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Winter Future Game Trials: Infielder Evaluations

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PBR of North Carolina

On Sunday January 21st, 38 players from across North Carolina, and neighboring states, converged on The Hitting Factory in Taylorsville, NC.  The day allowed for two events to run simultaneously as PBR hosted the Winter Future Game Trials and an Unsigned Senior Showcase. 

The Winter Future Game Trials / Unsigned Senior Showcase workout included players going through a modified pro-style workout.  Each position player ran a laser timed 20 yard dash, a 5-10-5 agility shuttle, and tested in a standing broad jump.  They also went through a defensive workout that allowed PBR scouts to evaluate footwork, hands, throwing mechanics, and carry.  Each positional workout recorded a radar reading on the throws.  Catchers were able to throw for pop times as well.  Offensively, hitters worked off a tee to get exit velocities and then took several rounds of BP in front of PBR’s staff.  The pitchers threw controlled bullpens, with an understanding that we are still in January.  The bullpens were filmed and the radar gun assisted in evaluating their stuff. 

The infield group features 14 players ranging from the 2020 - 2022 graduating years.  A diverse group of players there was a good combination of advanced feel for the barrel to premium actions on the infield.  Several players posted solid quickness numbers, leaving the possibility of staying in the middle of the field as they age.

Winter Future Game Trials – Highlights

  • Click Here for the complete roster from the event
  • Click Here to see the complete breakdown of statistics on each player in attendance
  • 9 Underclass player ran a sub 3.00 twenty yard dash
  • 5 players recorded an exit velocity, off the barrel, of 85 mph or higher.  Two touched 89.
  • 7 infielders posted a positional velocity of 80 mph or higher across the diamond.  Two above 85.
  • 2 catchers showed arm strength with a positional velocity, from the crouch, of 75 or better
  • Top pitching velocity of 83 mph was recorded by a 2020 graduate

Infield Evaluations



Will Austin 2B / RHP / Eastern Alamance, NC / 2020

Small frame has strength present.  Stands 5-foot-6, 145 pounds and was 82 across the diamond with an exit velocity of 80 off the barrel.  Right handed hitter starts open, using a leg kick and short stride to get back to even.  Loose hands, loads with a lagged bat head, pointing back to the mound.  Works to get to a consistent launch position, limiting some barrel awareness.  When on time, there is above average batspeed.  Shows an ability to drive the ball, working the middle of the field.  On the infield, soft hands and quick feet, while working to play through the ball.  Keeps his athleticism on the transition.  Long arm swing gets to a high-3/4 slot.  Plenty of carry to allow him to play on the left side of the field.  Ran a 3.17 twenty yard dash and a 5.34 in the 5-10-5 agility shuttle.  Standing broad jump of 7’3”
On the mound the fastball worked 72-75, touching 76 with run.  Side saddled taking his sign, the delivery is very simple and repeatable while.  Extremely aggressive demeanor, there is quickness in a long, loose arm swing and high-3/4 slot.  Some effort to the delivery, staying level, and landing on-line.  Breaking ball has a hard, downer action at 64-66.  Tight spin has the makings of a power pitch.





Noah Barozzino 2B / RHP / Hough, NC / 2020

Thin, lanky frame, standing 5-foot-11, 145 pounds.  Balanced with good hands from the left side.  Slight toe tap to load the body back while the front arm almost bars to get to launch.  Works to be linear and through the ball.  Occasionally around balls.  Line drive approach working to stay in the gaps.  On the infield, plays through the baseball with good rhythm in the feet.  Cautious exchange to an athletic arm swing that adjust to the timing of the play.  High-3/4 release shows carry and accuracy at 81 across the field.  Some quickness in the body with a 2.93 twenty.  Also ran a 5.13 shuttle (5-10-5).  Standing broad jump of 8’3”.
On the mound, the lower half coils at balance and uncoils as arm works with length to a high-3/4 slot.  Fastball sat 76-77, pounding the zone.  Decent rhythm, working level and on-line with some effort and a tall back side.  The change-up is occasionally erratic but comes with deception in the hand speed, touching 73.  The breaking ball is a tight, short downer at 68-70.  Showed some feel for locating the spin pitch.





Jordan Bowman 2B / SS / West Caldwell, NC / 2020

Solid line drive approach throughout BP.  At 5-foot-5, 130 pounds, the swing works from a simple setup and stays short to the ball.  Very repeatable swing, consistent to his launch position, showing excellent feel for the barrel with average bat speed.  Exit velocity peaked at 67 mph, carrying better with back spin throughout BP.   On the infield, good actions with soft hands.  Funnels to the right hip at times.  Aggressive feet gain ground as the arm works with a little length to a high-3/4 slot.  Accuracy on throws measuring 70 mph out of the hand.  In the 20yard dash he posted a time of 3.01/ 4.87 5-10-5 and a 7-3 in the broad jump.





