35 in the 30-yard dash and 4.78 in the 5-10-5.
Strike thrower on the bump working from multiple slots.  The ¾ slot has a long arm swing and loose release.  Fastball at 80-82.  Drops to a side arm release, working from more of a crouched position.  Again, long arm swing and loose through the release with the fastball peaking at 76.  Works a change-up from each slot, mimicking the fastball.  Has feel and there is arm side run.  From ¾ slot the change sat at 74.  It dips to 71 from the side arm slot. 



Zackery Middleton 2B / RHP / Walkertown, NC / 2021


5 foot 10, 160-pound build.  Hits from the right side using a tall setup.  Medium stride with quiet hands during the load.  Some feel for the barrel, working level through the zone, with extension out front.  Gap to gap approach with average bat speed.  Exit velocity recorded at 83 mph.  Arm strength from the outfield with his throws topping at 87 mph.  Accurate arm with carry.  Plays through balls with fluid feet and average hands.  Clean exchanges with a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Recorded a 4.09 in the 30-yard dash and 4.75 in the 5-10-5.
Leg kick to his shoulders with a slight rotation in the hips to balance.  Uncoils, landing online and slightly closed with his toe, falling to the 1B side.  Lacks some extension through the fastball with his rotation.  Long arm swing, bars out a shoulder height before working to an over-the-top release.  Sink is present on the fastball at 83-84.  Quick hand and twitchy hips.  Breaking ball has hard, downer action at 74-75.  Change-up at 77 has sink as well.



Isaac Williams LHP / OF / Wake Forest, NC / 2021


6 foot 2, 187-pound lanky build.  Small rocker, lifting the leg to the bottom of the chest with a pelvic tilt upwards throwing the head slightly behind the shoulders.  Shoulders tilt slightly up hill with the line rotated at balance.  Long arm action reaches back out of the glove.  Loose, whippy arm gets to a high-3/4 slot.  Quick arm.  Lands on-line and square with average to above extension.  Fastball at 76-80.  Plenty of projection left in the fastball.  Slider at 67-72 with late action.  Split grip on the change with slight cutting action at 72.  Occasional hard sink to the change.
Right hand hitter.  Tall setup from the right side of the plate.  Smooth back during his load with a medium length stride.  Fluid swing with strength.  Keeps his barrel in the zone, getting extension out front.  Found his barrel a lot driving the ball gap to gap.  Average bat speed with his exit velocity recorded at 87 mph.  Defensively, plays through balls with fluid feet and average hands.  Clean, long exchanges, with a long arm action, throwing from a high ¾ slot.  Arm has carry, topping at 84 mph.  Recorded a 4.18 in the 30-yard dash and 4.44 in the 5-10-5.



Sam Yelton OF / LHP / Central Cabarrus, NC / 2021


Strong, athletic build at 5 foot 10, 175-pounds.  Stood out defensively and offensively, posting a positional velocity of 87 mph and exit velocity of 95 mph.  Tall, slightly open setup from the left side of the plate.  Smooth load with a short stride.  Fluid, balanced swing with strength.  Looseness in the hands with some feel for the barrel.  Drives the ball gap to gap with some lift in the swing. Above average bat speed.  Athletic and confident on defense.  Plays through the ball with quick feet and soft hands.  Quick arm, using an over the top slot, with carry to his throws.  Recorded a 3.95 in the 30-yard dash and 4.49 in the 5-10-5.
Compact delivery working with a slow to quick tempo.  Average leg kick and stable head.  Lands on-line and square getting extension over the front side.  Short, quick arm action to a quick hand at a high-3/4 release.  Fastball rides out of the hand, seeming to have high spin rate at 78-80.  Breaking ball works with late, hard tilt at 63-67.  1/7 tilt and good action.  Maintains hand speed on the change-up at 75.  Around the zone throughout the pen.