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Future Games: Team Tennessee Right Handed Pitchers

Colton Provey
Tennessee Director of Scouting

Team Tennessee's 2019 PBR Future Games experience was a great one, as the 2019 group finished the weekend 0-2-1 with tight games against the top talent from Mid-Atlantic, Missouri, and Kentucky. Although the team didn't get in the win column, Team Tennessee players made some serious impressions on the hundreds of college coaches in attendance at the event (320 to be exact). Over the next few days, Tennessee Scouting Director Colton Provey and PBR Tennessee staff will recap Team Tennessee’s weekend with notes and observations from the prospects in attendance, broken down by position group.

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Today the staff breakdown the seven right handed pitchers that donned the orange and white for Team Tennessee at the 2019 PBR Future Games.

Team Tennessee: Right Handed Pitchers

Chris Campanella RHP / Baylor School, TN / 2021

Max FB: 85 FB: 82-85 CB: 65-66 CH: 74-75

The 5-foot-10, 150-pound wiry righty flashed a true three pitch mix in his two innings of work in Game 1 vs Mid-Atlantic. Campanella has good projectable frame and loose, whippy arm.  Fastball worked 82-85(Max Spin: 2117 AVG: 1924) w/ natural cut to glove side.  Breaking ball has natural 11/5 action at 65-66 (Max Spin: 2370 AVG: 2033) keeping hitters off balance.  Changeup was third offering at 74-75 (Max Spin: 1331 AVG: 1231) w/ good fade and deception. Struck out 2 batters in 2 innings of work, while working around a pair of errors. Tended to leak towards home plate, signaling more velocity in the tank. Profile projects as wiry righty w/ good projectable frame and natural stuff in 3-pitch mix.  



Chris Smith SS / RHP / First Assembly Christian, TN / 2023

Max FB: 86 FB: 82-84 CB: 69-73 CH: 75-76

The 5-foot-10, 155-pound young right hander was the only class of 2023 prospect for Team Tennessee.  Smith displayed quick arm w/ low-effort delivery.  Quick-twitch athlete w/ average frame but good projectability.  Fastball worked 82-84, topping 86 (Max Spin: 2273 AVG: 2064) w/ late, arm side run/sink.  Curveball had sharp 11/5 break w/ good bite at 69-73.  Changeup showed good arm side fade from LHH at 75-76 (Max Spin: 1771 AVG: 1641).  Struggled w/ command a bit, but advanced three pitch mix for age. As one of the youngest 2019 Future Games participants, Smith established himself as a premium arm for the 2023 class.  



Colton Regen RHP / OF / Mount Juliet , TN / 2021

Max FB: 88 FB: 85-88 CB: 70-72

The 6-foot-3, 170-pound tall lean right hander started Game 2 vs Missouri tossing two hitless innings.  Regen utilized mostly fastball-curveball combo to punch out 4 Missouri hitters and yielded only one base runner.  Fastball worked 85-88 (Max Spin: 2200 AVG: 2039) w/ good life and carry through the zone. The breaking ball was a 12/6 mini-hammer at 70-72 (Max Spin: 2127 AVG: 2049) that tunneled well off the fastball, freezing many hitters.  Previously mixed changeup in low-70s as well.  Pitched from quiet delivery w/ high 3/4 arm slot and good plane to the plate. His game 2 outing earned him Friday Top Performer for Team TN.  Profile projects as a high-rising 2021 prospect w/ great projectability and pitch repertoire. 



Jalen Wirtz RHP / 1B / Station Camp, TN / 2021

Max FB: 86 FB: 84-86 CB:69-71 CH: 73-74

The 6-foot-4, 185-pound right handed pitcher threw one inning in Game 3 vs Kentucky.  Wirtz showed a good three pitch mix w/ great projectable frame.  Fastball worked 84-86 (Max Spin: 2191 AVG: 2059) w/ good carry through zone and plenty left in the tank.  Supported by two vertical breaking off speed, curveball and splitter.  Curveball was 69-71 (Max Spin: 2119 AVG: 2029) and splitter/changeup was 73-74 (Max Spin: 1816 AVG: 1723), both showed great depth and S/M potential.  Profile projects as steady workhorse w/ great frame and natural stuff.  




Jay Dill RHP / 3B / The Baylor School, TN / 2021

Max FB: 91 FB: 88-91 SL: 78-82 CH: 80-81

The 6-foot-5, 212-pound towering righty displayed electric stuff in his start vs Kentucky in Game 3.  Dill was dominant, overpowering hitters w/ a hard three pitch mix striking out 2 in 2 innings of work.  Fastball worked 88-91 (Max Spin: 2217 AVG: 2077) w/ late life and great spin.  Dill showcased an elite slider at 78-82 (Max Spin: 2347 AVG: 2172) w/ good depth and bite, occasional hard cut.  Also flashed changeup at 80-81 w/ good depth as an above average 3rd option.  His outing earned him Saturday top performance for Team TN.  Profile projects as an advanced RHP w/ great velocity and secondary offerings. A must-see prospect for 2021.  


Logan Kimberlin RHP / OF / MTCS, TN / 2021

Max FB: 87 FB: 84-86 CB: 67-68 CH: 75-76

The 6-foot-2, 180-pound lanky right hander worked one inning in Game 3 vs Kentucky. Kimberlin has a long, lean frame and pitched from a high-lever 3/4 arm slot getting good extension through his pitches.  Fastball worked 84-87 (Max Spin: 2334 AVG: 2135) w/ good ride and elite spin rate.  Kimberlin utilized elevated fastball for S/M which paired well with 12/6 curveball at 67-68 w/ good depth.  Also showed developing changeup at 75-76 w/ decent fade.  Kimberlin had the best fastball spin rate average among Team TN, just missing the top max FB spin rate.  Profile projects as lanky RHP w/ superior spin rate FB and good projectability. 


Nick Correll RHP / 3B / Knights Baseball Academy, TN / 2022

Max FB: 85 FB: 82-85 CB: 67-70 CH: 70-71

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound reclassified 2022 righty tossed 2 clean innings in Game 2 vs Missouri.  Correll faced the minimum of 6 batters, inducing 4 ground ball outs and adding 1 punchout. Correll showed good command filling up the zone with balanced three-pitch mix.  Fastball worked 82-85 (Max Spin: 1842 AVG: 1721) w/ slight sink action. Showed two secondary offerings with 12/6 curveball at 67-70 (Max Spin: 2110 AVG: 2001) and changeup at 70-71 w/ good arm side fade.  Profile projects as a three-pitch, weak contact inducing RHP that commands zone well. One of the top arms in the 2022 class. 


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