Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games Position Player Evaluations Day 1, Team 1 (Gray)

By Adam Akin
Director of Scouting

The 2016 PBR Tennessee Top Prospect Games took place on Tuesday, June 14 and Wednesday, June 15 and included a position player workout, followed by three 9 inning games each day. Players were afforded the opportunity to showcase their abilities to the PBR Tennessee staff and many college coaches in attendance. The following is our evaluation of every position player that was assigned to the Gray Team in Tuesday’s action.


Grant Galbraith, OF, Signal Mountain, 2017
60 Time: 6.68, Position Velocity:  OF-84, Exit Velocity: 92
6'0, 180-pound, RHH hits from a balanced and slightly open stance, strides back into line and uses a subtle hand load to initiate his swing.  Uses a strong and sturdy lower half to help get his bat on plane and really drive through the ball, consistently.  Showed a lot of pop by hitting a home run and driving a number of balls into the gap during BP and recording a triple in game play.  Defensively, uses athleticism to his advantage and has a really good feel for outfield play, works through the ball and shows a lot of carry and accuracy on his throws from a long over-the-top delivery.  Galbraith was one of the most impressive participants in the event.

Parker Moss, OF/LHP, Collierville, 2017
60 Time: 7.1, Position Velocity:  OF-79, Exit Velocity: 82
6'1, 175-pound, LHH hits from an athletic, balanced, and open stance that gives him a very strong look in the box.  Normal stride and some good rhythm get him into a solid hitting position, uses nearly flat bat path and very good lower body action to really get through the ball, sprayed line drives all over the field in BP.  Defensively, Moss shows a good feel for outfield play and stays very athletic when working through the baseball, uses a high ¾ release and was very accurate with his throws.  Moss went 1-4 in game play and had a stolen base.

Alec Lubas, LHP/OF, Ravenwood, 2018
60 Time: 7.43, Position Velocity:  OF-84, Exit Velocity: 83
6'1, 202-pound, LHH hits from an athletic and slightly open stance and uses a quick up and down leg kick to get his swing going. Hands move a lot during pre-pitch setup, but doesn’t really load them a whole lot at the beginning of the actual swing.  Good swing path with some lift that helps him create gap-to-gap power, tends to hold back his lower half and get handsy at times, strong kid with some pop.  Defensively, Lubas works through the ball really aggressively and showed some good arm strength out of his short arm action and ¾ release.

Ben Clifft, OF, Huntingdon, 2017
60 Time: 6.97, Position Velocity:  OF-72, Exit Velocity: 90
6'0, 185-pound, LHH hits from an upright and open stance with some high hands and uses a leg kick and long stride to get himself going.  Hands come down in load and have a tendency to get muscly through his swing, lower half works well, pull hitter had 2 singles to right field in game play and showed some speed on the bases.  Defensively, worked through the ball well, but got a little stiff throughout the exchange and throwing motion, average arm showed some accuracy from a ¾ arm angle.

Nathan Farmer, OF, Houston, 2019
60 Time: 7.78, Position Velocity:  OF-74, Exit Velocity: 82
5'11, 175-pound, RHH hits from a fairly wide and balanced stance and uses a controlled stride and smooth load to initiate his swing.  Good bat path that produced a lot of low line drives just into the outfield, but can get a little top hand heavy at times.  Defensively, Farmer stays under control and stays very clean throughout his fielding position and exchange.  Uses a high ¾ arm slot and showed some accuracy from RF.  

First basemen

Teddy Lepcio, 1B, Baylor, 2018
60 Time: 8.24, Position Velocity:  IF-73, Exit Velocity: 85
6'1, 190-pound, RHH hits from an upright and even stance and uses a short stride and a slight barrel tip to initiate his load.  Has some pop, but bat path tends to get steep at times, keeping him from driving it consistently, could use lower half more effectively.  Hit some balls very hard and had two hits in game play.  Defensively, Lepcio shows sure hands and average footwork around the bag, using a ¾ delivery, made every play in game play. 

Middle infielders

Ethan Johnson, 2B, Ravenwood, 2017
60 Time: 7.28, Position Velocity:  IF-79, Exit Velocity: 78
6'1, 182-pound, RHH hits from a balanced and slightly open stance and uses a gathering leg kick to get himself started.  Doesn’t use much of a hand load but does get a little movement going, lower half gets through but could be more explosive, doesn’t get full extension.  Line drive hitter with ability to hit the ball to both sides of the field.  Defensively, shows soft hands and fluid footwork in his approach to the ball, works through it well and delivers a firm and accurate throw across the infield from a high ¾ arm angle.  Solid player.

