Prep Baseball Report

First Thoughts: Preseason East Infielders

Dan Cevette
President, New York

Over two weeks ago (February 22, 2018) more than 60 players worked out in front of our New York boots-on-the-ground scouting staff. Overall, the talent was exciting to say the very least. Several new names to the system impressed while some veterans to PBR continue to improve and raise their stock. Today we take a look at a few outfield prospects that impressed February, 22. Let's get started.

Nolan Giblin 3B / 2B / Jamesville Dewitt, NY / 2019

Athletic 5-foot-10 170 infielder who ran an improved 4.30 home-to-1B. Offensively- Balanced setup with deep knee bend; hands work back calmly with a slight heel lift stride. Stays behind the ball with a foul line-to-foul line approach. Exit velocity improved to 83 MPH. Defensively- Extremely active defender; fast twitch actions. Opens up to create angles that allow him to work into and through the ball and his throws. Hands work out in front with some funneling. Traditional infielder's arm swing with throws from multiple angles. Arm strength up 2 MPH from past events to 78 MPH.

Donovan Rhoden 1B / 3B / Ballston Spa , NY / 2019

Full frame with above average athleticism for his size at 6-foot-2 250 pounds. He ran a 5.01 home-to-1B: Offensively- Even stance; pre-loaded to the back leg with a short up-down stride for timing. Stays behind the ball with a big time lower half effort. Lean back finish with an elevated one-hand; weight transfer neutralized some what but does not effect his results that much. Drives the ball left center; exit velocity peaked at personal best 87 MPH. Defensively- Soft hands; can pivot in either direction to start the double play. Stays active on his feet, more then adequate defender. Arm strength on throws to 3B was 72 MPH.

Justin Osborn 1B / LHP / Shaker High School, NY / 2020

Lean, wiry frame at 5-foot-11 165 pounds. The LHH 1B/P ran a 4.73 home-to-1B. Offensively- Even setup; hangs front foot during stride. Lands soft and stays behind the ball; spins through contact with aggressive lower half. Can find the gaps to his pull side. Repeatable efforts with and exit velocity of 82 MPH. Defensively- Agile defender; gets off the bag quickly while staying in motion into his throws. Short quick release with some arm strength that would also play in the outfield at 80 MPH.

Connor Eisenmann SS / RHP / Frontier Senior, NY / 2020

At the plate he uses an upright narrow stance with the barrel parallel to the ground pre-pitch.  he uses a small stride on the pitch for timing, hands go direct to the ball on a mostly level barrel plane, very loose and easy, 82 mph exit velocity with low effort, full extension on his finish. Defensively, mechanically sound with an active lower half, wide base that fields ball out in front with a clean quick funnel and transfer. Throws from an high 3/4 high slot arm strength at 78 mph but expect that number to increase as the summer months approach.

Jagger Nucci SS / RHP / Greece Athena, NY / 2020

Extremely athletic 6-foot-1 170 pound SS who ran a 4.36 home-to-1B.  Offensively- Slightly open stance; upright through the torso. Quiet actions with hands and stride foot during timing phase; unloads on the ball once committed; two handed finish through the zone. Exit velocity of 81 MPH with results that played larger. Defensively- Fast twitch actions with above average range. Can make the play on the move and throw from multiple arm angles. Arm strength was 79 MPH across the diamond. Next level defender to follow.

Jacob Lapham SS / RHP / Lansingburgh, NY / 2020

Very athletic body frame standing 6-foot-1, 170-pounds with plenty of size projection in his near future.  He ran a 4.33 home to first time on lasers, shows an above-average arm in the middle infield at 89 mph, and also was 80 mph off a tee testing his exit velocity but expect that number to climb as the summer months approach. At the plate, he uses a slightly open stance from the right side, wide base, hands relaxed at his back shoulder, barrel points at a 45 degree angle. on the pitch he strides back to even, hands are compact and short to the ball, path is slightly uphill, medium length to his extension, would like to see a more aggressive full finish in the future.  Defensively, extremely range e loose lower half active to the ball, wide base fields out in front, quick clean funnel to a high 3/4 release shows well above average arm strength peaking at 89 mph, sitting in the 84-87 mph range.


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