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Long Island Hot Stove: 2020 Summer Scout Blog

Ground Forces

We had boots on the ground for year number two at the Long Island Hot Stove Summer League. 

2020 Summer Scout Blog

Kevin Minaya 2B / SS / Bay Shore , NY / 2021

A very athletic player with potential to fill out and get stronger. With a lean frame, Minaya proves to be a quick twitch athlete with above average speed and raw tools. He has a quick bat at the plate and generates pull side pop consistently. Defensively he exhibits good hands and footwork around the bag. He throws from a ¾ slot and proved to make all the throws from the 2B position. If he gets stronger and fills out he may make the move to the other side of the diamond.


Andrew Moy RHP / 3B / Manhasset , NY / 2021

Slick fielding shortstop, very smooth. Open stance, relaxed approach at plate, shortens swing on 2 strike approach, runs well and can handle velocity.


James Sill 3B / RHP / Holy Trinity , NY / 2023

Strong arm from 3rd. Big frame. Needs to play lower and improve agility.  Patient hitter at the plate.  Refuses to chase and expand zone.


Christian Centeno 3B / RHP / Harry Van Arsdale, NY / 2021

 Athletic 3B with a smooth glove and a good arm.  He can throw from different angles and his throws have carry across the diamond.  He looks the part and knows how to play the game.  At the plate,  he strides forward and lags the bat before snapping it through.  He will likely barrel balls consistently with his athleticism but will need to make some adjustments to drive balls in the right center field gap with authority. 


Ryan Bray 1B / 3B / Macarthur, NY / 2020

Big projectable athletic body with plus strength. The LHH Bray features a wide base at the plate with a toe tap. He keeps the bat in the hitting window a long time with good hands peppering the LCF gap. Defensively Bray shows above average athleticism for the position and the capability to pick the ball out of the dirt. 

Tyler George OF / 3B / Massapequa , NY / 2021

Strong athletic build with quick twitch actions both in the box and in the field.  George features gap to gap power with a clear approach. Has plus ability to go the opposite way with power. He generates good lift and is aggressive early in the count. In the field he controls the outfield well in CF covering gap to gap. He has above average speed which can be seen in all areas of his game and proves to be a stolen base threat at all times. He is a leader and these qualities are show through his game.

Connor Kelly SS / 3B / Massapequa , NY / 2021

Tall, prolific right handed bat. He demonstrates tremendous plate coverage and is in the driver’s seat in the box.  He controls the at bat well and has an advanced approach.  As he puts on weight and matures physically,  he could develop into a lethal gap power bat.  He is a hitter. Can make the play on the move with arm strength. Left side defender over the long term.

Nick Marsella 2B / SS / New Hyde Park , NY / 2021

Athletic body, even setup at plate, rhythm in hands loads them back well, stays through the zone well, showed footspeed and good base runner, gamer.


John Camera OF / 2B / Xaverian , NY / 2022

A quick twitch athlete with lots of upside. Camera shows good actions both in the box and in the field. At the plate he exhibits a good bat path with a plus ability to adjust with his lower half. Features a balanced stance in the box with a small leg kick. He features a good feel for the strike zone putting himself into good counts to flash his pull side pop. On the bases he is a plus runner with an aggressive mindset. His motor also translates to the field where he covers gap to gap with ease. 

Devin Lake 3B / RHP / East Meadow, NY / 2023

A big strong athlete, who has athleticism and solid actions for the hot corner. He keeps hands inside the ball nicely which generates hard contact gap to gap. Has the ability to keep hands in and generate backspin on the inside pitch which makes him an extra base threat to all fields. Also shows the ability to hit all fields with power, however, does prefer the pull side. Runs well on the bases for a corner guy. Good instincts in all parts of his game coupled with a high baseball IQ.


Joseph Bocchi 2B / RHP / WT Clarke, NY / 2022

A quick twitch athlete; lean frame with room to fill out and get stronger. Bocchi features a good bat path with a small balanced stance and stride. He has a short swing where he keeps his hands inside the ball nicely generating backspin gap to gap. He is an aggressive baserunner who looks to take the extra base at all times. On the bases he has plus instincts and is looking to take the extra base on dirt ball reads. In the field he shows good hands and feet with an average arm.


