Tyler Griggs
Tyler Griggs
Tyler Griggs
Tyler Griggs
Tyler Griggs
Tyler Griggs
Tyler Griggs
Tyler Griggs




McQuaid Jesuit (HS) • NY
5-9 • 180LBS • L/R
Travel Team: Diamond Pro


2019 National

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2019 State

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East-West Battle (July 2017)
Open set up with a slight crouch; stays inside contact with zone acceleration. Barrel finds the ball. Solid defender; above average glove with throws showing easy carry. 4.25 home-to-1B; No panic type player with high baseball IQ.
NY Games (June 25-27, 2017) 
Sturdy 5-foot-9, 180-pound third baseman, ran a 7.35/60. Offensively - smooth and fluid swing, effortless, makes consistent barrel contact, keeps bat on level path with full extension and exit velocity of 87 MPH; repeatable motion, short to the ball, evidence of counter rotation between upper and lower torso, further lower body engagement will add to power. Defensively - agile footwork, balanced, confident body language, sure hands, smooth and easy transfer with a velocity of 76 MPH across the infield.

May 2017

6-foot with a solid torso, generates power at the plate with his lower body, smooth and fluid, repetitive motion, uses all fields, gap power and is comfortable going middle third. Shows quick reactions on the defensive side, improving footwork paying dividends with accuracy and arm strength. Impressive instincts. High baseball acumen.

Preseason All-State (February 20, 2017)
5-foot-9 185 pound 3B who ran a much improved 7.28 60. Offensively- Even setup with a slight wrap of the barrel behind the head; covers some ground on his stride while staying behind the ball. Explodes through contact with an aggressive lower half that can open up the 1B line. Can pound the ball gap-to-gap with some pop  to his pull side. Late acceleration through the zone causing the ball to jump; exit velocity is up 6 MPH from his previous best to 91 MPH. Defensively- 3B  is active pre-pitch using a jab step early to help create an angle to and through the ball. Lead leg stays back similar to a 2B creating an open lane to throw. Hands out in front, working through the ball; accurate arm with suitable left side arm strength now at 79 MPH  ( + 4 MPH improvement from previous best). 2B/3B projection with high end offensive capabilities.
PBR Future Games (August 2-4, 2016)
 Griggs is a stocky 5-foot-9 180-pound physical build. LH hitter. Ran a 7.59 60. Offensively- starts slightly opened with hands pre-loaded behind head. Uses a foot stride to start swing. Average hands through the zone, finishes with slight upper cut. Exit velo was clocked at 81 mph. Defensively- shows smooth movements at 3B, soft hands and an idea of how to play. Clean exchange with throws that topped at 68 mph across the infield. 
NY State Games (June 27-29, 2016)
Griggs has a stocky build, weighing 180 pounds and standing at 5’9” tall. Runs a 7.35 60. Offensively- upright, slightly open stance from the left side. Hands a ear level, great stride length, backside torques violently, high finish slight bat wrap during load. Quick to the ball, barrel travels nicely through the zone. Exit velocity: 85 MPH (up 2 MPH from 2/2016). Defensively- Sees ball in nicely, feet are in position nicely to allow Griggs to make a strong throw. Smooth ¾ slot, doesn’t rush throws, exciting rising sophomore who has great upside. Infield arm velocity: 75 MPH with more available.
April 2016
This freshman standout made a good case for why he should be one of the state top prospects in the 2019 class. Stands 5-foot-7, 175-pounds with a thick athletic frame. In a DH this weekend we watched him scorch balls, going 7 of 9 with 3 doubles on the day, while making some exceptional picks at the hot corner. At the plate he sets up slightly open with a low balanced base. He stays compact through the zone and gets great power from his lower half. At the corner he showed good glove work and an above average arm for that age. He made one particular back hand pick to save a double down the chalk against Clarence HS. The kid plays the game the right way with a lot of hustle and heart. A few traits we hope he hangs onto over the next few years that will continue to elevate his game.
Preseason All-State (February 28, 2016)
T yler is a compact/athletic 5-foot-7 175 pound 2B/3B that ran an improved 4.53 home-to-1B and a 7.35 60. Offensively- Tyler sets up in a low crouch, slightly open with his weight pre-loaded. Hand position is slightly up and off his shoulder with a 45 degree barrel angle. Wraps the barrel slightly with in his load with a forward stride that gets him back to even. Aggressive lower half with some inside-out tendencies in his swing. Good bat speed and sprays the ball around the park. Exit velocity was an improved 83 MPH. Table setter type approach. Defensively- Active feet, good angles, attacks the ball out in front with a soft glove and quick release. Athletic in his actions and plays the part of a middle infielder. Arm strength has improved with a peak velocity of 75 MPH across the diamond. 2019 grad that demonstrates an above average feel for the game.
WNY All-Star Games (August 27, 2015)
Tyler stands at 5-foot-7, 165 pounds, with an athletic body build.  He ran a 4.60 Home to 1st from the left-hand side.  Defensively- He is a good infielder who has a smooth approach through the ball, with smooth, soft, quick hands, throws with a clean loose action, plays through the ball nicely, with lots of range, and has accuracy on the target.  His arm strength was at 72 MPHOffensively- At the plate setup is open stance, short stride, with a back load.  His hands are very compact and strong, swinging with some uphill tilt, with a high finish through the ball with nice extension.  His exit velocity was 82 MPH.

New York Games - Futures (July 7-9, 2015)
Stands at 5-foot-7, 165-pounds, with an athletic body build. Defensively- Tyler has smooth, soft hands, with clean smooth steps as he works his way through the baseball gaining ground as he throws the baseball across the diamond.  He has a high 3/4 arm slot with a quick, clean and loose release and shows nice range.  Offensively- At the plate setup is open stance, short stride, with a back load.  His hands are very compact and strong, swinging with some uphill tilt, with a high finish through the ball with nice extension.

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