Bryce Carroll 1B / RHP / Hickory Ridge, NC / 2020

Length is present in the 5-foot-11, 150 pound build.  Balanced with an early stride.  Aggressive, wants extension, working with some uphill leverage in the swing.  Back foot can work without leverage, in the setup, at times.  Power potential as he continues to add strength to the frame.  Current exit velocity at 76.  Direct angles to the baseball on the infield, sitting with his hands deep for the catch.  Vertical through the transition as he works to a short arm action and high-3/4 slot.  Slightly across his body and rotational through throws.  Infield velocity of 72.  Ran a 3.12 twenty yard dash and a 5.50 agility shuttle.  Standing broad jump of 6’11”.
On the mound, fastball up to 70, sitting 68-70.  Occasionally cuts, and around the zone.  Delivery can get choppy as there is some effort in the arm swing.  Shoulders set uphill slightly, landing on-line.  High-3/4 release.  Shows feel for the change-up.  Some run to the arm side at 62-63.  Breaking ball is still developing with short side-to-side action at 60-61.





Chase Corbett 3B / RHP / Charlotte Christian, NC / 2020

Thick build with strength in the lower half.  Stands 6-foot, 195 pounds.  Right handed hitter works with rhythm from a tall base using a short stride.  Hands load back with ease launching from a high position.  Flat through the zone with average batspeed producing line drives working gap-to-gap.  Exit velocity peaked at 84 off the barrel.  Rhythm in the feet on the infield, working to transition the baseball to the mid-section.  Short arm swing works to a high-3/4 slot with some carry at 77 across the diamond.  Has feel for accuracy.  Ran a 3.12 twenty yard dash with a 7’6” standing broad jump. 
Strike thrower on the bump.   Long arm swing to a high-3/4 slot.  Shoulders are slightly closed at balance, remaining level through the foot strike that is on-line.  Fastball sat 70-72, touching 73.  Change-up plays straight with similar hand speed to the fastball.  At 62-63 it filled the zone up.  Breaking ball is still developing at 58-59 with gradual 11/5 action.





Gavin Fragale SS / 2B / Christ the King Catholic, NC / 2021

Showed bat speed and fast hands in an athletic 5-foot-9, 155 pound frame. Good feel for his swing while using the lower half well. Right handed hitter sits tall, looseness and rhythm in the body.  High hands and a vertical bat settle into a consistent launch position.  Short, easy stride gathers the body.  Quick bat and advanced feel for the barrel.  Exit velocity peaked at 73, playing better in the cage.  Quick, clean actions defensively, with active feet, playing through the ball.  Secures the exchange at the mid-section.  Short, strong arm swing and high-3/4 slot shows accuracy and carry at 73 mph across the diamond.  Ran a 3.08 20/4.81 5-10-5 with a broad jump of 7-5.





Brandon Fury 3B / RHP / Western Guilford, NC / 2021

Broad shoulders and thin build at 6-foot-1, 160 pounds.  Some projection left on the mound as he works with a long arm action and over-the-top slot.  Lower half coiled at balance while the front side uses a glove point and reach to set his line.  Shoulders are slightly uphill, creating some leverage.  Lands slightly open on his line.  Fastball featured strikes, lacking command, at 68-69.  The change-up has deception in the hand speed, working with sink at 63-64.  Breaking ball is still developing and early with a January bullpen – sitting 60-62 with short action and erratic feel.
Right handed hitter is tall, rocking back with a short stride to load his weight.  Hands have some softness with the bat at a semi-vertical position.  Strength will improve barrel awareness.  Some uphill leverage in the swing.  Exit velocity of 76 off the barrel.  Works to funnel the baseball to his mid-section on the infield.  Left foot typically set well behind right foot, allowing a long load and arm action through the transition.  Showed some accuracy on throws measuring 71 across the field.  Turned in a 3.14 twenty yard dash and a 4.94 5-10-5 shuttle.  Standing broad jump of 6’7”.





AJ Jones SS / 2B / Southern Nash, NC / 2020

Strong lower half and athletic build in a 5-foot-11, 150 pound frame that continues to add muscle.  Left handed hitter sets up with balance and athleticism, using a toe tap to load and for timing.  Vertical bat has some waggle, settling into a consistent launch position.  Good path, excellent barrel awareness, staying gap-to-gap with some authority.  Exit velocity of 78 off the barrel.  Athletic actions on defense.  Hands are easy with consistent catch can ball security.  Smooth transition to an arm arc that can adjust to the play.  Loose, high-3/4 slot can be manipulated to adjust to the speed of the game and footwork as well.  Accurate at 80 mph across the diamond.  Quickness exists running a 3.04 twenty and 5.17 agility shuttle (5-10-5).  7’10” standing broad jump. 





Jackson Lisk OF / SS / Graystone Day, NC / 2022

Young frame with some length at 5-foot-10, 145 pounds.  Will add strength with maturity.  Ran a 3.02 20 and 4.68 5-10-5 with a 7-3 broad jump. Listed as a primary outfielder, but worked out on the hinfield showing versatility.  Soft hands with fluid footwork and clean exchange.  Plays low through his hips, transitioning just above the belt to a high-3/4 slot.  Feet replace in one shuffle for a quick release.  Arm strength carries better than the positional velocity of 66 mph.  Good feel for playing on the infield.  Right handed hitter is balanced, working with a short stride, while the bat loads from off the shoulder.  Average bat speed, but shows some feel for the barrel.  High finish with the hands, working to produce back spin.  Exit velocity peaked at 68 mph.





