Winter Future Game Trials: Outfielder Evaluations

PBR Staff
Prep Baseball Report of NC

On Sunday January 21st, 38 players from across North Carolina, and neighboring states, converged on The Hitting Factory in Taylorsville, NC.  The day allowed for two events to run simultaneously as PBR hosted the Winter Future Game Trials and an Unsigned Senior Showcase. 

The Winter Future Game Trials / Unsigned Senior Showcase workout included players going through a modified pro-style workout.  Each position player ran a laser timed 20 yard dash, a 5-10-5 agility shuttle, and tested in a standing broad jump.  They also went through a defensive workout that allowed PBR scouts to evaluate footwork, hands, throwing mechanics, and carry.  Each positional workout recorded a radar reading on the throws.  Catchers were able to throw for pop times as well.  Offensively, hitters worked off a tee to get exit velocities and then took several rounds of BP in front of PBR’s staff.  The pitchers threw controlled bullpens, with an understanding that we are still in January.  The bullpens were filmed and the radar gun assisted in evaluating their stuff. 

The outfield group included eight athletes going through the pro-style workout.  The highlight of the group was the young age and future potential.  Several players have high ceilings that may be able to reach in the coming years. 

Winter Future Game Trials – Highlights

  • Click Here for the complete roster from the event
  • Click Here to see the complete breakdown of statistics on each player in attendance
  • 9 Underclass player ran a sub 3.00 twenty yard dash
  • 5 players recorded an exit velocity, off the barrel, of 85 mph or higher.  Two touched 89.
  • 7 infielders posted a positional velocity of 80 mph or higher across the diamond.  Two above 85.
  • 2 catchers showed arm strength with a positional velocity, from the crouch, of 75 or better
  • Top pitching velocity of 83 mph was recorded by a 2020 graduate

 Outfielder Evaluations



Cody Cato OF / Hilltop Christian School, NC / 2020

Young, thin, maturing frame.  Stands 5-foot-11, 155 pounds.  Balanced setup from the right side, resting the barrel on the back shoulder.  Maintains athleticism with fast hands, hitting line drives while working for some extension.  Exit velocity peaked at 78mph. Fluid through the baseball with a high exchange and short arm action.  High-3/4 slot is repeated showing accuracy on throws that have carry.  Positional velocity of 80 mph out of the hand.  Quickness is present in the body with a 2.85 twenty yard dash.  Also turned in a 4.85 5-10-5 and a 7-6 on the broad jump.



Max Crawford, II OF / SS / Salisbury, NC / 2021

Showed some agility and athleticism running a 2.90 20yard dash/ 4.6 5-10-5 with a 7-8 in the broad jump. Those numbers should improve as he continues to add strength to a thin 5-foot-8, 145 pound frame. Right handed hitter starts open with a short stride back to even.  Simple load and consistent launch position.  Short path and feel for barrel producing line drives while working the middle of the field.  Lacked extension at times, through the ball.  Exit velo of 77.  Aggressive through the ball in the outfield.  Simple transition at the waist works to a long arm action with a reach and bar of the throwing arm.  High-3/4 slot peaked at 73mph out of the hand.



Luke Holland OF / RHP / Hough High School, NC / 2022

Young frame at 5-foot-8, 135 pounds.  Lots of growth still ahead.  Right handed hitter works with good hands and a simple approach.  Some uphill leverage in a swing that works from an open stance, striding back to even, with a relaxed bat head.   Occasionally in and out of the zone quickly, did show good barrel awareness in his 2nd round.  Exit velocity of 75 mph.  Soft, clean, and fluid through the baseball in the outfield.  Athletic transfers to a long arm action and high-3/4 slot.  Positional velocity of 74 mph.  Some strength present in the lower half, with a standing broad jump of 7’4”.  Ran a 3.11 twenty yard dash and a 5.53 agility shuttle over a 5-10-5 course.
On the mound, uses good balance and direction, staying level, to fill up the zone with all three pitches.  The fastball ranged 65-68, flashing arm side run.  Short arm swing to a high-3/4 slot, staying tall on the backside and landing on-line.  Breaking ball has good shape at 58-59.  Downer type spin with good hand speed allows the pitch to be consistent.  Change-up is the third pitch now, sitting 61-62.  When he missed he missed down with it.  Occasionally cutting, the hand speed does provide deception.



