Winter Future Game Trials: Primary Pitcher and Catcher Evaluations

PBR Staff
Prep Baseball Report of NC

On Sunday January 21st, 38 players from across North Carolina, and neighboring states, converged on The Hitting Factory in Taylorsville, NC.  The day allowed for two events to run simultaneously as PBR hosted the Winter Future Game Trials and an Unsigned Senior Showcase. 

The Winter Future Game Trials / Unsigned Senior Showcase workout included players going through a modified pro-style workout.  Each position player ran a laser timed 20 yard dash, a 5-10-5 agility shuttle, and tested in a standing broad jump.  They also went through a defensive workout that allowed PBR scouts to evaluate footwork, hands, throwing mechanics, and carry.  Each positional workout recorded a radar reading on the throws.  Catchers were able to throw for pop times as well.  Offensively, hitters worked off a tee to get exit velocities and then took several rounds of BP in front of PBR’s staff.  The pitchers threw controlled bullpens, with an understanding that we are still in January.  The bullpens were filmed and the radar gun assisted in evaluating their stuff. 

As we begin a deep-dive into the Winter Future Game Trials, we will begin with the primary pitchers and catchers attending the event.  The pitchers were able to throw a controlled bullpen, keeping in mind that it is mid-January and many have just started to get back up on the mound.  Each pitcher was allowed to control his sequencing, staying within the parameters of the work he is doing in preparation for the spring.

The catchers were able to complete a pro-style workout for PBR’s staff, throwing through to 2B for pop times and release velocity.  Offensively, each went through several stations, prior to hitting live in an expanded cage where the ball could fly a little. 

Winter Future Game Trials – Highlights

  • Click Here for the complete roster from the event
  • Click Here to see the complete breakdown of statistics on each player in attendance
  • 9 Underclass player ran a sub 3.00 twenty yard dash
  • 5 players recorded an exit velocity, off the barrel, of 85 mph or higher.  Two touched 89.
  • 7 infielders posted a positional velocity of 80 mph or higher across the diamond.  Two above 85.
  • 2 catchers showed arm strength with a positional velocity, from the crouch, of 75 or better
  • Top pitching velocity of 83 mph was recorded by a 2020 graduate


Primary Pitchers


Landon Miller RHP / OF / North Iredell, NC / 2020

Average build with some projection left in a 5-foot-11, 130 pound frame.  Around the zone consistently from a high-3/4 slot and a long, loose arm swing.  Slow tempo through balance, working to average arm speed and a fastball ranging 74-77.  Slider has a short, tight tilt to it at 63-66.  The arm mimics the fastball creating a later break.  Change-up looks to be the third pitch sitting 62-63 with some arm side run. 
From the outfield, the arm continues to work through a long arm swing to a high-3/4 slot, 78 mph out of the hand with some feel for direction.  Fluid, working to play through the ball, showed consistency in his catch.  Offensively, a long strider works to stay level, with some length in the barrel through the zone.  Lower half can improve as strength is added to the frame.  Exit velocity of 76 off the barrel.  Turned in a 3.01 twenty yard dash time and a 5.06 5-10-5 agility shuttle.  Standing broad jump of 7’7”



Emery Propst LHP / OF / East Burke, NC / 2020

Intriguing lefty with a quick arm and feel for two offspeed pitches.  Average frame at 5-foot-11, 180 pounds.  Strength is present in the lower half, producing a standing broad jump of 8’4”.  Fastball up to 81, sitting 78-80 from a ¾, or a high-3/4, slot.  Long arm actions, wraps slightly behind the body, as the shoulders stay level.  Lands on-line with decent rhythm throughout the delivery.  Breaking ball ranged 62-65 with late 2/8 tilt.  Occasionally slowed his arm but showed an ability to command the pitch.  Pushes the change at times, but when he stays on top it has arm side run at 64-68.  Probably not a lot of fun to hit off of as arms an legs are creating deception with a quick arm and 3 pitches in the zone.



Justin Stimpson RHP / 3B / Southern Lee, NC / 2022

Very young player with some length present at 6-foot, 130 pounds.  Early in the year for a bullpen but showed a feel for the strike zone, lacking command of the glove.  Works tall with a segmented delivery, rolling through balance at times.  Loose arm action gets to a high-3/4 release, while working level down the hill.  Fastball sat 63-66, occasionally cutting it.  Change-up had the same cutting issue as the hand will get on the outside, sitting 57-59.  Attacked the zone with change, only slowing the arm a bit.  The breaking ball is still developing, ranging 52-53 with early, gradual 10/4 tilt. 
Right handed hitter will add strength in the coming years.  Average stride, gliding to the front side as the barrel works from a lagged position.  Tries to stay level, showing some presence for the barrel.  Exit velocity of 62.  On the infield, shows flashes of rhythm that will be present as he grows into the frame.  Long transitions from a deep catch position to a clean arm swing and consistent release.  Positional velocity of 68 out of the hand.  Showed some power in the lower half with a 7’0” standing broad jump.  Ran a 3.47 twenty yard dash and a 5.22 5-10-5 agility shuttle



