Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State East: Quick Hitters Pitchers

Zach Boraski
North Carolina Assistant Scouting Director

The Preseason All-State events in North Carolina have quickly become the top winter events for the top players in the state to attend.  This year there are 3 Preseason All-State events with the East and West happening on February 3rd and 4th.  The Preseason All-State Central is scheduled for February 10th. These three events will see over 250 of North Carolina's top players, as they are ready to post numbers and go through a workout in preparation for the spring season.  Prep Baseball scouts were on hand to run the event verify stats, and evaluate the players involved.

The Preseason All-State has made Next Level Training Center in Greenville, NC its home for 4 years.  Next Level is a tremendous facility that offers a spacious workout facility.  Players had plenty or room to run a laser timed 30, while catchers, infielders, and outfielders were able to stretch their arms in their evaluation phase.  Pitchers threw off of indoor mounds.  During BP, players were able to see the ball fly over 100 feet off the bat with the setup at Next Level.

The Preseason All-State featured 73 of North Carolina's top talent, with a heavy leaning to those players that attend school in the Triangle area and east.  Below we take a data dive into the results of the workout.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistical out put from the Preseason All-State East.

By The Numbers
+ 2 players recorded an exit velocity over 100mph
+ 28 hitters recorded an exit velocity of 90mph or higher
+ 40 hitters had a BLAST bat speed of 65mph of higher
+ 17 players ran a 4.00 or faster 30yd
+ 29 players hit 18mph while being tested
+ 25 players had a vertical jump test at 28in or higher
+ 11 pitchers had a fastball at 84mph or higher
+ 2 pitchers had their fastball spin recorded higher than 2400rpm
+ 3 pitchers had their breaking ball spin at 2400rpm or higher
+ 9 catchers recorded a pop time of 2.10 or better
+ 7 outfielders had arm strength at 88mph or better
+ 6 infielders tested with arm strength across the infield at 84mph or higher

Preseason All-State East -- Quick Hitter Pitchers

Tucker Anderson, RHP, DH Conley HS, 2026

Strong build righty with a long arm swing. The FB peaked at peaked at 85.9 and the IVB maxed at 21.3”. Showed feel for CB with 1/7 tilt spinning up to 2197.

Tyler Jones, RHP, DH Conley HS, 2026

Very repeatable delivery working from a OTT slot. The FB peaked at 81 and have a IVB average of 17.5”. Showed feel for change up with good arm speed averaging 13.1” inches of HM.

Chase Ruben, RHP, Homeschool, 2025

High waisted High slot RHP. The FB worked 73-75 with 16.3’ of HM. The BB was a sweeping action working with 1/8 tilt.

Jack Dalton, RHP, Cleveland HS, 2025

A quick twitch arm with swing and miss stuff. The FB worked up to 85.1 with 20.4” of IVB. The CH has true swing and miss potential with ASR and a max of 16.5” of HM.

Brandon Bush, RHP, Hoggard, 2027

Works with a High slot long arm swing with some intent in delivery. FB worked up to 81.7 in outing, SL showed hard late biting action working up to 74.8.

Caleb Renn, LHP, Holly Springs 2027

3 pitch ¾ slot lefty with command of the zone. FB peaked at 80.2 with sink and ASR -15.2” HM. The BB worked in the mid 60’s spinning up to 2268.

Ayden Broughton, RHP, Pamlico County HS, 2025

Athletic mover on the mound, FB worked up to 77.1 with a max of 18.5” of IVB and 12.3” of HM. The SL was best secondary pitch creating up to -16.4” of HM.

Leo Lupienski, RHP, Middle Creek, 2027

High intensity physical build arm. The FB ranged 82.5-84.9 with cutting action. Slider showed sweeping action up to -22.3” of HM and a spin rate up to 2335.

Parker Simo, LHP, JH Rose HS, 2027

Small Frame with a feel for pitching and a repeatable delivery. The Fb maxed out at 80.6 with a max of 20.1” IVB. The CH is firm at a top of 78.8 but does have asr and fade -16.5” of HM.

Carter Moore, RHP, South Johnston, 2024

The 6’7 Brunswick CC commit continued to pound the zone during his bullpen. Working 83-84 the entire time the FB showed ASR up to 20.5” of HM. The BB showed 12/7 tilt and potential for S/M.

Davis Hathaway, RHP, JH Rose HS, 2024

High ceiling righty with frame to dream on. FB working up to 86.8 with a IVB max of 20.1”. The BB showcased late life to it working in the mid-70s with peak spin of 2432.

