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Scout Blog - LH Hitters of the 2022 Class

Cam Black-Araujo
PBR Ontario Scout

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Ontario Scout Blog - Left-Handed Bats from 2022

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With not a lot going on unfortunately in the baseball world in Ontario at the moment, we take a look at some the uncommitted left-hand hitters from the 2022 class here in Ontario. 


Josh McGuin C / 3B / Forest Hill Collegiate, ON / 2022

Report: McGuin is a catcher who was apart of the junior future games in 2019 and is a left-handed bat that has whip through the zone and has some of the quickest bat speed for his class in province. There are times where he will get too pull happy and start to spin off baseballs, but the looseness matched with the whip and bat speed, plus the ability to drive the baseball make him an interesting '22 to follow in the box. 


Keegan O'Hearn OF / 1B / O'Neill CVI, ON / 2022

Report: O'Hearn came on the scene early in the summer for us and performed from the first game we saw him play. It is an upright stance with a natural left-handed stroke that has some uphill path to it. There is some twitch in the wrists and as he adds size and strength, we think the bat is really going to play and take off.

Blake Simpson SS / 2B / Pickering High School, ON / 2022

Report: Simpson is a long legged left-handed bat that is short and direct to the ball with athletic actions in his setup while being a guy that can spray the ball with a line drive approach. We saw Simpson in the summer and he has grown since we last seen him and the hands were direct and the swing really played, and is going to play in game. He should handle velocity and this is a breakout candidate for 2021 season as he has the tools to take his game offensively to the next level. 


Michael Quick C / SS / Maxwell Heights, ON / 2022

Report: Quick is a player that has hit every time we've seen him. From a workout to in game play, Quick is able to find barrel and put a good swing on the ball and work himself into a quality at-bat. It is quick and whippy at the plate and he will use the whole field, showing ability to recognize off-speed and go with what he is given. There is some present strength to Quick and more to come, he's athletic and all the signs point up when speaking about his tools and development. 


Noah Williams 1B / Strathroy District Collegiate Institute, ON / 2022

Report: Williams is a big and strong left-handed hitter out of London who has balls jump off his bat in BP with big exit velo numbers and moves well for his size with a strong frame from head to toe. He generates bat speed and gets the lower half working, he has the power to leave the yard and if the hit tool and power tool lineup, he has a chance to do some damage this year for his club team.