Hunter Feldman LHP / West Babylon , NY / 2022

A powerful athlete with a strong athletic frame. He features a 3 pitch mix; FB, BB, CH. Feldman generates good ASR throwing from a high ¾ slot. He attacks the zone early with the FB getting a lot of ground ball outs. He features a plus BB and CH that get swings and misses and shows the ability to throw all 3 pitches in any count. He also features a plus pickoff move to 1B and does a nice job keeping runners close by varying timing and looks. In the box he has an aggressive swing looking to generate lift to his pull side. He has a slight opened stance and a small leg kick. He shows good plate discipline and a clear approach at the plate.


Gavin Goss C / 2B / North Shore , NY / 2022

Good mechanics. Stays back well. Decent 3/4 breaking ball spin.  Slows arm a tick on BB. Solid Strike thrower.  Attacks hitters well; showed arm speed on Change up. Catcher- Showed arm behind the dish; needs refinement with setup and recieving. 


Thomas Aflak 1B / 3B / Fort Hamilton , NY / 2024

A big strong frame for this 2024 1B. He shows pure strength and athleticism in all parts of his game. He has a balanced approach in the box and has minimal movement. He has a lot of quick twitch actions for a guy with his build and generates consistent line drives looking to go gap to gap. Defensively he covers a lot of ground for a 1B and shows the ability to pick the ball out of the dirt with good hands.


Mattingly Goldstein 2B / SS / Babylon, NY / 2023

Very good actions at SS. Above average hands.  Can really pick it.  Athletic set up in the box.  Stays back well and has athletic gather in his load.  Compact swing.  Solid swing mechanics; gamer.


Danny Goodman 1B / LHP / Calhoun, NY / 2024

Thick legs and forearms.  Drove the ball in the air to the pull side. Showed power potential.  Will likely flair balls oppo due to swing path.  Stayed in there against lefty pitcher and took aggressive cuts.  Could improve plate coverage.  Good first step in the outfield on balls in front of him.  Showed a solid arm.



Joey Goodman OF / C / Calhoun, NY / 2024

Strong build.  Compact swing.  Impressive hitter.  Quick hands.  Solid gather that creates resistance as he strides out.  Advanced swing mechanics.  Aggressive base runner.  Takes good leads and has no trouble reading lefty pick moves.  82 exit velo.  Showed the ability to drive the ball on a line through the middle of the field.  Ball jumps off the bat. 


In Addition

2021 Kyle Grof (Seaford)
Grof has a lean frame with room to fill out. He features a smooth lefty stroke that favors the inside pitch. Grof generates good lift with a clear line drive approach, consistently getting and staying on plane with the pitch. He exhibits minimal movement with a small stride and a short compact stroke.

2021 OF/RHP Michael Fader (Seaford)
Lean athletic player with potential to fill out. Fader is a quick twitch athlete with above average speed and an above average motor. He features plus bat speed and the ability to hit to all fields spraying gap to gap. Defensively he gets good reads in the outfield and takes charge and shows an above average arm with the proven ability to throw runners out at all bases.  On the mound he shows a three pitch mix (FB,BB,CH), relying heavily on his FB that has good ASR. If he polishes up and becomes more comfortable with his OS he could be a nice two way prospect.

2021 C Kevin Walther (MacArthur)
Big stocky athlete behind the disk with athleticism for his size. Walther generates good bat speed and proves to get on plane nicely creating a consistent line drive stroke with plus power. He shows good patience at the plate with a noted above average knowledge of the strike zone. Behind the plate Walther moves well with plus blocking ability and good hands and feet on the transfer. He has raw ability behind the plate with potential to improve as he gets stronger.

2021 SS Mathew Klass (Division Avenue)
A pure athlete, with a good frame that has room to fill out. A quick twitch athlete with advanced raw tools. The RHH has a balanced approach in the box with very quick hands showing the ability to turn on anything inside. He is an above average runner and proves to be a savvy aggressive baserunner who would project as a stolen base threat. Defensively he shows above average hands and feet around the bag with the arm to stay on that side of the diamond.

2021 OF Daniel Kline (Archbishop Molloy)
A strong build with good athleticism. He features an aggressive compact swing with a middle opposite field approach. Kline has a slightly open stance with a small leg kick that generates plus power from gap to gap. He is an average runner with a plus motor. He gets good reads in the OF with a solid arm capable of making all the throws from any of the 3 OF positions. With his sturdy athletic build and his tools he is an exciting prospect as he continues to get stronger.

2020 CF Mike Henry (St. Francis Prep)
A 2020 HS graduate Henry exhibits a strong athletic build with potential to get stronger. He features plus bat speed and a quality bat-path. Henry has a middle opposite field approach and keeps the barrel in the hitting window for a long time. He exhibits good speed, and projects as a stolen base threat. Defensively he gets good jumps in CF covering gap to gap and shows the ability to take charge of the outfield.

