Prep Baseball Report

Statistics: Shipyard / PBR Showdown

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Executive Director

PBR was on hand for all three days of the Shipyard / PBR Showdown.  The preseason event featured five South Carolina high schools playing in a championship format, with each team guaranteed three games.  PBR scouts were able to follow each game, collecting information on players, teams, and compiling some of the relevant stats college coaches and pro scouts may be looking for in their evaluation process.

Look back on all of the action from the Shipyard / PBR Showdown here:


Statistical Analysis


PBR scouts were on hand to continue the evaluation process on the players involved in the preseason event.  Throughout the weekend, player notes and video were posted to Twitter (@PBR_SC) and Instagram (@PBR_SouthCarolina).  College coaches were definitely following the action as our scouting staff spent most of Friday night and Saturday night on the phone fielding calls from recruiting coordinators and head coaches at various levels of college baseball.

Below are some of the numbers collected by PBR Scouts during the tournament.  You can see the full statistical output from the 3 days by CLICKING HERE.


Top Fastballs

PBR scouts were using the Stalker Pro SII throughout the weekend, capturing velocity and spin rates on each arm that toed the rubber.  Below are the top 10 fastball velocities from the event.

Rank Name State School Class Pos FB
1 Josh Davis SC Stratford 2021 3B 84-88 mph
2 Joey Hylinski SC Legion Collegiate 2022 RHP 83-88 mph
3 Cody Craig SC Legion Collegiate 2021 RHP 84-86 mph
4 Colby Guy SC Legion Collegiate 2021 SS 83-86 mph
^ Ethan Belk SC Legion Collegiate 2023 OF 83-86 mph
5 Nick Vaughn SC Ashley Ridge 2021 SS 81-86 mph
6 Hogan Garner SC James Island Charter HS 2022 C 83-85 mph
7 Will Morris SC Lugoff-Elgin 2021 1B 82-84 mph
8 Julius Reynolds SC James Island 2021 3B 81-84 mph
^ Stephen West SC James Island 2021 RHP 81-84 mph
^ K Xavier Pelzer SC Legion Collegiate 2023 LHP 81-84 mph
9 Owen French SC James Island Charter 2022 OF 80-84 mph
10 Roman Edwards SC Legion Collegiate 2022 RHP 82-83 mph


Top Home to 1st Times

For this category, PBR Scouts were working to get times on each hitter from contact with the ball to contact with first base.  Times were thrown out if they did not look like the runner completed a full speed attempt through the bag.  Runners that had base hits, or hit fly balls, and rounded first had their times thrown out as well.  Finally, there were multiple push bunt times that are not included in the array below, as hitters have an advantage getting out of the box on the push bunt attempt.  Devin Parks of Legion Collegiate ran a 3.83 on a push base hit, the best of those times. 

Rank Name State School Class Pos H-1st
1 Ayrton Leichner SC James Island 2021 OF 4.33
2 Max Branham SC Lugoff Elgin 2023 OF 4.36
3 Colby Guy SC Legion Collegiate 2021 SS 4.41
^ Riley Ward SC Lugoff-Elgin 2023 OF 4.41
4 Shard Brown SC Ashley Ridge 2021 OF 4.47
5 Cobe Evans SC Lugoff-Elgin 2023 SS 4.51
6 Witt Branham SC Lugoff-Elgin 2021 RHP 4.55
7 Brett Marrs SC Stratford 2023 1B 4.61
^ Cody Lord SC Stratford 2022 C 4.61
8 Logan Bledsoe SC Ashley Ridge 2021 RHP 4.62
9 Jack Killelea SC Salisbury School 2023 C 4.65
10 Jackson Reid SC James Island 2022 2B 4.68


Catcher Pop Times

Catcher pop times were recorded between innings and in game play.  When a catcher worked through a clean exchange and created carry on the ball through 2B, PBR Scouts were able to record the pop times.  Obviously pop times can fluctuate based on the type of pitch received, and especially warm up vs. game time.  Below are the top pop times recorded on the weekend.

Rank Name State School Class Pos Pop Time
1 Jack Killelea SC Salisbury School 2023 C 2.11-2.41
2 Hogan Garner SC James Island Charter HS 2022 C 2.18-2.26
3 Walker Richardson SC Ashley Ridge 2021 C 2.21-2.37