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WA/OR Best of 2021: Statistical Standouts In The 2025 Class

By: Diego Solares
Associate Scout, Staff Writer

Over the past few weeks our staff has been making our way through the top statistical leaders from all of our events last year, rolling them out on an individual leaderboard basis.

We’ll take a step away from that today to shine some light on some underclassmen that put up noteworthy numbers last year, more specifically the 2025 graduates we saw at our events.

Below you’ll find a list of current freshmen from both Washington and Oregon who’s statistical outputs caught our attention.


Xavier Neyens 3B / C / Mount Vernon , WA / 2025

Perhaps the prospect with the loudest array of tools, that equate to large statistical outputs, on this list is INF/RHP Xavier Neyens (Mount Vernon; WA). The 6-foot-2, 180-pound Oregon State commit has an incredibly physical skill-set, one that has him penciled inside the top-15 prospects in the entire country for the 2025 class. Neyens posted a 98.1 mph max exit velocity with a 378 ft. peak batted distance at an October event this year, following it up with an 86 mph strike across the infield during his defensive evaluation. He hopped on the mound later that same day and ran his fastball up to 86 mph, too. We’re eager to see the physical and statistical improvements Neyens can make over the course of his prep career. 

Isaac Pfeifer C / RHP / Tualatin , OR / 2025

Tualatin C Isaac Pfeifer turned some heads with a loud statistical showing at the Underclass Fall Classic this past October. Another member of the Pacific Northwest Junior Future Games squad, Pfeifer’s batting practice round was nothing short of electric. He consistently produced loud contact off the barrel (83.80 mph average exit velocity) with his hardest coming at 92.90 mph and traveling 346 feet. Pfeifer’s Blast Motion metrics popped as well, averaging 20.1 g of rotational acceleration and 23.90 mph of hand speed. He displayed above-average arm strength for his age from behind the plate, topping at 76 mph to the bag with pop times in the 2.04-to-2.09 range. Finally, Pfeifer hopped on the mound at the end of his workout and sat 81-84 mph with his fastball, touching 85 mph. 

Will Cahill OF / RHP / Seattle Prep, WA / 2025

Another nationally ranked name in the 2025 class that popped this winter was OF Will Cahill (Seattle Prep; WA). The uncommitted 6-foot-2, 170-pound left-handed hitter made his PBR event debut at the Underclass Fall Classic in October, putting together a quality all-around statistical day. His hardest hit ball left his barrel at 92.8 mph and traveled 328 feet, per TrackMan. Cahill showed advanced arm strength for his age as well, peaking at 84 mph to home from the outfield and touching 80 mph with his fastball in a ‘pen. 

Cash Erdman OF / 1B / Bellevue Christian, WA / 2025

OF/RHP Cash Erdman (Bellevue Christian; WA) represented the Pacific Northwest at this year’s Junior Future Games and is a top-ranked player in the class. A 6-foot, 155-pound athlete, Erdman is one of the fastest runners in the class to date, clocking a 7.09 60-yard dash at the JFG workout. He utilized the wiry strength attached to his lean leavers to reach a max exit velocity of 90 mph at the Junior Future Games Trials last July with a peak batted distance of 302 ft. as well. 

Will Crain RHP / OF / Eastside Catholic, WA / 2025

RHP Will Crain (Eastside Catholic; WA) has a lean 6-foot-1, 150-pound frame with physical projection to come and an uptick in his stuff to follow. He’s a 7.13 runner in the 60-yard dash, an above-average number for his age, and his fastball has been in the high-70s-to-low-80s range with more in the tank. 

Finn Leach SS / 2B / Nathan Hale, WA / 2025

Committed to Arizona State, SS Finn Leach (Nathan Hale; WA) has savvy, sure-handed infield actions that have him penciled to stay up the middle down the road. His overall statistical production will improve as he continues to fill out his 5-foot-10, 140-pound frame, yet Leach continues to have one of the more enticing all-around skill-sets in the class. 

Mikey Rican SS / 2B / Bishop Blanchet, WA / 2025

INF Mikey Rican (Bishop Blanchet; WA) is another Pacific Northwest Junior Future Games representee on this list with advanced speed for his age, running a 7.14 in the 60-yard dash down in LakePoint. Defensively, he handles SS with noticeable confidence and bounce in his step. Playing with a high baseball IQ that is well advanced for his age. 

Jonah Schroeder OF / RHP / Juanita , WA / 2025

At 6-foot-5, 190-pounds, OF/RHP Jonah Schroeder (Juanita; WA) offers one of the more intriguing looks in this region for his age. His 90.3 mph max exit velocity and 75 mph high to home from the outfield are sure to increase as physical maturity continues, making him a follow name in Washington’s current freshman class. 

Jordan Holloway OF / 3B / O'Dea, WA / 2025

Perhaps the fastest player on this list is 6-foot-3, 190-pound OF Jordan Holloway (O’Dea; WA), who’s advanced athleticism was fully on display at the Underclass Fall Classic in October. There, Holloway dashed his way to a 6.80 in the 60-yard dash; a well above-average mark for his age. He recorded a max exit velocity of 87 mph and his furthest ball traveled 303 ft. at that event, while his hardest throw from the outfield clocked in at 75 mph. 

