Prep Baseball Report

Starting Nine: Preseason All-State Showcase 2022-2024

Colton Provey
PBR TN Director of Scouting

The Preseason All-State Showcase took place on January 19-20 at the Showtime Sports Facility in Franklin, TN.  This invite-only event featured nearly 80 of the top 2020-2024 prospects across the state of Tennessee.  The prospects participated in a pro-style workout in front of PBR Tennessee Scouting Staff and college coaches in attendance.  Player metrics and video were recorded to be uploaded to the PBR player profile.  

Starting Nine will take an in-depth analysis of the events top underclass prospects from Day 1 at Preseason All-State Showcase. Sunday's action included a loaded roster, featuring 2019 PBR Future Games Participant Cooper Clapp (2022 SS/3B), as well as five other 2019 Jr. Future Games Participants (2023s SS/RHP Theron Lee, LHP/1B Adam Roth, C/OF Logan Myatt, 2024 SS Alex Junghans, and 2025 RHP/3B Ean McCord). Two 2019 Border Battle members (2022s SS/RHP Conner Cloer and C Nate Curtis) also made the journey and continued to make strides in their off-season player development.  Below you will find all the sortable stats from both days of action, as well as highlights from the top nine performers from Day 1.  


Sortable Stats

Preseason All-State Showcase Day 1 Sortable Stats (2022-2025)

Preseason All-State Showcase Day 2 Sortable Stats (2020-2022)


Starting Nine

Position Players

Aaron Walton SS / OF / Brentwood, TN / 2022

60: 6.90 | OF Velo: 83 | Exit Velo: 87 |

The 6-foot-3, 200-pound OF prospect had a stellar all-around performance.  Walton logged the top 60 time (6.90), second-best OF Velo (83), and top six Exit Velo (87) in his first PBR showcase appearance.  In the midst of basketball season, Walton showcased strong, projectable frame and some raw natural tools that makes him a must follow for the 2020 high school season.  At the plate, slightly open stance w/ quick load.  Possess electric bat speed and showed ability to do damage w/ baseballs down in the zone, spraying balls gap-to-gap.  Defensively, moved very well w/ good speed and strong, whippy arm. 

Carson Plunk OF / RHP / Adamsville, TN / 2022

60: 7.78 | OF Velo: 79 | Exit Velo: 92 |

The 5-foot-11, 190-pound Plunk continues to improve all-around, setting a multitude of PBR personal best.  Plunk still possess some raw power boosting his Exit Velo from 87 to 92, certainly a physical corner bat for the class.  Defensively, transitioning from 3B to OF, which is intriguing to follow w/ much improved arm (79 OF Velo) and improving 60 (7.78).  On the bump, 75-78 w/ 64-67 mph breaking ball and developing changeup at 72-73.  A physical player, who is continuing to trend in the right direction, and will be a mainstay bat in the TN 2022 class.  

Tristan Griggs C / 3B / Marshall County, TN / 2022

60: 7.11 | C Velo: 75 | Pop Time: 2.03-2.14 | Exit Velo: 90 |

The 6-foot, 180-pound Griggs took a big leap in a calendar year and will be making his PBR rankings debut in the near future.  Griggs really stood out during the BP, peppering balls around the yard.  Strong, athletic stance w/ big load and toe tap rhythm.  Possess strong bat speed yet tended to get a bit too aggressive causing some inconsistencies, but a high ceiling offensive player potential.  Defensively, continues to progress behind the dish w/ better receiving and transitions leading to better event pop time.  Solid run speed.  A developing backstop prospect w/ some offensive upside.   

Logan Poteet C / 3B / Powell , TN / 2022

60: 7.88 | C Velo: 73 | Pop Time; 1.98-2.07 | Exit Velo: 89 |

The 6-foot, 180-pound Poteet is a highly-touted backstop prospect making his PBR showcase debut and he did not disappoint.  Sturdy, projectable frame showed to be a legit next level catcher candidate.  Behind the dish, presented nice low target, working up through the pitch for advanced framing grade. Mature defensive movement patterns w/ quick, short arm.  At the plate, Poteet possesses some upside qualities w/ slight open stance, smooth load, and above average bat speed. Flashed glimpses of offensive potential finding some barrels gap-to-gap, projects to hit as frame and swing matures.  Certaintly one of the top backstops in the TN 2022 class.  