Tyler Sills, RHP/2B, Battle Ground Academy, 2018
60 Time: 8.06, Position Velocity:  IF-77, Exit Velocity: 75
5'11, 150-pound, RHH hits from a balance and very athletic stance with high hands and an even set up, uses a short stride and some subtle hand movement to initiate his load.  Okay lower half helps get his barrel in the zone and through the ball, hit some low line drives and hard ground balls and had 3 singles in game play.  Defensively, showed average but sure hands with some quick footwork and an over-the-top delivery with very good accuracy and carry, played through the ball well.

Jason Chandler, SS/RHP, Siegel, 2018
60 Time: 7.75, Position Velocity:  IF-76, Exit Velocity: 68
6'2, 146-pound, RHH hits from a balanced and even stance with his hands in a comfortable position, uses a smooth and conventional stride and loads hands with somewhat of a wrap to get himself going.  Lower body works, but will lag from time to time, causing him to drag his bat through the zone, bat stays in the zone a long time and helps him hit some low line drives.  Defensively, soft hands and good footwork put him in good fielding position and gets the ball across he infielder with a loose, sidearm delivery with average strength.

third basemen

Elijah (Zeke)
Lecomte, 3B/C, Creek Wood, 2017
60 Time: 7.31, Pop Time: 1.88-2.0, Position Velocity:  IF-81, C-76, Exit Velocity: 84
6'2, 160-pound, RHH hits from a tall and open stance and uses a long stride and fluid hand load to get himself going. Lower half fires and upper half gets violent through the zone, upper body lean forward causes his swing to get steep and keeps him from staying behind the ball, Bat speed allows him to hit the ball hard.  Defensively, uses sure hands and methodical footwork to field the ball and takes a clean exchange to his quick release to get the ball across the infield with good carry.  At C, showed good hands with a quick release and good arm strength.

Ryan Lyle, 3B, Goodpasture Christian, 2017
60 Time: 7.59, Position Velocity:  IF-77, Exit Velocity: 75
6'0, 180-pound, RHH hits from a balanced and even stance with a low hand set that starts the hands in the zone and uses a short stride and pushes his hands back slightly to initiate his load.  Lower half gets through and stays balanced throughout, hands generally stay in the zone and can drive it gap-to-gap when he gets extended.  Defensively, shows soft hands and fluent footwork in his approach to the ball, clean exchange leads to a loose and very accurate arm with some carry from a high ¾ arm slot across the infield. Ryan had 2 hits and a stolen base in game play.


Brayden Osborne, C, Mt Juliet, 2018
60 Time: 7.59, Pop Time: 1.75-1.94, Position Velocity:  C-77, Exit Velocity: 83
5'11, 180-pound, RHH hits from a balanced and open stance and uses a small leg kick and some hand sway to get himself in a loaded position.  Lower half fires well but will hold back from time to time, does a good job of getting on plane and staying in the zone a long time, has a tendency to jump at the ball.  Defensively, impressed with some very good hands and one of the quickest exchange and releases we’ve seen, received very well and recorded the lowest pop time of the event, showed athleticism and ability to control a game from behind the plate.

Sam Mast, C, John Overton, 2019
60 Time: 7.51, Pop Time: 1.97-2.10, Position Velocity:  C-75, Exit Velocity: 84
6'0, 175-pound, RHH hits from a tall and slightly open stance and uses a big leg kick and stride along with a rhythmic hand drop and load to get himself ready to go.  Gets the lower half around but doesn’t get it all the way through at times, hands get in a good slot and stays pretty flat through the zone, hit a few balls hard in BP.  Defensively, showed good hands and a clean exchange with some good arm strength from behind the plate, did a good job of blocking throughout game play and has a chance to develop into a really good player at the catcher position.

Ryan Moses, C, Forrest, 2018
60 Time: 8.66, Pop Time: 2.0-2.22, Position Velocity:  C-73, Exit Velocity: 79
6'0, 180-pound, RHH hits from a balanced setup and shows a short stride and short swing path that stays a little steep, line drive swing that produced some low line drives in BP.  Does a good job of including his lower half and using his whole body throughout the swing, but can get out front at times.  Defensively, shows average hands and decent footwork, used a short arm action and release, didn’t show quite the arm strength as the past but similar accuracy.  Will continue to develop.