Prep Baseball Report

NorCal Area Code Tryouts: Day 2 Notebook

Ryan Ozella & Blaine Clemmens
PBR California Staff


Upperclass Tryouts Notebook

Stockton, CA - Over 80+ rising underclassman came together at Banner Island Ballpark for the Athletics team Underclass Area Code Tryouts vying for an opportunity to represent Northern California in the prestigious Underclass Area Code Games in a few weeks. With so much talent on the field, parring down to one team will be a tough task, leaving some talent players off the roster. 

Players were put through a pro-style workout starting with a 60 yard dash before going into their batting practice, defensive workout and concluding with live at-bats against the pitchers at the event.

Below are some notes on players who stood out to us during the tryouts.


+2021 C/RHP Tommy Splaine (Los Gatos) - Arizona Commit. Large and long with growing physicality in the build, Splaine continues to show two-way abilities that can transfer to the next level. At the plate utilizes a simple stance and lively swing showing a quick bat that produced hard contact; line drives with easy carry and raw power to the gaps. Splaine showed his catch-and-throw skills behind the plate with a clean transfer and future plus arm (1.94-2.08 Pop, 78 MPH). On the mound he’s got the makings of a three-pitch arsenal with an overhand slot producing easy velocity. FB 84-87 CB 71 CHG 76-78. CHG flashes plus and able to spot FB/CHG combo on both sides of the plate. 

+2021 C Anson Aroz (Placer) - Athletic (7.01 60yd), lean and wiry, the switch-hitting catcher continues to be a defensive star with a contact oriented approach from both sides of the plate. Aroz tracks the ball well with a soft glove and firm wrist allowing him to pull the glove into a quick transition matching it with a strong arm as he kept the ball on the bag (1.86-2.01, 77 MPH). From the RH side, Aroz has a level bat path with some lift through contact staying to the pull side; LHH shows a similar flat bat with better extension and whip through the baseball. Aroz continues to show confidence in his game and the athleticism to be an above average catcher at the next level. 

+2021 C Austin Young (Buchanan) - Physical in the medium frame, Young showed he’s a name for coaches to start getting after standing out with both the defensive and offensive tools. At the plate, the ball jumps off the bat through the middle of the field with direct hands having the ability to drive the ball into gaps; some more HR power should come as he continues to mature and strengthen. Behind the dish, showed quick active feet with strong accuracy (1.93-2.01, 75 MPH) and solid receiving/blocking skills. 

+2021 C Ryan Stafford (Folsom) - Cal Poly commit impressed during workouts with a future plus arm and the catch and throw skills to be a very solid catcher (1.85-2.05, 76 MPH); skills showed up during the games as well. During BP showed quick hands and plus bat speed with a compact swing from a low hands set up; very impressive bat having balls jump off the barrel through the middle of the field and gaps. The athleticism is there (7.20 60yd) and the frame still has space for more growth as he matures showing strong all-around tools for the position. 


+2021 SS Davis Diaz (Acalanes) - Easy to see why Diaz is so highly regarded with the tools of a future Pro. Offensively showed plus bat speed with slightly upwards bat path getting on plane early and driving balls through the middle of the field; LOUD hard contact with ease. Defense shows very strong as well with a plus glove and absolute cannon at the position (84 MPH). Diaz moves easy covering ground and showing the first step twitch needed to stay at the position for the long term. Special type of player. 

+2021 1B Blake Burke (De La Salle) - Tennessee Commit. Burke continued to show his raw power as he deposited multiple balls over the RF and RCF fence showing easy loft and power as the bat explodes upwards through the zone; middle of the order power bat that is prototype for the position. Defensively he’s got the tools to be a very good 1st baseman with the glove to pull balls out of the dirt and strong footwork for the position; he plays and throws with confidence showing he can make all the throws (75 MPH). 

+2021 SS Trevor Haskins (Valley Christian) - Haskins, the Stanford commit, showed added strength in his frame and the speed to stick at SS (7.18 60 yd). With high hands and a quiet approach, Haskins had the ball carrying through the gaps with a quick bat working on a lifted path through the zone; strength in the frame and wrists comes out with the swing. Haskins’ plus footwork allows him to get to a lot of balls reading them well and using his strong arm to show carry across the diamond (83 MPH). Frame has bulked up from Spring viewings and still some space for more as he matures. 

