Prep Baseball Report

Rankings Update: Class of 2025

Brandon Hall
NC / Mid-ATL Director of Scouting

As the High School season is working its way to a close and the summer is getting ready to start, it is time for our North Carolina scouts to update the class rankings.  During the High School season, our scouting staff saw well over 400 games, evaluating players and teams.  The process of seeing players play live allows our staff to add to player evaluations that are analytics and statistics heavy during the winter evaluations.

The 2025 class in North Carolina has long been marked as special.  There are a number of players inside the Top 20 that could become high profile marks for MLB Scouts in the coming months.  Through the spring, we saw growth, both physically and on the field, from the 2025 class, but we have not seen one player, or a group of players really begin to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.  The summer circuit for rising seniors has a tendency to be where the pack can be separated.  This will be the first summer that this class has the full attention of MLB Scouts for an entire evaluation period.

There was a little bit of shuffling inside the top 10 in this updated and expanded class rankings process.  Some of the players are so close in their grades, that they may shift back, or completely re-shuffle as we get through the summer evaluation process.  The top 50 players will be fun to follow.

The overall depth of the 2025 class will be interesting to follow as well.  We mentioned how this class has long been seen as special.  While that includes players that could make noise in the 2025 Draft, it also includes players that may be premium picks as they continue to develop for the 2028 or 2029 MLB Drafts.  There is depth and as we continue to follow this class we may see players in the 75-125 range make immediate impacts when they arrive on campus, and we may see some smaller schools take flyers on players lower in our rankings and find that hidden gem everyone wants on their roster.

Update and expanded to the Top 225 players in North Carolina’s 2025 Class, you can see the full rankings list HERE.


High Risers in the Rankings

Marshall McGowan 1B / 3B / Crest, NC / 2024

Jumped from No. 127 to No. 91

Big right handed hitter has impressed a couple of times this spring.   The body has cleaned and he is moving really well out of the box and around the bag at 1B.

In the box, McGowan is a power threat in a physical build.  Through the spring his barrel feel has been dynamic at times.  As we get to know him better, there is room for him to continue to move up the board.



Kolby Jarman LHP / 1B / West Johnston, NC / 2025

Jumped from No. 144 to No. 101.

A big bodied LHP the delivery had some movement and rhythm issues but as the spring progressed, his feel for his line and his timing with his arm has continued to improve.  With that, the velocity and stuff ticked up and hitters struggled to get him on the barrel.

Parker Trexler 3B / RHP / West Forsyth High, NC / 2025

Jump from No. 170 to No. 149.

There are times that a scout may see a swing in a cage and wonder what happens vs. live pitching.  For Trexler, he proved he could get the barrel to solid pitching throughout this spring, hitting in the middle of the order for a dynamic West Forsyth lineup. Trexler is physical with a slightly up hill path and whip in the swing.

At 3B, Trexler moved well, showing range and accuracy when going to his left to make plays for several Prep Baseball Scouts this spring.

Matthew Phuntek 2B / OF / East Lincoln , NC / 2025

Jump from No. 172 to No. 150

Workout Warrior vs. Baseball Player... There are players that show really well at combine events that really struggle when the ball is live and the lights are on for a real game.  Vice versa, there are players that jump up a notch and take all of their tools to another level when the ump yells "play ball".

Phuntek was highly regarded after seeing him in a workout, but his ability to play multiple positions and his barrel feel bumped his overall grade up in the round of rankings.



New Comers to the Rankings

Case Gibbs LHP / Metrolina Christian Academy, NC / 2025

Left hander made his mark this spring and helped MetroLina Christian to the NCISAA 4A Title, and probably the No. 1 spot on the final Power 25.  Below is our full report from his FEB 27 outing.

Stocky 6-foot, 195 pounds. Slight coil through balance, unwinding to an on-line and square foot strike. Slight up hill leverage through the shoulders as the arm works through a medium length action, loading the scapular.  High-3/4 slot. Average to slightly above arm speed.  Fastball at 82-85. Occasional cut to glove side when working to that spot. Showed feel for the zone, lacking advanced feel for any one spot. Breaking ball had length through a 2/8 tilt at 72-74, creating chase. Flashed his change-up at 81.