Jakson Granger C / OF / Burlington-Edison, WA / 2025

Another high level athlete on this list, C Jakson Granger (Burlington-Edison; WA) ran a 6.85 in the 60-yard dash at LakePoint during the workout portion of the Junior Future Games. He works quickly to release from behind the plate as well, recording pops in between 2.18-to-2.22 seconds during his defensive workout. 

Lincoln Berg 1B / LHP / Olympia, WA / 2025

Left/left 1B/LHP Lincoln Berg (Olympia; WA) stands at a lean, lanky 5-foot-10, 160-pounds with an equally intriguing statistical skill-set to pair. Berg posted quality batted ball metrics at the Future Stars Showcase in September, recording a max exit velocity of 88.6 mph and a 303 ft. peak batted distance as well. He topped at 74 mph with his fastball from the left side and should continue to build off that with a quick, clean arm action.

Ian Pollard SS / 2B / Rex Putnam, OR / 2025

There’s plenty to dream of with INF Ian Pollard (Rex Putnam; OR), starting with a wiry 5-foot-10, 155-pound frame and the 7.13 speed attached to it, while more bat strength and raw power will come as he fills out his frame. Pollard has already been up to 76 mph across the infield and the ease at which his loose, athletic arm works suggests there’s untapped velocity gains in the tank. 

Lucas Petersen 3B / 1B / Capital, WA / 2025

CIF Lucas Peterson (Capital; WA) stands at a physically advanced 6-foot-2, 190-pounds and has flashed above-average bat strength to our staff before, barreling his hardest ball up at 94.90 mph at an event this past fall.

Ethan Turley RHP / OF / West Valley Spokane, WA / 2025

RHP/OF Ethan Turley (West Valley Spokane; WA) had a strong showing in his PBR event debut last March. The 6-foot, 170-pound multi-positional prospect ran a 7.28 in the 60-yard dash and showed that athleticism in the box, averaging 27.8 g of rotational acceleration and 24.5 mph of hand speed, per Blast Motion. Turley’s batted ball metrics standout for his age, squaring his hardest hit ball up at 90.6 mph with a max distance of 326 feet. 

Alexander Via RHP / 3B / Summit, OR / 2025

RHP Alexander Via (Summit; OR) flashed wiry arm strength at the Future Stars Fall Showcase, touching 83 mph with his fastball and sitting 79-82 mph throughout his ‘pen. He spun it at an advanced clip as well, eclipsing the 2,300+ RPM mark with nearly 14 inches of horizontal movement on average.

Sonny Salazar 3B / RHP / Othello, WA / 2025

RHP Sonny Salazar (Othello; OR) uses the physical strength attached to his sturdy 5-foot-11, 205-pound frame to generate velocity downhill. We saw him touch 80 mph with his fastball at the Underclass Fall Classic in October, sitting in the 77-79 mph range. 

Mark Wiepert C / OF / Wilsonville, OR / 2025

Wilsonville C/RHP Mark Wiepert (OR) was a winner across a few events last year. A 6-foot, 180-pound athlete, Wiepert flashed projectable bat strength with a max exit velocity of 89 mph and a 294 ft. peak distance. He’s quick to release from behind the plate, recording pop times in the 2.02-to-2.07 range. Wiepert was also up to 79 mph on the mound with his fastball last February. 

Alexander Pearson 1B / LHP / Tigard, OR / 2025

Standing at a highly projectable 6-foot-1, 165-pounds, 1B/LHP Alexander Pearson (Tigard; OR) is another name to know on this list. Pearson posted an 89.1 mph max exit velocity this fall and his fastball touched 78 mph from a quick arm draw. 

Tyler Walker LHP / 1B / Burlington Edison, WA / 2025

Perhaps the most physically imposing prospect on this list is 6-foot-5, 250-pound LHP Tyler Walker (Burlington-Edison; WA). He was a member of the Pacific Northwest’s JFG squad this August and used his size to generate a max exit velocity of 86.7 mph, while his furthest ball traveled 326 ft. Walker also touched 75 mph with his fastball from the left side. 

Calvin Gregory LHP / OF / Lakeridge, OR / 2025

LHP Calvin Gregory (Lakeridge; OR) is a 5-foot-10, 150-pound southpaw with a clean arm and a fastball up to 75 mph. Has shown advanced polish both in a bullpen setting and in game action. The left-handed swing has also added pop since his first events in 2020. 

A FEW 2026 GRADS...

Kruz Schoolcraft 1B / LHP / Century, OR / 2026

A high ceiling 6-foot-2, 150-pound arm, RHP Kruz Schoolcraft (Century; OR) checks plenty of boxes at his current developmental stage. We saw Schoolcraft reach an 80 mph high on his fastball last year with plenty more to come as he gets older. 



Dylan Mamiya OF / LHP / Kennewick, WA / 2026

OF Dylan Mamiya (Kennewick; WA) has impressive tools, especially given his age. He’s a left/left prospect that ran a 7.23 in the 60-yard dash this October and flashed twitchy hand speed throughout his BP round. Mamiya’s hardest hit ball left his barrel at 90.2 mph and traveled 302 ft., both of which are above-average power metrics. He also touched 74 mph on the mound with his fastball. 

Carsten Lemon C / RHP / Tualatin, OR / 2026

C/RHP Carsten Lemon (Tualatin; OR) is another follow name on this list. The 5-foot-11, 200-pound backstop recorded an 86.60 mph max exit velocity with a peak distance of 314 feet. That strength translates to the mound where he reached a 75.7 mph high with his fastball. 



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