AJ Harris 3B / OF / Northwest, TN / 2022

60: 7.10 | INF Velo: 80 | Exit Velo: 85

6-foot-3, 175-pound LHH Harris has a lean, projectable frame and posted some solid initial numbers.  Offensively, tall, relaxed stance w/ smooth load and good bat speed.  Line drive power, more in the tank as frame matures.  Still figuring out his body at the plate, but some potential there for this lefty bat.  Defensively, ran and moved well w/ sure hands and solid arm.  2022 lefty-swinging utilityman, who can provide some help in the OF, is a good follow for the 2020 season.  

Two-Way Players

Harrison Freeman 1B / LHP / Trinity Christian , TN / 2022

60: 7.11 | INF Velo: 73 | Exit Velo: 91 | FB: 80-82 | CB: 71-73 | CH: 70-71

6-foot-1, 210-pound Harrison Freeman stood out on both sides of the ball at the All-State Underclass date.  On the bump, the southpaw posted the top velo at 82, while commanding the zone at 80-82 w/ some life and ASR action. Threw hard, 1/7 breaking ball at 71-73 w/ swing n’ miss potential and feel command.  Some feel for a fading changeup at 70-71 that works well off the FB.  At the dish, LHH strong stance w/ quick load and explosive bat speed.  Making consistent loud contact, clubbing baseballs gap-to-gap.  Defensively, moved well around the bag at first base.  Profile projects as legitimate lefty two-way prospect, who brings level of physicality to both sides.    

Adam Roth LHP / 1B / Dickson County , TN / 2023

60: 7.09 | INF Velo: 78 | Exit Velo: 84 | FB: 77-81 | CB: 71-73 | CH: 72-75

6-foot, 190-pound lefty continues to build a strong resume leading into his freshman season.  2019 Jr Future Games participant progressed setting many PBR personal bests in pitching metrics and INF Velo.  On the bump, pitched w/ good rhythm and consistent delivery.  Ball comes out of 3/4 slot w/ good extension to the plate. Roth set personal bests in pitch velocity across all three offerings.  At Preseason All-State, FB was 77-81 (75-77 in Aug. at Jr Futures) w/ good ride through the zone.  Showed some feel for 1/7 CB at 71-73 and fading changeup at 72-75.  Offensively, physical bat, continues to improve swing consistency w/ more quiet process.  Barrels the ball gap-to-gap, who can get extra base hits in bunches.  Defensively, runs well and moves efficiently around the bag w/ good glove and footwork.  

Nic Raum OF / RHP / Ravenwood, TN / 2022

60: 7.08 | OF Velo: 79 | Exit Velo: 88 | FB: 79-81 | CB: 65-67 | CH: 72-75

6-foot-3, 185-pound two-way Raum showed some raw tools to go along w/ a lanky, projectable frame. Ran it well logging just north of a 7-flat 60 time, so a rangy outfielder w/ long, loose arm.  Athletic stance at the plate w/ quick load and great bat speed.  Tries to does damage at the plate causing some inconsistency, but can pummel the baseball (Exit Velo: 88) when timing and connection click.  On the bump, a developing arm w/ high 3/4 slot and ball comes out clean. Raum did a nice job getting downhill extension helping him spin the FB (79-81) and working down in the zone.  His secondary offerings are still developing, but the CB (65-67) showed flashes of being an above average offering as command improves, as well as flashes of fade on the CH (72-75).  A promising PBR showcase debut, Raum has some serious upside potential on both sides as he continues to fill out his long, projectable frame.

Luke Whaley RHP / OF / Collierville, TN / 2022

60: 7.52 | OF Velo: 84 | Exit Velo: 85 | FB: 78-81 | CB: 66-69 | CH: 71-73

5-foot-9, 165-pound Whaley played a big game in his PBR showcase debut. Stout, athletic frame projects as corner OF w/ good arm, posting top OF Velo of the day.  At the plate, compact balance stance w/ line drive approach, projects to have some power.  On the mound, worked strictly from the stretch w/ hands set chest high and Over the Top slot.  Commanded the zone well w/ three distinct pitch offerings.  Consistently worked down in zone with FB at 78-81, clean ride through the zone.  Filled up zone with CH (71-73) good action w/ arm-side sink/fade.  Tight mini-hammer CB (66-69) that tunnels well off fastball, both for strikes and S/M chase.  Young, high-floor prospect, who can impact the game in many different aspects. 

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