Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All-State West: Quick Hitters Position Players

Patrick Johnson
North Carolina Assistant Scouting Director

The Preseason All-State events in North Carolina have quickly become the top winter events for the top players in the state to attend.  This year there are 3 Preseason All-State events with the East and West happening on February 3rd and 4th.  The Preseason All-State Central is scheduled for February 10th. These three events will see over 250 of North Carolina's top players, as they are ready to post numbers and go through a workout in preparation for the spring season.  Prep Baseball scouts were on hand to run the event verify stats, and evaluate the players involved.

The Preseason All-State has made Athlete's Lab in Maiden, NC its home for the West event for 3 years.  Athlete's Lab is a tremendous facility that offers a spacious workout facility.  Featuring an indoor space that allows plenty of room to run a 30, for catchers to make full throws, and to simulate an infield. Athlete's Lab also has an outdoor space where a full size infield is available and outfielders can stretch their arms to almost 300 feet. Pitchers threw off of indoor mounds.  During BP, players were able to see the ball fly over 70 feet off the bat with the setup at Athlete's Lab.

The Preseason All-State West featured over 50 of North Carolina's top talent, with a heavy leaning to those players that attend school in the foothills and mountain area of the state.  Below we take a data dive into the results of the workout.

CLICK HERE to see the full roster and statistical out put from the Preseason All-State West.

By The Numbers
+ 17 hitters recorded an exit velocity of 90mph or higher
+ 32 hitters had a BLAST bat speed of 65mph of higher
+ 10 players ran a 4.00 or faster 30yd
+ 19 players hit 18mph while being tested
+ 11 players had a vertical jump test at 28in or higher
+ 9 pitchers had a fastball at 84mph or higher
+ 1 pitchers had their fastball spin recorded higher than 2400rpm
+ 5 pitchers had their breaking ball spin at 2400rpm or higher
+ 4 catchers recorded a pop time of 2.10 or better
+ 3 outfielders had arm strength at 85mph or better
+ 2 infielders tested with arm strength across the infield at 84mph or higher


2027 GRADS

Caden Briscoe, 1B/OF, Phillip O Berry Academy of Technology HS

Compact swing from the freshman with exit velos that can reach the mid 8's and tops at 85.8mph

Parker Filipek, C/2B, TC Roberson HS

2.18 best pop time to second with 71mph arm from behind honme and 75mph across the diamond. Best exit velo was 85mph. 

Brandon Loehr, 3B/OF, Wesleyan Christain Academy HS

Strong freshman with a powerful swing that produces exit velos up to 90.2mph and carries balls over 300ft off the bat. 

Fletcher Owens, 2B/SS, Homeschool HS

RHH with max exit velo of 86.6 and averages in the upper 70's. Across the Diamond max velo of 77mph

Issac Shires, C/3B, South Lake Christain Academy HS

2.59 pop time best with a velo of 64mph and a max exit velocity of 76.1mph. 

Aiden Vogel, OF/2B, Fred T Foard HS

Max exit velo of 81.1 with a line drive swing that stays on plane. 

2026 GRADS

Andres Acurero, SS/2B, Lake Norman HS

switch hitting infielder with good barrel feel from both sides of the plate, max exit velo of 84.1mph came from the right side. 

Zeke Adwaters III, SS/2B, TC Roberson HS

Vertical bat with a vertical approach to the ball with a max exit velo of 91.9mph. Topped out at 82mph across the diamond with good glove feel. 

Daniel Eber, OF, William A Hough HS

Good arm from the OF maxing out at 84mph and a max exit velo of 93.3mph with a high back elbow and strong balanced swing. Max distance was 364'5".

Ryan Engle, OF, Westchester Country Day HS

Big arm, 93mph from the outfiled and a strong swing with his best exit velo being 96.2mph. 

Cooper Gornet, SS/3B, Charlotte Catholic HS

RHH with exit velo max of 93.6 and avg exit velo of 86.9. 78mph arm across the diamond

Paul Greeley, C/1B, Charlotte Catholic HS

2.10 pop time with a 75mph bolt from behind the plate, 21.3 hand speed and  a 85.4 max exit velo.