Riley Kenney OF / 1B / Holly Springs, NC / 2020

Physical frame that catches the attention at 6-foot-3, 180 pounds.   Standing broad jumped an impressive 9-3 and ran a quick 2.91 20yard dash.  Solid time of 4.88 in the 5-10-5 agility shuttle. Wide base, using a semi-top tap to load the weight back as the hands load down.  Quick bat works for extension, producing line drives when on the barrel.  Exit velocity of 85 mph off the barrel.  From the outfield, works cautiously through the ball, exchanging at the mid-section.  Long arm arc to an over-the-top slot.  Exaggerated stride length, but does a good job of gaining extension through the throw.  Some feel for accuracy with throws peaking at Topped at 72 out of the hand



Easton Rhoney OF / OF / Alexander Central, NC / 2020

Athletic frame with length present at 5-foot-11, 155 pounds.  Frame will continue to handle strength as he matures.  Left handed hitter is balanced and athletic in the box, using a short stride and rhythmic load.  Good lower half generates power with consistent barrel awareness.  Bat speed is advanced for his age.  Exit velocity peaked at 84 mph off the barrel.  Quickness is present, running a  2.86 20 yard dash/ 4.9 5-10-5 and 8-6 in the broad jump. From the outfield, works through the ball with rhythm.  Good hands.  Average arm arc gets to a high-3/4 slot showing accuracy on throws peaking at 79 out of the hand.  



Kyle Rucker OF / C / Northside, NC / 2021

Still maturing in a 5-foot-4, 120 pound frame.  Balanced setup on the right side with a simple approach and some feel for the barrel.  Direct to the ball, and as strength is added the exit velocity of 74 mph will increase.  From the outfield, worked cautiously through the baseball and to his transition.  Short arm swing to a high-3/4 slot with some stiffness in the arm.  Showed some feel for accuracy on throws at 67 out of the hand.  Ran a 3.24 in the twenty yard dash and a 5.29 in the 5-10-5 agility shuttle.  Standing broad jump of 6’2”.
On the mound, begins with rocker to the side, working with an ease in the body through balance.  Stays level with some rhythm, landing slightly closed.  Fastball sat 62-65, cutting at times late in the bullpen.  Breaking ball ranged 61-63, in the zone, but lacking mature definition.  As strength improves, the pitch should develop a consistent arc.  One change clocked at 57.



Christian Thomas OF / OF / Central Cabarrus, NC / 2020

Quick twitch athlete stands 6-foot-1, 150 pounds.  Strength exists but a thin frame suggest the ability to continue to get stronger, maintaining quickness.  Ran an impressive 2.71 20 yard dash, getting to top end speed very quickly. From the outfield, plays through the ball with quick feet. Quick exchange with athletic movements and showed carry as he finishes his throws.  Positional velocity of 81 mph. Narrow base, slightly open, using an exaggerated leg kick to set his weight on the backside.  High hands and a relaxed barrel work for extension,  driving the ball when he stayed through it. Flashes of above average bat speed.  Quickness through the zone can fluctuate as he works to feel for the barrel.  Posted an exit velo of 78mph.  Ran a 5.13 5-10-5 and 8-6 in the broad jump.



Logan Woodle OF / RHP / Alexander Central, NC / 2022

Solid athletic build at 5-foot-11, 150 pounds.  Right handed hitter is balanced and athletic in his setup.  Shows a feel for his swing, repeatedly on time.  As strength is added, swing should become quicker.  Exit velocity of 73.  Fluid approach through the ball in the outfield, working to play through the ball.  Quick exchange, working to be aggressive.  Long arm action has some stiffness with an over-the-top release.  Positional velocity of 69 mph out of the hand.  Ran a 3.07 twenty yard dash and a 5.07 5-10-5 agility shuttle.  Standing broad jump of 6’8”.
There is some effort as the righty works with a long arm action to an over-the-top slot.  Works to stay tall on the back side as the shoulders create some uphill leverage.  Front side leaves early.  Fastball sat 68-70 with occasional run.  Around the zone.  Breaking ball ranged 58-63 with late 10/4 action.  Showed feel and maintained his hand speed.