Aidan Taylor SS / RHP / Kings Mountain, NC / 2025

The Kings Mountain SS is lean and athletic with loose movement and plenty of energy.  On top of that he is a left handed hitter with feel for his barrel and solid bat speed.  Below is our report from his spring break touranment game vs. Burns HS

Lean athlete stands 5-foot-11, 160 pounds. Caught the eye during infield/outfield as he moved with some ease.  Easy transfers.  Athletic arm. Accurate arm.  Plenty of energy.  Hips are a bit high on the catch at SS but he is athletic in the transfer and release with good carry.  Left handed hitter.  Balanced with a simple setup.  Uses a leg kick with his hands curling slightly toward his back ear.  Slight bat tip in the load.  Direct path. Gap to gap approach. Flat through the zone.  Good bat speed.  Handled solid arms with a good approach.



Jayven Parks OF / Carson High, NC / 2025

There are times our scouting staff shows up and out of the blue, there is a player that we need to know, in the lineup, that we do not know.  Jayven was that prospect.  At the East Rowan Spring Break Tournament, Parks' athleticism shined.  He has a true ability to play centerfield and with his athletic frame and quickness the bat will continue to tick up.  There is feel for strike zone discipline already.  The arms have some length and the swing can represent that at times, but when he squared up on the barrel, Parks is creating excitement.



Patrick Walsh 3B / Christ the King Catholic, NC / 2025

Prep Baseball Scouts ran into Walsh while working to check in on a couple of arms.  The Christ the King 3B came up when our staff met with his coaching staff and they raved about his ability to get the barrel to the ball.  He did not disappoint, facing two future D1 arms.  Below is the full report from the April game.

Athletic frame. Strength present. Left handed hitter. Balanced setup with high hands, settling some into his back side as he loads into a more natural launch position. Average to above bat speed, working direct, with solid feel for the barrel. Hammered two balls, one to the pull side wall in a LvL matchup. Final at-bat hammered a ball to RCF gap, short-hopping the wall.  Defensively the hands work with some ease.  Average feet. Can be high through the hips at times. Funnels. Simple exchange and release.  Average carry across the diamond.


Drew Harmon RHP / 1B / Montgomery Central High, NC / 2025

Physical right handed arm got the start on the final day of action at the Asheboro Spring Break Event, and Prep Baseball was there.  The stuff should continue to grow as Harmon has a solid movement pattern down the hill and the arm appears to work clean with solid quickness.  Below is the report from Harmon's outing.

Broad shoulders. Big frame. 6-foot-5, 200 pounds. Average athlete with loose hips and a loose arm. Works level and on-line. Long arm swing with the elbow working above the shoulder line as the arm loads. Solid arm speed through an over-the-top slot. Some effort.  Featured a fastball that was thrown to both sides of the plate, sitting 83-86, sitting 85-86 early.  Run and sink. Heavy boaring action when working to the arm side. Slider has solid length working horizontally across the plate.  Created issues with hitters getting freeze in the zone and chase when located off the glove side.  Slider sat 70-74. Used as an out pitch in high leverage situations.



Previewing the Top 10

Coy James headlines the 2025 Class holding at No. 1.  The athletic SS from Davie County add strength to his frame in the off-season and there was an impact on his power numbers during the season, even while being worked around in most games.  This summer could be big for James as he continues to work to show he can be a premium defender at SS.  At worst, he is a super-utility player that will stay in the middle of the field as he climbs his way through the next few levels. 

Josh Hammond held at No. 2, but our grading process has changed a bit on Hammond.  Viewed last fall, after his explosive outing in Milwaukee at the inaugural Prep Baseball All-American Game, as a power RHP, Hammond did flash his raw power in BP and he hit a double in the game.  While he still held low to mid-90’s in outings this spring, his explosive athleticism continues to allow his prospect to develop on the infield.  The raw power tool is real and he has begun to show an ability to find the barrel with consistency against high level arms.  There will be decisions by teams, beginning with evaluations this summer, on how Hammond is best suited to advance in his career, as an arm that has been up to 95, or as an infielder with premium power.

Sean Jenkins may have made the biggest jump within the Top 10, while it was only 1 number in the rankings, his overall grade is right there with James and Hammond now.  The strong bodied right hander is the most polished of the power arms in the class with an ability to pitch off his fastball and slider.   While others have seen their walk number elevated as they have added velo, Jenkins continued to be very efficient, pounding the zone and dominating hitters at a very impressive clip.