Marshall Witherell RHP / 3B / South Point, NC / 2021

Average 5-foot-10, 145 pound frame.  Repeats the delivery, getting to balance with ease.  Some disruptions in the delivery’s rhythm, creating some effort, but the over-the-top slot is repeated.  Average arm action as the shoulders stay level and the foot strikes on-line.  Fastball up to 74, sitting 72-73.  Change-up shows deception at 66-67 with feel for the strike zone.  Breaking ball worked from a slightly higher slot at 63-65.  Good hand speed carried some late action with an 11/5 arc.



Catcher Evaluations


Maxwell Doherty C / 2B / Lake Norman Charter, NC / 2020

At 5-foot-9, 180 pounds, ran a 3.12 20 yard dash/ 4.93 5-10-5 and posted a broad jump of 8ft. Offensively he has good rhythm and balance in his swing. Starts with a flexed base, loading with a weight shift as the hands fire from a high slot.  Explosive lower half producing an exit velocity that peaked at 85mph. Works for extension with better than average bat speed, producing line drives with a pull tendency.  At times worked for some uphill leverage but created top spin off the barrel as well.  Simple setup and relaxed stance behind the plate.  Presents an easy target for pitchers.  Quick and efficient footwork as the baseball transitions across the chest to a high-3/4 slot.  Footwork can get long as he loads the arm, producing a positional velocity of 76 from his stance.  Pop times ranged 2.10-2.17, flashing a feel for the bag, with carry.



Wesley Lug C / 3B / Hough, NC / 2021

Strong build and physical nature, standing 5-foot-10, 200 pounds. Ran a 3.05 20yard dash/5.56 5-10-5 and posted a 7-6 in the broad jump. Right handed hitter shows a good feel for the barrel and advanced approach during BP.  Balanced base with rhythm in the pre-pitch.  Toe tap loads the weight back as the bat settles into a neutral launch position.  Works for extension, showing looseness and staying through the ball with hard contact. Exit velocity of 85 which should improve the lower half begins to work more efficiently.  Good flex in the hips presenting a low target and showing adequate hand speed to handle every pitcher on the day.  Attacks the ball on throws, getting to his front side early while the arm is still working to load to a high-3/4 slot.  Balls fade into the runner at times with a positional velocity of 71 from behind the dish.  Pop times ranged 2.18-2.26.



Mark Lyda C / 2B / Bandys, NC / 2021

5-foot-7, 150 pounds with room to add weight and strength to his frame. Right handed hitter is balanced and tall with a vertical bat.  Simple stride and weight shift leads to some looseness in his swing.  Consistency will grow with body control. Average bat speed and barrel awareness led to an exit velocity of 75 mph and should improve with strength.  Behind the dish the hips have some tension in his setup.  Hands are free to move and handled the ball well in bullpens.  Feet work with ease and may quicken with age.  Simple transition across the chest to a short arm action and strong high-3/4 slot.  Pop times ranged 2.22-2.38 with a feel for the bag.  Ball stayed true out of the hand.  Positional velocity of 74 from the crouch.  Posted times of 3.06 in the 20 yard dash and 4.81 in the 5-10-5 with a broad jump of 7-3.



Carter Merrill C / 3B / Stuart Cramer, NC / 2020

Physical build at 6-foot-2, 185 pounds.  Broad shoulders and a strong base.  Frame can handle more strength with time as well. Showed good bat speed and strength with an exit velocity of 89mph. Has power potential that he can tap into as he learns to use his lower half more. Works from a tall base with waggle in the bat head prior to a simple launch position, working to lag the bat head.  Barrel awareness will improve as the launch position becomes more consistent.  Rotational at times, working for extension, and peppering the middle of the field.  Has looseness in his swing, getting long at times but shows the ability to drive the ball. Good flex in the hips and an easy target.  Average hand speed can improve with age.  Works to an early vertical stance on throws with the transition around his waist.  Short arm action gets to an over-the-top slot with body posture leaning toward 3B.  Pop times ranged 2.12-2.20 with the release velocity at 78 mph out of the crouch.  Ball has carry and zip when he stays through the throw.  At times, throws faded into a runner, lacking the carry that his arm strength should supply.  Ran a 3.21 20yard dash/5.0 in the 5-10-5 and posted a broad jump of 6-10.