2021 Spencer Barrow (Massapequa)
Good frame with growth taking his game to another level. good arm, solid defender, stays very under control at third base, lefty gets barrel to ball. Solid all around player, above average tools across the diamond.

2021 Andrew Finger (Lindenhurst)
Big build, plus athleticism , an easy level swing with some pop, fields position well at first with quick feet and soft hands.

2021 RHP Dylan Burfield (Lynbrook)
A strong athlete with good use of his lower half. Burfield shows a good feel for the strike zone with the ability to work both sides of the plate. He has a small simple delivery from the windup and uses a small jab step from the stretch. He features a 3 pitch mix FB,BB,CH, with his best pitch being his 10/5 BB that he likes to throw early in counts. His FB generates some arm side sink throwing from a high ¾ slot.

2024 Xavier Garcia (St. John’s Prep)
Above average speed, patient hitter good eye at the plate, good fielder quick release at short. Arm will get stronger as gets older 2024 grad playing with 2020 and 2021 grads. 

2021 3B Anthony Quatromani (Farmingdale)
Tall Athletic frame, lots of room to fill out, really strong arm, can play SS or 3B at next level, very good at 3B glove side, good speed, loads hands back and get hands in good position to hit the ball, little leg lift, all around great player

2020 James Iannotta (Hicksville)
Lean build, still has room to fill out good ss, quick feet, very good at going to his glove side and coming in on ball(slow roller) quick release, balanced stance up at the dish, keep hands back with a leg lift, pulls off ball little too early can do better job staying through the zone longer.

2022 Derek Duncan (East Islip)
Solid build, Relaxed approach at the plate, slight open front foot in stance, hands start up and gets them on good plane when coming through zone, adjusted with 2 strikes, stayed on the breaking ball well, pull side dominate.

2022 LHP Tristen Leone (James Madison)
A big time frame with upside to fill out and get even stronger. The south paw features a plus FB with above average ASR. He works down in the zone with good tempo, controlling the pace of the game. He features a nice pickoff move to first base and the ability to keep runners at bay. He does feature a BB and CH but relies heavily on his FB to get his outs. If he’s able to further develop his secondary pitches he could be an exciting prospect to keep an eye on.

2022 3B David Kelly (Monsignor Farrell)
A solid athlete with room to fill out. Kelly is a plus athlete for the hot corner, featuring above average speed and plus footwork around the bag. At the plate he features a balanced approach with a good feel for the strike zone. He consistently shows the ability to work the count and drive the BB to the RCF gap. His athleticism for a 3B is above average and translates well to all areas of his game.

2022 CF Jose Armando Pimentel (Freeport)
A quick twitch athlete with plus speed. He features plus hands in the box and gets good extension allowing him to generate solid power gap to gap. His barrel stays through the hitting window a long time which gives him the ability to adjust and collect hits on tough pitches. In the field he features plus speed, with good jumps as well as an above average motor. His plus speed also translates to the bases where he is an aggressive baserunner who is looking to take the extra base. 

2021 2B CJ Romero ( Division Avenue)
A shorter, strong athlete with quick twitch ability and actions. In the box he features a short compact swing that generates good power for his size. He shows plus bat speed and attacks the baseball aggressively and consistently. In the field he has excellent hands and plus actions around the bag with nice footwork. He is a hard worker with a good motor and seems to do all the little things well. If he fills out his actions could play on the other side of 2B at SS.

2020 RHP Ajay Nair (Thomas Edison)
Uncommitted right hander is a tall lean athletic frame with potential to get stronger. He features a loose arm action with his tall frame that makes the ball jump out of his hand with ease. He has a slow windup with a high old school leg kick that adds deception to his pitches. Nair throws from a ¾ slot that generates plus ASR on his FB. He mainly works down in the zone with a 2 pitch mix.  If he gets on a program, fills out, and develops a 3rd pitch he could be a nice prospect.

2022 LHP Mike Balnis (Hicksville)
A strong, stocky athlete with a powerful lower half. Balnis features a good feel for his FB working down in the zone with good ASR. He shows the ability to work inside effectively with his FB. His best attribute is his BB which he throws consistently down in the zone early and often. The 2/8 BB has good depth. He uses the BB to work backwards and has a tendency to use it to backdoor RHH’s in any count.

2023 Joe Thatcher (MacArthur)
Strong build; toe tap to time the pitcher starts hands little low get them back in a good loading position. Disciplined at the plate. infielder plays more like a corner guy. Good at going to his right to turn a double play good foot work. Solid arm. Very versatile player.