+2022 SS Brandon Forrester (Bella Vista) - One of the few 2022 middle infielders, the Oregon State commit backed it up showing big athleticism, arm strength and bat-to-ball skills. Started with a 7.00 hand timed 60yd before showing a quick bat with rhythm as he worked gap-to-gap carry with slight lift through the zone. At the 6-spot, Forrester showed easy athleticism flowing through the ball with soft glove actions before letting his arm loose with easy actions and a quick release (82 MPH). High floor, high upside type of player. 

+2021 SS/OF Cameron Butler (Modesto Christian) - Cal Poly commit is an elite overall athlete showing speed, some pop in the bat and defensive skills from both the OF and SS. High hands set up with a quick barrel turn and compact swing driving through extension as he worked both gaps with carry. Shows a quick arm that can fit in both spots (up to 86 in both OF and INF work) with plus accuracy and fast feet (6.75 60yd) to extend his range without issue. Explosive and twitchy playing with confidence. 

+2021 SS Jabin Trosky (Carmel) - Oregon State commit showed some of the best hands in the middle infield making tough plays look easy with light bouncy feet and instinctive reactions taking strong angles to the baseball. His arm is loose and throwing from all angles with a quick release (79 MPH); chance to keep strengthening to stick at the position. Offensively he’s got loose wrists finding lots of barrels as he stuck to the pullside showing the strength in the frame; flashed some in-game pop with a long HR to right (LHH) dropping the barrel head and driving the ball out with some carry. Looks the part of a top of the order middle infielder. 

+2021 3B Cuauhtemoc Becerra (Buchanan) - Another high end athlete (6.78 60yd) who can stay on the left side of the infield, Becerra showed a quick level bat with direct hands spraying line drives through the middle of the field. On defense he’s got the quick arm (79 MPH) and footwork using his soft hands and flowing feet to move through the ball; defense showed up during games making tougher plays with confidence. Oozes athleticism and projection with more there as he continues to grow. 

+2021 SS/3B Brady Zavorek (Bullard) - Smaller frame with length projecting more size and strength, Zavorek showed off quick feet with agility and top end speed (6.94 60yd). From a tight, even hand set up, he stays behind the ball with a slightly upward compact barrel showing carry into both gaps projecting some more strength once full grown; high-contact hitter who will develop some pop. Plays low with quiet feet at SS where his natural athletic ability comes out; glove is solid with some more growth available and a future plus arm to stick on the left side of the diamond. 

+2022 1B Brandon Larson (Rocklin) - XL, physical frame that looks the part of a future power hitting 1st baseman with those tools showing up during the tryout. From the left-side, Larson showed off his talents with a high-quality round of BP where his easy raw power took over as he hit some moonshots. At first he showed he can pick it with average feet and the arm to help keep runners from advancing (78 MPH). 

+2021 1B/RHP Jonathan Cymrot (Valley Christian) - Continues to show his two-way abilities with the bat having made jumps from the Spring viewings. At the plate worked with plus bat speed on a flat bat path that was strong and aggressive as he stayed behind the baseball and worked gap-to-gap with lots of loud, hard contact. He moves well for the position showing he can be an asset with the glove as he picked balls out of the dirt and showed a strong arm for the position (80 MPH). On the mound Cymrot worked with a quick arm out of a H-3/4 slot and length out of the glove towards the first base side. Good control of the fastball 81-84 MPH sticking mainly 83-84, CB 10/5 shape with some slurve at 70-75 MPH while also flashing a strong CHG at 81. Arizona commit.


+2021 OF Tyree Reed (American Canyon) - Long, lean and physically gifted frame showing easy athletic actions all around the field, Reed shows the tools to stick in any OF spot and be a middle of the order bat. 6.79 60yd running easy inline and able to utilize that athletic ability in the OF with strong range made for CF but the loose and powerful arm (89 MPH) to fit in RF. From a high hands set up, Reed showed a quick bat with an easy trigger showing lift on extension as he drove line drives with carry into the gaps; stayed on some pitches during the game for a couple knocks the other way showing his barrel feel. Actions have continually progressed and he’s another special type of player that can change the game. 

