Prep Baseball Report

Southern Nevada UnderclassTrials - Outfield Analysis

Buddy Gouldsmith
Nevada Scouting Director

'23 Justin Kania (Bishop Gorman) 

Developing, 5-foot-6-120, Kania has plenty of room for growth. He shows feel for both his infield and outfield actions, throwing from a ¾ to lower ¾ slot limiting carry for his size and strength. The arm works, with strength and development, accompanied by his athleticism should provide the future ability to play in both defensive areas. At the plate, he maintains a nice rhythm and swing plane, creating consistent contact with a middle of the field approach. He handles himself well in the box and looks to have a nice future in the game. 

'21 Ethan Yatson (Foothill) 

Lean, 5-foot-10 155, Yatson has an athletic build and room for weight and strength gains.  He is twitchy, running an event best 6.64 60-yard time.  He is a reliable catcher as well as an outfielder but his speed and arm action will be better suited to the outfield. He throws from a ¾ arm slot with arm side run from behind the plate and a quick release. From the outfield, he tends to get on top of the ball a bit better providing truer carry.  At the plate, Yatson maintains balance throughout his swing with good barrel release. His wiry strength and bat speed provide gap type power and create an opportunity to get to his speed.

'21 Jack Branham (Arbor View)

Sturdy, 5-foot-10 165, Branham maintains reliable outfield actions.  His rhythm and footwork are that of a natural outfielder, placing him in a good position to throw with an efficient exchange. He throws from a ¾ slot providing a touch of run that he compensates nicely for. His throws maintained a low trajectory and were on target often utilizing a long hop.  In the box, he starts from a narrow open stance, using a leg kick trigger, striding closed. He displays a backside approach with a lofted swing path that provides carry when ball strike is square.

'22 Mason McCormick (Coronado)

Lean, 5-foot-11 135, McCormack has a projectable frame.  He is a capable outfielder with developing actions. He throws from a 3/4 slot accurately. His 7.01 60-time likely provides him the speed to play all three outfield spots down the road.  At the plate, he maintains a consistent approach from a narrow, upright stance and stride with some uphill plane to his swing. He has a high, power finish with limited lower half. He made consistent contact with present strength and development providing gap type power. 

'21 Michael Carroll (Faith Lutheran)

Lean, 6-foot-5 175, Carrol has a projectable body and lots of room for weight and strength gains.  He has reliable outfield actions and a feel for throwing rhythm and footwork.  He throws from a high ¾ arm slot with long arm action that provides true and accurate throws. His 6.9 60-time is surprising for his frame but with weight and strength gains will lend to corner outfield.  At the plate, Carroll has a balanced approach with a handsy swing, creating consistent contact in the middle of the field. He has not tapped into his natural leverage at the plate so he could be poised for big jumps at the plate with development.

'21 Frankie Romano (Coronado)

Stocky, 5-foot-7 155, Romano is a developing outfielder. He displayed a methodical approach to ground ball footwork and throwing exchange. He threw from a ¾ slot, relying mostly on his inherent arm strength. Development will provide the ability to utilize footwork and present lower half strength to enhance carry and velocity of throws as well as provide confident actions.  In the box, he utilizes a “tap back” to stride trigger with a balanced attack and short swing. His swing is both short in back and in front which can limit carry at times but creates hard line drives from the middle to pull side of the field. 

'22 Mason Neville (Palo Verde)

Projectable, 6-foot-2 175, Neville has an athletic build with long levers.  His athleticism provides him the ability to profile as a corner outfielder or first baseman. In the outfield, he has capable outfield actions with enough underway speed and arm strength to play all three outfield spots.  Future growth and development likely make a move to the corners eminent.  At the plate, he has stands upright with a rhythmic and naturally lofted swing that provides projectable power. He made consistent hard contact and his pull side power was evident as he drove several balls out of the park during his BP session.