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Mailbag Monday: You Ask, We Answer

Every Monday in 2017 we will pick out and answer questions we received the week prior.  Interested in asking us a question? Email your questions to [email protected]

Question: What is the caliber of talent in the CHSAA in Westchester and the Bronx? I'd love to hear about CHSAA baseball.

Answer: We plan on diving deeper into the CHSAA this spring as several programs in the league have some top flight talent. Nazareth (18-1), Iona Prep (20-6), Monsignor Farrell (19-6) and Xaverian (17-7) among others all had great seasons in 2016. When Monsignor McClancy takes the field, expect a steady dose of MLB Scouts in attendance for Quentin Holmes (Mississippi St. Commit). We also like 2017 C Luke McDonald (Xaverian) and 2017 LHP Anthony Piccolino (Iona Prep) as top performers this spring. Look for more in April as we will have weekly scouting blogs highlighting players that catch our eye.

Question: My son wants to attend your upcoming Invite-Only event, how does he get an invitation?

Answer: Has your son been to an event prior? 80 percent of our invite-only events are filled by two simple processes. 1.) Our staff has seen you previously, either from scouting an event, or you directly being at one of our showcase events. That's your sons best bet. 2.) We also look at recommendations from credible baseball sources that can speak on behalf of your son.

Question: Quentin Holmes is ranked No. 1 in the 2017 class in NY. No. 2 is Nick Storz. How narrow is the gap between No. 1 and No. 2? and is there any chance Storz moves ahead of Holmes?

Answer: Nicholas Storz is an impressive RHP with plenty of upside on the mound to be excited about. In almost any year here in New York Storz would be the top ranked player. It just so happens this year that one of the best athletes in the country is also from New York. Defensively, Quentin Holmes is as good as they come with the highest level of athleticism and plus speed. His arm is above average and his bat shows projection, there is no signs of them flipping spots in our rankings.

Question: I follow HS baseball regularly in the western part of the state. I do have a subscription to view your rankings, but am curious if you will shed some light on who are the up and coming players there?

Answer: There are several young talented players in the WNY area. A couple that quickly come to mind are 2019 3B Tyler Griggs, 2019 1B/OF Will Carlone and 2019 1B/RHP Brian Norsen. Griggs has the best bat of the three, Carlone is the best overall athlete, and Norsen really projects as a front-line arm at the next level (saw him 85 mph with the fastball last week indoors.)

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