Jacob Mabe SS / 2B / West Stokes, NC / 2020

 5-foot-7, 131 pounds, with room to add strength as he matures. Showed some athleticism and explosion in his lower half running a 2.85 20 yard dash and 8-1 in the broad jump.  Soft hands on the infield with clean, fluid footwork. Works to play thru the ball, with a slight funnel to the mid-section for the exchange.  Long arm action and over-the-top slot produces carry at 80 mph out of the hand.  Fights some stiffness as he will fall to the glove side.  Offensively, the right handed hitter works from a tall stance with a vertical bat.  Some pre-pitch rhythm and a slight leg kick loads the back side.  Better than average bat speed producing an exit velocity of 79 mph off the barrel.  Average barrel awareness as the swing is in and out of the zone at times.  Raw, but there is quickness and strength that makes for an intriguing follow.





Marcus Novy SS / 2B / Jack Britt, NC / 2021

At 5-foot-10, 155 pounds, drove the ball well in BP showing solid bat speed. Balanced from the right side.  Flat back loads to a semi-vertical position while utilizing a leg kick for timing.  Body weight does not get all the way back on the kick.  Short stride and short, simple swing with barrel-ability. Looseness produced an exit velo of 71 mph. Good hands on the infield, with rhythm in the hands.  Low exchange, working to a vertical stance as he transitions to a long arm swing and over-the-top slot.  Legs can get heavy on routine ball, but showed rhythm in the feet when moving side to side.  Arm peaked at 82 across the diamond.  Standing broad jump of 7’3”.  Ran 3.17 in the 20yard dash and 5.30 in the 5-10-5 agility shuttle.





Waylyn Reynolds 3B / C / Hickory Ridge, NC / 2022

Young 5-foot-11, 154 pounds.  Right handed hitter is tall in the box, working with a slight toe tap to transition his weight back.  Short stride and repeatable swing.  Around some balls.  Gets pull conscious.  Some barrel awareness.  Exit velocity up to 75 when on the barrel.  Straight line infielder, working to get through the ball.  Deep hands and vertical through the transition as the hips stay high.  Long feet and arm swing to a high-3/4 slot with a positional velocity of 68.  Ran a 3.14 in the twenty and showed decent quickness with a 5.07 shuttle (5-10-5).  Standing broad jump of 7’10”
On the mound, a long arm swing has an over-the-top release.  Fastball touched 69, sitting 65-67.  Showed feel for the strike zone in the 2nd half of the bullpen.  Level and on-line, fights for rhythm in the delivery, again improving as the bullpen closed.  Only threw a couple of breaking balls at 55-56.  Around with his hand most of them.  Look for the pitch to improve with strength and time.





Alejandro Rodriguez SS / C / Southeast Guilford, NC / 2020

Athletic 5-foot-11, 160 pounds.  Broad shoulders and strength in the lower half.  Plenty of room to continue to add strength in the coming years.  Quickness is present, running a 2.92 20 yard dash/4.5 5-10-5 agility shuttle.  Also produced a standing broad jump of 8-6. Switch Hitter with good rhythm and looseness in swing from both sides of the plate. Natural right hand hitter who produced a higher exit velo from the left side at 83mph. Showed the ability to drive the ball from both sides with slightly better feel for his swing from the right side. From the left side, works from an athletic base with a vertical bat.  Some rhythm pre-pitch.  Short stride, working to be direct and stay in the middle of the field.  Average barrel awareness.  Exact same setup and movements on the right side, but the barrel awareness increases.  Good rhythm and actions in the IF with good quick hands. Plays through the ball nicely with fluid footwork. Easy ability to catch and secure the ball.  Accurate from a high-3/4 slot with premium carry at 85 mph across the diamond.  Also a catcher, receives with athleticism.  An easy target, balanced and allowing the hand to work.  Quickness remains while in his stance. 





Jake Soorus OF / RHP / North Lincoln, NC / 2020

A utility player with strength and quickness in an average 5-foot-10, 185 pound frame.  Turned in a quick 2.87 twenty yard dash time.  Worked out on the infield flashing premium arm strength with a clean stroke and high-3/4 slot, peaking at 88 across the diamond.  Average rhythm in the feet and the hands can soften, but showed an ability to catch the ball consistently as he plays through the catch.  Offensively, works from an open stance, striding to even with his hands set high and above his ear.  Loose load back, with rhythm, setting the hands in a powerful position at launch.  Aggressive backside creates better than average bat speed with a good feel for the barrel.  Tends to work for extension, creating a pull tendency.  Power potential is there with a current exit velocity of 89 mph.
On the mound, continuously worked down hill and down zone with a fastball sitting 81-83.  Long arm stroke and quick hand gets to a high-3/4 slot with some effort as he maximizes each pitch.  Fastball does play heavy.  Shows feel for change-up, ranging 71-73, maintaining is arm speed and creating arm side fade.  Early in the year, he limited his breaking ball, only throwing a couple at 63-64, slowing the arm.  As the year progresses, this pitch will too.




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