2022 Ethan Merone (Wantagh)
Athletic build hands start up and back, bend in the knees in stance, has a little toe tap, keeps hands through the zone ball jumps off bat.

2022 Tyrell Nelson  (Excelsior Prep)
Long and lanky worked only from the stretch. Fastball has some good life straight over the top arm action. Curveball has some depth to it. Goes right at guys pounds the zone. Mixes up eye levels working up and down. Needs to work on pitch selection but that will come as gets older. confident throwing break ball in any count. Pitches to contact 5 shut out innings.

2023 Max Frank (Lindehurst)
Strong build, really works well behind the plate, frames well and blocks well too. Good arm throws on line to second. Hands start up in stance has a toe tap pulls off the ball needs to stay through zone. Makes hard contact.

2023 C Jayden Estevez (Sewahnaka)
Slender build, upright stance front foot slighty open with a little leg lift. with a gap to gap approach good speed. Smoked double in right center gap. Solid catcher.

2022 Sam Rothe (James Madison)
Tall, athletic frame lots of room to fill out. 
Stands upright at the plate with a big leg lift. Starts hands low doesn’t get much of a load back with them. Lefty smooth swing with lots of potential. 3/4 arm slot with life on fastball. Loose and easy mechanics. Definitely more velo in the tank. Didn’t show any off speed.

2021 OF Ryan Raggio (Commack)
Fast twitch OF with above average speed. Aggressive base runner with the ability to steal second and third. In the box has a nice line drive swing with a clear approach in the box. Slight open stance with a toe tap. Hands high with little movement. Good feel for strike zone sees a lot of pitches as lead off man. Defensively he gets above average jumps and seems to control the outfield well covering gap to gap.

2021 OF/RHP Devon Sollitto (Wantagh)
Quick twitch athlete with plus speed that translates to all parts of his game. At the plate his barrel stays through the hitting window a long time and is able to generate consistent hard contact. He has a balanced and relaxed approach in the box with a clear plan. His hands move well through the strike zone generating good bat speed and backspin on contact. On the mound he features a 2 pitch mix and only works out of the stretch. He uses his FB heavily and likes to throw the ball inside to RHH.

2021 OF Sam Weiss (Half Hollow Hills)
Long lean frame with a small stride. Has good hands keeps them inside the ball nice generating backspin. Likes to pepper the LCF gap. Has plus speed and the ability to steal bags with good jumps. He has a good arm defensively with the proven ability to get OF assists to all bases. His athleticism and aggressiveness are his most valuable and impressive attributes.

2023 LHP Jake Hansen (Richmond Hill)
The south paw has a long lean frame with plenty of room to fill out. His height gives him the ability to generate nice downward trajectory in the strike zone even while throwing from a true ¾ slot. This ¾ slot generates a lot of ASR that even has some sinking action late. He likes to throw his BB early and often, and uses this to work backwards to many of the hitters. He has a good pick off move to 1B which helps offset his big long leg kick from the stretch.

2023 RHP Justin Peralta ( Southside Rockville Centre)
An impressive athlete for the 2023 class, with outstanding actions and plus feel for the game. On the mound he throws a FB, BB, and CH. His FB is 68-70 mph with late life which he likes to challenge hitters on both sides of the plate with his plus control. His best pitches would be his 2 BB’s. He has a harder BB 65-66 that has 11/5 action that he shows to throw early in the count coupled with a slower 12/6 BB 59-61 mph that has great depth and is used as an out pitch later in counts. He needs to further develop trust in his CH but there is a lot to like about this young arm.

Justin C Molina 2021 Farmingdale) 
Good feel behind the plate; strong arm. Stands tall at the plate. Keeps hands inside the ball. Has some speed too. Showed pop to the gap in game play.

2021 Pat Quinn 2021 (Farmingdale)
Athletic build room to fill out. Very athletic. With a little leg lift at the plate short swing path. Played second in game with good range and good going to his glove hand. Good speed. Stole a couple bases in game. 

2021 Christian Castle 2021 (Farmingdale)
Submarine with lots of arm side run gets in on righties real well with frisbee slider and changeup. Real good when starts fastball down plate and let’s in run in on righties. Will get more velo when outs on weight in future. Lots of potential.

2021 1B Nick Finger (Lindenhurst)
Big, strong build. Hold hands close to body and bring them back for a good load to generate some power. Some raw power definitely more to come. Athletic first baseman with good arm. 

