Western Piedmont Scout Day: Pitcher Analysis

Brandon Hall
North Carolina Director of Scouting

On Saturday October 21st, over 20 players converged on Wilkes Central HS to show their skills in front of PBR staff and scouts.  Each player in attendance ran through a complete pro-style workout, gathering verified statistics in the 60, from their defensive position, and on the offensive end of the game.  Each player will also receive a complete PBR profile with an evaluation and video. 

Eight pitchers worked out in front of the PBR staff in a controlled bullpen setting.  Each pitcher was taken through a 20-30 pitch sequence once loose.  Several arms showed some feel for three pitches, while a couple featured tight breaking balls.  Of the arms, that threw, all but two were dual position players as well.  Left hander Matthew Upchurch featured athleticism on the mound and in the outfield.  A true chance to be a dual player at the next level, there is quickness and some strength in the 5-foot-11, 165 pound frame, with plenty of room to continue to develop.

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Quick Hitters from the Western Piedmont Open Scout Day
+ 23 total players in attendance
+ 10 players ran 7.20 or better in the laser timed sixty
+ 7 players recorded an offensive exit velocity of 87 mph or better
+ 5 players recorded a positional velocity of 80 mph or better
+ 8 pitchers worked out in a controlled bullpen setting
+ 5 pitchers worked at 80 mph or better with their fastball

Pitcher Analysis


Landon Miller RHP / OF / North Iredell, NC / 2020

5-foot-11, 130 pounder has feel and pitch-ability. Frame can add strength. Easy, repeat-able delivery. Long arm action gets to a high-3/4 slot with average arm speed. Fastball sat 72-75 showing an ability to work to both sides of the plate. Sink is present to arm side, and occasionally to the glove side. Solid change-up sat 66-68. Good hand speed creates some deception. Ball has fade, working the arm side of the plate. Breaking ball sets up as the third pitch, but has 10/4 tilt at 66-69. Occasionally late action, but tends to roll with a slight hump out of the hand. Will tighten as strength is added. Commanded the zone with the pitch.


Dawson Elder RHP / 3B / Alexander Central, NC / 2019

Lean, projectable 6-foot-3, 175 pounds. Repeats the delivery with an average leg kick and level shoulders. Long arm action has some looseness in it. Ball is occasionally laid off at the back of the arm swing, but gets back to the high-3/4 slot while landing on-line. Some quickness in the arm that should improve as strength is added to the frame. Fastball sat 81-84, erratic early. Change-up works with sink and run to the arm side. Deception exists as the arm speed is near the fastball. Change ranged 66-69. Breaking ball works with good arm speed as well at 66-69. Gradual 10/4 tilt begins to show out of the hand.
Right handed hitter works with a swing geared to pull. Balanced setup with a smooth load back and short stride. Lower half works to produce strength through the ball. Average bat speed as the bat head can get in and out of the zone a little quickly, occasionally hooking the ball. Strength is present with an exit velocity of 87 mph off the barrel. On the infield, the hands work with rhythm, funneling to the mid-section. Short arm swing to a loose, high-3/4 slot. Advanced accuracy and good carry on throws measuring 75 mph out of the hand. Feet work through some stiffness at the catch, but may clean up as the body settles in the coming years.


Andrew Parker RHP / North Raleigh Christian Academy, NC / 2019

Lanky build at 6-foot-3, 165 pounds that can grab your attention. Plenty of maturation ahead. Fastball worked 76-80 from a high-3/4 slot. Commanded the fastball as the bullpen pitch count climbed. Good feel for the curveball and change-up. Change sat 72-73 with sink and deception. Maintained fastball hand speed on the off-speed offering. Dominated the zone with the change. The breaking ball sat 66-69 with short 10/4 tilt. Attacked the glove with the breaker. Pitch acted as a freeze or contact pitch more than a swing and miss offering. Average leg kick with the hands working to the eye level before settling at the chest to separate. Some stiffness in the hips. Long arm action has some strength in the action. Shoulders and hips are slightly closed at balance working to a foot strike that is slightly closed as well. The delivery firmed up and command followed as the bullpen lengthened.


Nick Tucker RHP / OF / Hibriten, NC / 2021

5-foot-10, 150 pound righty sat 67-70 from an over-the-top slot. Works to an average leg kick, remaining level and tall at balance. Front leg kicks out and swings to the foot strike as the upper half and head clear room for the long arm swing to get to the release point. Lands on-line. Around the zone with all three. Control over command. Straight change filled up the zone at 62-63 with similar hand speed to the fastball. The breaking ball ranged 62-63 with gradual 10/4 sweeping action. Around the zone, but down when missing the glove.
Right handed hitter starts open, working back to even on the stride. Some stiffness as the swing works to be flat through the zone. Exit velocity touched 79 mph off the barrel. Arm speed reached 70 mph from right field. Some accuracy on the throws. Cautious to the ball and through the exchange. Ran a 7.73 sixty.


Matthew Upchurch LHP / OF / Lincoln Charter, NC / 2019

Good athlete with plenty of upside in the 5-foot-11, 165 pound frame. Long limbs and a thin build should allow for continued development as strength is added to the body. Rhythmic delivery that begins with an exaggerated rocker step and a full turn of the hips as the leg works to an average kick, loading the hips. The shoulders tilt uphill as the head works to stay over the rubber. Landing open, there is some hip speed and an aggressive stride length, that translates into a quick arm from an over-the-top slot. Fastball worked 81-84. Command of the fastball was erratic, but looked to settle as the bullpen lengthened. Curveball has good shape with a gradual 1/7 arc at 60-64. Good hand speed created some deception out of the hand. The change-up came from a slower arm at 66-68. There is fade to the arm side and a feel for the zone. Also throws a cutter at 70-73. Short, slider type action that varied from gradual to tight and late.
Left handed hitter works out of an athletic base, using a leg kick to load the weight. Good rhythm and approach. Quick bat through the zone. Drives the baseball with an exit velocity of 84 mph, while using the entire field. Advanced barrel ability. Athletic actions in the outfield, working with ease and rhythm through the ball. Easy catch. Arm has carry and accuracy at 83 mph out of the hand. Ran a 7.18 sixty with a good burst off the line.