Josh Anderson ll, RHP, Willow Spring, 2025

Physical low slot righty. Fastball peaked at 81.2 with a average HM of 17.6”. Sweeping breaking ball working uppers 60’s with 16.4” HM.

Brandon Worsley, RHP, South Central, 2025

FB peaked at 83.6 with a max IVB of 23.1”.  Heavy pronator of the CH creating depth and fade with a average of 16.5” of HM.

Cole Roberts, LHP, Camden County, 2025

Lanky frame using  a short arm swing to create a downward plane.  The FB ranged 75-77 with sink -18.2” of HM.  The BB worked in the mid 60’s working with 11/5 tilt.

June Thomas, RHP, The O’Neal School, 2025

Lanky frame with a fast quick tempo in delivery. FB worked up to 78.1 with a IVB max of 18.8” and a HM max of 17.5”. Feel for the CH with good arm speed for deception.

James Robinson, RHP, DH Conley HS, 2025

Submarine pitcher with a FB working in the 72-74 range. CH has depth to it working down in zone same tunnel as FB. BB is a sweeper moving up to -14.3” of HM.

Joyner Haddock, LHP, Pope John Paul ll, 2027

Small Frame lefty with ability to command 3 pitches to both sides of the plate. The FB worked up to 76 mph with a peak spin of 2473. The CH worked 70-72 with fade and arm speed.

John Nelson McLamb, LHP, Midway HS, 2024

6’5 lefty the Mt. Olive commit was the hardest thrower at the event topping at 87.2. Very deceptive in delivery the CH and BB both tunnel well making both have S/M potential.

Austin Fletcher, LHP, Willow Spring HS, 2025

Athletic mover with a slightly crossfire delivery. Had the top IVB max of 23.6” with a fastball up to 80.6.  The BB with a 12/6 tilt has a average spin rate of 2282.

Tate Nelson, RHP, New Hanover HS, 2025

Fast twitch righty with good arm speed and intent in delivery. The FB worked up to 82.7 with ride and ASR. The worked in the upper 60’s and spun up to 2029. 

Harrison Corey, RHP, DH Conley HS 2027

Small frame with a live arm and intent in the delivery. FB worked up to 85.3 with ride and late life up in the zone. Had the top BB spin at event at 2681.

Owen Simmons, RHP, JH Rose HS, 2025

Using a high ¾ Simmons creates sink and run working down in the zone. The FB worked up to 85.9 mainly working down in zone. The SL worked in the mid 70’s with 1/7 tilt.

Eli Cash, RHP, Corinth Holders HS, 2027

High waisted righty with a short take away. Cash FB peaked at 80 mph with a IVB Max of 19.9 and 15.3 of HM. Showcasing good arm the CH has fade and deception along with 15.1” HM.

Tanner Pope, LHP, Garner HS, 2026

Large Frame with intent and power in delivery. Working up to 86 and a IVB max of 21.5 the fastball can play up in zone. BB maxing out at 74.3 with a spin rate up to 2338.

Ryan Edwards, RHP, DH Conley HS, 2026

Worked mainly down in the zone. The FB ranged 81-83 with a average spin rate of 2005. The CH was best secondary offering up to 77.1 with a IVB max of 15.2”.

Noah Rhoades, LHP, Holly Springs HS, 2026

Physical frame slight stab in back of delivery. FB reached 85.6 with ride and sink Max IVB 18.9 and -14.3 HM. Splitter is his best secondary offering with a spin rate as low as 664.

Tanner Williams LHP, Midway HS, 2027

Athletic delivery with minimal effort and easily repeatable.  Fastball plays up especially in top of zone up to 80.7 with a max IVB of 19.8’. The BB had good shape and work up to 72.3.

Trey Williford, LHP, Farmville Central, 2025

Large Frame with intent in delivery. Fastball worked 85-86.5 with a max IVB of 19.8”. The CH with good arm speed plays up working with low spin 1149.

Anthony Zezza, LHP, Holly Springs, 2026

¾ slot lefty with a 4 pitch mix with command. FB has sink and run to it working up to 83 with -19.5” of HM. The CB will create S/M with its 14.7” of HM working in the mid 60’s.

Liam Hawkes, RHP, Northern Durham, 2026

Smooth athletic low effort delivery. The FB ranged 81-82 with a max of 17.4” of HM. The BB ranged 67-70 with 12/6 tilt and a max spin of 2328.