2022 Dylan Duffy (St. Johns Prep)
Contact approach.  Decent arm.  Good instincts at SS and on the bases.  Makes the routine play.  Kid is a ball player.  Needs work on his swing to be able to drive balls into the gaps for extra bases.

2022 Nick Mace (Holy Trinity)
Slow developing swing but has plus bat speed.  Ball jumps off the bat.  Loud contact.  Lots of Power potential in his Physical frame.  Some mechanical adjustments could produce a dangerous bat.

2022 Gianni Gambardella (Walt Whitman)
Long lanky build. Room to fill out. Nice easy lose arm action. High 3/4 arm action Fastball with some life, good tight slider. Spots up the outside corner to righties well. Attacks hitters goes right at them. Lives low in the zone. Mixes in a hold at leg lift to throw hitters off balance. High upside. 

2022 Robert looney (Huntington)
Athletic build. Good athletic short stop, smooth fielder quick transfer for double play ball to his right. Strong arm. Can definitely stay at SS at next level. Carries himself with lots of confidence. Can throw from all arm angles. At the dish stands low with right foot open up a little and has a little toe tap. 

2021 Justin Demartino (St. Dominic’s)
Strong build. At the dish very balanced stance. Has hands in good position to get through the zone well. Disciplined hitter knows what he’s looking for at the plate. Good eye had a couple walks in game. 

2021 MIF Spencer Barrow (Massapequa)
Looks comfortable at SS. Solid actions. Strong athletic. Narrow stance at the dish.  Solid coil as he strides forward.  Rotational swing.  Hard contact on lineout to straight away right.  Will likely cut balls to the opposite field.  

2021 C Kevin Walther (MacArthur)
Decent transfer and throw; natural swing. Turns barrel well.  Creates resistance in his stride which allows him to stay back and gives him a big timing benefit to handle a variety of pitch speeds.  Base hit up the middle.  Has fun playing the game. Gritty catcher.  Not afraid to back pick.

2021 OF Michael Scimeca (Seaford)
Can really go get it. Made tremendous play in RCF Gap over the shoulder running catch.  Patrols the OF.  Passes the eye test.  Throws well to bases.  Good hands and wrists at the plate.  Needs to work on his set up to create more leverage to launch a quicker and more sudden swing.

2021 Dylan McDonald (East Meadow)
Big physical kid.  76-78 FB.  Attacked hitters.  Strike thrower. In the zone early and often.  Commanded the outside part of the plate.  Solid gather in his delivery.  Can stay back better as he gets down the mound.  Slight pull off.  There’s more in there.  Spun a “show me” breaking ball in warm ups but got through the frame with just his fastball.

OF Giovanni Baus 
Lean athletic body. Moves well generally. Covers ground in gaps in OF.  Wants the ball.  Showed arm strength on throw to the plate from CF.  Tremendous diving catch up the middle at second base. Kid is a ball player.  Runs well.  Looks to advance on the bases.  Good teammate. Wants to win.  Good motor all around the diamond.  Contact approach.  Competes in the box.  Pushy swing that can produce gbs and line drives.  Will need to make big adjustments in order to show any legit power.

SS Anthony Almonte 
Athletic lean frame.  Slick fielder.  Moves low to the ground.  Excellent hands.  Plus glove.  Can really pick it.  Showed the ability to range well to his gloveside and to his backhand.  Good athlete. Solid arm action. Throws from different angles.  Needs to improve readiness in the field and understand game situations better.  Has the ability to be a tremendous defender but is very raw.  Swing needs work.  Needs to use his legs to stay back and create leverage.

3B Ralph Riviere
Solid actions at 3rd.  Can improve his motor and ability to play fast and move laterally.  Plus Barrel accuracy. Athletic stance. Stays back well. Uses the whole field.  Line drive hitter who stays on the ball.  

3B John Didden
solid frame. Room to add strength.  Very impressive slow and early coil in his load.  Creates good plate coverage and some barrel depth.  Quick hands.  Definitely can develop into a productive gap to gap bat.  Clean actions at 3B.  Smooth feet and transfer into throw.  Good instincts in the field and on the bases. 

RHP Kyle Tamm
Tall, lean right handed pitcher.  There is plenty of Room for him to fill out physically.  His fastball sat 84-86 with some life.  He Topped 87.  Kyle has Some arm side run and a Little wrinkle slider.  His arm has whip and works well. In his delivery, Kyle can stay back better.  His Misses are consistently high arm side. He has a Slight cross fire delivery that can add deception.


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