Prep Baseball Report

Coach's Cheat Sheet

Ted Williams
Director of Scouting, PA

Now that we’ve had some time to sit back and process a busy summer with thousands of players seen during our events, we’ve compiled a list of uncommitted staff favorites who surfaced as trendy names into the fall.

Some used the NY State Games as a stage to showcase improvements, while others came to Summer Open ID events in Cortland and Ulster County. Included below is a cheat sheet of standouts classified as seniors, juniors, and sophomores, each bringing their own intriguing tool(s) to the table.


Henry Aronwald OF / Trinity Pawling, NY / 2023

A muscular frame at 6-foot, 190lbs features high-end athleticism, which should slot him into a middle of the field role at the next level. The 6.60 runner also shows useful bat-strength from the right side with rotational power and ability to hit from day one. Recorded measurables such as 81 mph bat-speed, 101.5 mph exit velocity, and 384 foot distance at the #NYSGames.

Thomas Shkreli RHP / 3B / Yorktown , NY / 2023

One of our winners from the Preseason All-State Downstate this winter, the 6-foot-5, 195-pounder worked out of the stretch-only with a feel for three pitches. Quick, full arm-action that produced some life to an 83-85 mph FB, but the real story was a tight low-60’s CB (2065) at -20 inches of IVB. Also commanded a 75-76 mph CH with late fade (67% zone rate).

Braden Axelson SS / RHP / Iroquois , NY / 2023

Physically imposing with leverage at 6-foot-1, 195lbs, Axelson maintains projection as a durable two-way prospect in the class. Though there’s some pop offensively, his future may be on the mound with advanced spin rates across the board. Held low-80’s (2638-2782) mostly at #NYSGames, mixing a 64-68 mph CB and mid-70’s SL (2755-2920) combo for swing/miss. Tons of hip-shoulder separation present out of a whippy H ¾ slot.

Devon Cass SS / 2B / Clarkstown North, NY / 2023

Mechanically sound at 6-foot-2, 175lbs with wiry athleticism and more coming, Cass was a steady contributor vs. top arms at #NYSGames. Loose trigger, which timed up velocity at the front of the plate for gap-to-gap success, including multiple hits during gameplay. The middle infielder also stole a few bases and picked it clean on the left side of the dirt, while an 86 mph arm-strength positionally gives him chances.

Brendan Gonzalez OF / 3B / Shenendehowa , NY / 2023

Equipped with enough size and strength to round into a middle of the order threat, Gonzalez was among the favorite hitters at this fall’s Northeast Pride World Series. Doesn’t miss the barrel at 6-foot-2, 190lbs, spraying hard contact towards the large part of the field while staying inside the frame. Posted both a 79% sweet spot and 64% line-drive rate via Trackman, finding the slot early.


Owen Brink RHP / 1B / FDR, NY / 2024

All arms and legs with starter’s upside at 6-foot-3, 175lbs, the righty utilized an intriguing lower release-height to close the gap with twitch out in front. Fast arm showed ride to the letters on an 82-86, T87 mph FB, strikes often, while manipulating shape on a lateral 68-72 mph CB (2035). Could add a third pitch to extend the profile, but exploded onto the scene back in June.

Victor Frederick RHP / 1B / St. Dominic, NY / 2024

Following the mold of successful past arms with frontline potential, it’s clean and relatively easy out of a high-waisted 6-foot-4, 176lb frame. Created tilt over the lead shoulder from a tall-and-fall delivery (H ¾), able to live off of the glove-side at 81-85 mph. Ball came out deceptively quick due to 6.5 feet of AVG extension, pairing a sharp, two-plane 69-72 mph CB at arm-speed. Was tough to barrel up during two IP at #NYSGames.

Jeremy Sosa OF / RHP / All Hallows, NY / 2024

Broad-shouldered with an efficient lower-half at 6-foot, 185lbs, Sosa emerged from the Bronx Bombers Scout Day as a high-follow who can slide around the outfield. Natural reads off the bat with the instincts to fill a centerfield role; went 83 mph positionally, then stepped in for a regular-effort 93 mph exit velocity during BP (89 mph AVG). Controlled the leg-lift and delivered smooth barrel-whip towards the middle/pull-side.

Micah Garrett OF / RHP / All Hallows, NY / 2024

An initial PBR-T standout who tallied double-digit strikeouts with a violent rotational move, Garrett bumped up a couple ticks to 84 mph this summer. Flashed the usual late arm-side movement (2023-2109) out of an elastic ¾ slot (4.8 foot release) and added a developing 71-72 mph SL with short cut-action. Some raw parts, but you can see upper-80’s on the horizon.

Kieran Kehoe 1B / RHP / Mepham, NY / 2024

Listed as a “sleeper” in the class, 6-foot-7, 200lb Kieran Kehoe is not shy in the measurables department; the right-handed hitter generated 26 mph hand-speed, 78.6 mph bat-speed, and 30+ G’s of rotational acceleration at #NYSGames. Plenty of coordination at his size with a short approach that extends the lead arm to the LCF gap for extra-bases (92 mph exit). Once he puts it all together, watch out.


Aaron Johnson SS / 2B / Union Springs, NY / 2025

The frame is still lean and developing at 5-foot-8, 145lbs, carrying true switch-hitting feel with mirrored actions on either side of the plate. Hands turn above the ball with impact barrel-awareness and a 64% sweet spot rate from a leadoff role. Moved over to shortstop with up-tempo footwork, rounding the ball towards the target for an 80 mph arm-strength. Will handle either MIF position, able to throw accurately across his body on the run.

Gavin Nicholls LHP / OF / Fayetteville Manlius , NY / 2025

Another projectable athlete at 6-foot-1, 155lbs with long, clean arm-action (H ¾ slot), Nicholls attacks the zone often with a two-pitch arsenal. The southpaw features minimal restrictions in the takeaway with quick hand-speed up to 80 mph, winning to the arm-side. Spins a tall 69-71 mph CB top-to-bottom with 1/7 bite and the confidence to throw in any count.

Anthony Savino SS / 2B / Niagara Falls , NY / 2025

The footspeed plays up a couple notches from a 7.41 60-yard dash and transfers to the box with burst available in a short-to-long approach. One of the sneakier pound-for-pound hitters, Savino recorded a T91 mph exit velocity at #NYSGames with a clean sheet of line-drives. Then displayed bouncy movements on the left side of the dirt, transferring effortlessly using a clean exchange.

Hudson Cavallo RHP / 1B / Arlington, NY / 2025

Cavallo landed in the rankings as an arrow-up name after a summer filled with potential, topping at 81 mph out of a 6-foot-4, 180lb frame. Plenty of leverage at footstrike, creating big stride-length towards the mitt from a downhill arm-circle. Pitched to the knees with heaviness, commanding an upper-60’s CB with small cut, while a 67-68 mph CH flashed future secondary appeal (1572).

Jack Kelly RHP / OF / Webster Schroeder , NY / 2025

An 84 mph arm-talent positionally, Kelly phased to the mound with instant results. The 6-foot-3, 170-pounder sat 77-78 (2216-2301) with pinpoint accuracy and will continue to see velo rise as the lead-leg blocks. Some crossfire down the slope with a moderate arm-stroke that produces late intent from H ¾ slot. A seasoned low-70’s CB (2443-2475) clipped the zone from a similar release with ability to fade a 73-75 mph CH.


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