+2022 OF Corbin Ybarra (Buchanan) - Long, athletic build with current strength in the frame, Ybarra shows as a future corner OF as his compact and quick arm has easy carry with backspin and accuracy to the bags (87 MPH). Showed a simple and easy swing having balls scream off the bat; gets the barrel on plane early and behind the baseball allowing his strength to drive the ball to the middle and pull sides of the field. Did a lot of things that make you take note and the tools haven't reach their peak. 

+2022 OF Raoul Fabian (California) - Fabian has the tool-set of a future CF with easy athletic actions (7.00 60yd) gliding to the baseball. Balanced and controlled through contact, Fabian shows a quick whippy barrel allowing his strong hands to take over and drive through the middle of the field. In RF he showed off a quick release and plus accuracy moving through the ball with strong actions. Seems to just be scratching the surface of his potential as he's continued to show well this Summer.

+2021 OF Sam Heyman (Acalanes) - Medium frame with squared shoulders and projectable build, Heyman was the best thrower from the OF during the day letting loose his plus arm (90 MPH) with plus accuracy and easy carry. Offensively he stayed to the pullside with hands flashing lift and future HR potential from a compact swing when working tight and through the baseball; some hook early in the round. On the mound worked from a shorter swing to overhand delivery with FB that was 83-85, a big sweeping SLD 73-74, CB 65 and CHG 76-79. Arm is a weapon and projectable hitting tools that can be built upon. 

+2022 OF/LHP Robby Snelling (Robert McQueen - NV) - Strong, projectable body fitting both in the OF and on the mound, Snelling showed a little bit of everything and the makings of a two way player. On the mound he worked from a high-3/4 release with a smooth repeatable delivery; FB 82-85, CHG 73 using well against the LHH, CB 72 with 1/7 snapping break and length. From a high hand/toe-tap timing mechanics Snelling created easy loft with a longer barrel working upward through the zone. In RF the big arm fits there with looseness and lofty carry to the bases (82 MPH); loved his confidence in the position. 


+2021 RHP/C Thatcher Hurd (Acalanes) - UCSB Commit. Hurd showed strong catch and throw skills (1.86-1.97 Pop, 81 MPH) from behind the plate and the ability to lift with some pop on his pitch to the pullside to start the day, but he showed his future is on the mound as he came out and shoved for his inning of work. From a high-3/4 release, Hurd showed a quick arm with some effort as he painted the FB to both sides of the plate working with plus tempo and the ability to dominate on the arm side of the plate. FB 87-90 mainly 88-90 with some sink, CB 69-72 flashing plus with some wide sweep and a CHG at 80 that showed some feel. Two plus pitches with a possible average third shows the upside Hurd has on the mound. 

+2021 RHP Kyle Bender (Vacaville) - Bender is long and lean with length in the limbs projecting more strength as he continues to mature. On the mound he showed off a loose, quick arm working from high-3/4 release using his length to move down the mound and having the ball jump on hitters; offset and deliberate delivery makes pitches play up having hitters late to react. FB 86-89 mainly 88-89, CB 69-70 big with late 11/5 action flashing a couple that snapped off the table, CHG 74-76 flashing some potential with the pitch. Arm has always been consistently solid, but showed better control of the pitches in outing improving his ability to attack hitters. 

+2021 RHP Joshua Alger (Roseville) - UCLA commit is athletic showing some all around talent as he moved well in the OF and took quality hacks at the plate, but the long, athletically build RHP showed power stuff on the mound. With a simple delivery, Alger pitched with quiet confidence as his short arm showed shallow on the backside out towards first base producing easy velocity and control attacking the armside of the plate from a high-3/4 release. FB 89-91 working very well down through the zone, CHG at 83, and a plus curveball at 75-77 with late action through the zone. 