Darrow Holder, C/3B, Hickory HS

2.26 best pop time from the RHH with a max exit velo of 84.9mph

Gabriel Johnson, OF, East Mecklenburg HS

89mph top exit velo and average speed with a 1.75 10 yd split. 

Colin Kieley, 2B/SS, Cannon HS

Short quick hands from the 2B that works through the middle of the field and gets the ball off the bat at 86mph. 

Meridian Leffew, SS/3B, Gaston Christian HS

Big Body and big power with a max exit velo of 96.0mph and a strong arm arcross the Diamond at 84mph for the Miami Commit. 

Manny Lewis, 3B/1B, Marvin Ridge HS

93.3max exit velo from the big physical RHH and a max grip strength up to 168lbs.

Liam Parsons, C/OF, East Mecklenburg HS

RHH with fast hands, 22.4 on blast sensors for max hand speed, 83.5mph max exit velo and a pop time best of 2.10.

Cody Rogers, 1B, Porter Ridge HS

LHH with a max exit velo of 89.8mph and hand speed above 22 on the blast reading. 

Wyatt Spencer, 1B/3B, Bandys HS

91.0mph exit velo from the RHH 1B that has a max carry of 292ft.

Tristen Sumner, 3B, East Henderson HS

RHH had an exit velo up to 88.4mph and 76mph best from across the diamond. 

Xander Sutton, C/3B, Gaston Christian HS

Sub 2 pop time with a best of 1.97, 77mph arm down to second and a max exit velo hitting of 89mph.

Conor Tregoning, 1B/OF, Reagan HS

6'6" 197lb strong right handed 1B/OF with 92.8mph exit velo and 77mph arm in the infield.

Robert Turner, SS/OF, Rabun Gap Nacoochee HS

78.5 avg exit velo from the RHH but gets up to 89.3 max. 81mph arm from the infield and 82mph from the outfield. 

Brice West, 3B, Hopewell HS

Switch Hitter with a max exit velo of 83.2mph to go along with a 72mph arm from the infield. 

Jaxon West, C/OF, Metrolina Christian Academy HS

2025 GRADS

John Thomas Cook, 1B, Watauga HS

RHH with the second best exit velo of the event at 97.2mph and avove average hand speed at 21.6 on blast. 

Micah Dalton, 1B, Hibriten HS

RHH has a max exit velo of 96.1mph and avgs 86.7mph

Maddox Greene, SS/2B, Watauga HS

Balanced swing with plenty of lift and a 91.9 max exit velo and a good first step with a 1.75 10yd split.

Micah Greer, C/3B, Hibriten HS

1.97 best pop time and 82mph arm down to second and the RHH had a max exit velo of 96.9mph. 

Jonah Griggs, SS/3B, Freedom HS

85.9mph max exit velo from the RHH and a 1.77 10yd split. 

Landon King, OF, South Point HS

Top exit velo of the event with a 98.7mph from the LHH. Elite hand speed at 26.7 on blast and 85mph arm from the outfield.

Alex Lerch, 2B/OF, Metrolina Academy HS

Smooth load with a vertical bat that consistently finds the sweet spot. Max exit velo at 88.5mph but several other in the mid 8's. Fields it cleanly and delivers it 79mph across the diamond.

James Lowe, SS/2B, Charlotte Country Day HS

RHH that has an exit velo reaching 85.8 and sits at 75.8mph, and a 75mph arm from the infield. 

Evan Matile, OF/1B, East Lincoln HS

Strong physical lefty with a closed off stance that produces consisten exit velos in upper 8's maxing out at 92.7mph. Top bolt from first base was 78mph. 

Chad Matthews, OF/2B, North Lincoln HS

RHH with exit velo into the 90's maxing out at 90.7, 79mph bolts from both the infield and outfield. 

Jake Parham, SS, TC Roberson HS

Very balanced swing to all parts of the field with a max exit velo of 96.3mph, great hands in the middle infield and a strong arm at 85mph

Cameron Teal, C, Charlotte Latin HS

2.28 best throw down to second with a 70mph arm from behind home and across the diamond. Max exit velo of 87.9mph. 

Holden Woodward, OF, Hibriten HS

79.9 max exit velo from the leftside and a 77mph bolt from the outfield.