+2021 RHP/3B Jake Sapien (Buhach Colony) - Sapien has one of the fastest arms in Northern California and used it on the mound and while at 3rd during workouts. Offensively he utilizes his quick, loose hands to whip the barrel with loft to the pullside showing his physicality and letting the natural bat path take over. At 3rd he showed a live arm keeping balls on the bag and strong feet to make plays on the move. On the mound, Sapien works with a long and loose arm keeping a high elbow to work very quickly and aggressively down the mound; some head whack and max effort. FB 86-89 running through the zone with life, CB 66-68 showing late biting action into the zone and CHG 70 that has a chance for a third pitch. Stanford Commit. 

+2022 LHP Nic Bronzini (California) - Physically imposing frame with wide shoulders and current muscle, Bronzini showed his athletic ability with control of his big leck kick in the delivery as he uses the lower half well to gain extension down the mound. From a high-3/4 release, the arm has sneaky run with looseness having the FB jump on hitters at the plate. FB 84-87, CB 63-65 with some early loop using it to the arm side. He’s got the ability to control the FB now and as he continues to mature, the breaking ball has the form to continue to tighten up to create sharper action on the pitch. 

+2021 RHP Anthony Susac (Jesuit) - Oregon State commit shows a large, physical frame with space to shape the build; athletic actions able to repeat the delivery and get the extension down the hill. FB 90-92 with easy velocity having some run back arm side even when working to the lower glove side spot. SLD 77-79 short, tight and late when at its best showing as a swing and miss pitch; had a couple back up on him hitting two hitters. The CHG 81 shows run and sink flashing the movement and separation in velocity to be another strong pitch. Frame and build to be a workhorse at the next level and oozing with potential. 

+2021 RHP/OF Ty Uber (Ponderosa) - Stanford commit is also a three-sport athlete and the frame showed well with squared shoulders, length in the limbs and easy athletic actions. Uber ran a 6.95 60yd which is very impressive considering his size and strength. He moves well in RF with the arm sticking out. At the plate he kept his head on the ball showing some rhythm in the swing as he worked with lift barreling up the ball. On the mound he works with good body control and an over the top release creating strong direction and angle into the zone. Uber hides the ball well and by utilizing his lower half, allows for the ball to sneak up on hitters late at the plate. FB 86-88, CHG 79, and a tight spinning 12/6-to-12/5 CB at 72-76. The CB improved as he went on, but didn’t have the same overhand bite I’d seen previously; pitch still has the potential to be an above-average of better pitch. 

+2021 LHP Mason Oakley (Clayton Valley) - The LHP showed a great 1-2 combination with the FB and CB allowing his long arm to get to the overhead release with ease and control. From his high release, Oakley is able to create strong angle to the lower part of the zone and giving the CB late actions through the zone. FB 84-88 with easy velocity; when he allows his hip to stay locked on the target, the ball explodes out of his hand onto hitters. CB 75-77 with late 1/7 shape off a FB release; another explosive pitch showing plus actions with late and tight bite. Oakley has been progressing very well over this summer and keeps flashing some upside on the mound. 

+2021 RHP Gavin Ochoa (Petaluma) - Long Beach State commit, Ochoa has the frame and shape that projects well for pitching with the righty having length in his lower half and squared up shoulders. The arm is loose and fast attacking from a high-3/4 release with a full 4-pitch arsenal. The FB 86-90 showed good life into the zone working mainly armside during the outing. The CHG 75-76 was aggressive throwing it in any count selling it with good arm speed and late action; future above-average pitch. CB 76 late overhand action and Cutter 82-84 staying off the barrel. Liked the moxie on the mound and his ability to go after hitters.


Inland Empire Top Prospect ID CA 07/23 Santiago High School
Northern California Top Prospect ID CA 07/24 St. Mary's College
Junior Future Games NATIONAL 07/30 LakePoint
2019 PBR Future Games (California Invite) CA 07/31 LakePoint - Cartersville, GA
California State Games CA 08/17 Vanguard University
Kern County Prospect I.D. CA 09/07 Cal State Bakersfield
SoCal Prospect Games CA 09/14 JSerra High School
Rising Stars Showcase CA 09/21 Santiago High School
N. CA Uncommitted Senior Games CA 10/06 College of Marin