North Texas Underclass Games: Middle Infield Analysis

Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

DALLAS, TX - On Monday, July 23rd, some of the top underclass talent from North Texas Underclass Games at Dallas Baptist University. Here is the middle infield analysis from that event.


Top Performers

Hudson White, C/SS, Byron Nelson HS, 2021
Oklahoma State commit. White is a dynamic, all-around athletic “Baseball Player” that can play multiple positions at a high level. His performance at the NTX UC games vaulted him to the No. 12 spot in the 2021 Texas Class Rankings. At 5-foot-11, 175-pounds, White is a long stride runner with a lean-muscular frame, and posted a 7.25 60-yard dash. The right-handed hitter then launched balls deep to the gaps, including a home run to left field. He loads back early before striding forward, staying in a slightly crouched position, getting the barrel in the zone and working on an upward plane through contact, creating lift and leverage with a top exit velocity of 90 mph. On the infield, White plays low with rhythm in his footwork, soft hands out front, and a clean exchange into an elbow dominant arm stroke that works from different angles and transitions to multiple positions. Whether he is on the mound, behind the plate, or on the infield, White’s natural baseball actions and athleticism make him a coveted recruit in the 2021 class.  

Tyler Talbert, SS/RHP, Flower Mound HS, 2020
Talbert, who recently committed to Dallas Baptist, is a strong, confident, athletic two-way player with tons of upside. Although he is listed at 6-foot, 170-pounds, he is likely not done maturing physically with his high waist and young face. After running a 6.87 60-yard dash, the right-handed hitter took an outstanding round of BP, showing loose hands with good extension through contact as he laced balls through the middle of the field with an exit velocity of 87 mph. He starts from a fairly neutral stance with a wide base and slight crouch in his upper body, then loads back easy as he triggers his hands and takes a short stride, staying grounded in his legs with good separation. His lower half works efficiently, creating significant leverage as he transfers his weight and he gets the barrel on plane, working slightly uphill to contact. Talbert moves with easy actions at shortstop and has plenty of arm strength to stay on the left side of the field (91 mph), but its the footwork and posture as he plays through the ball that suggest he has a future on the infield. His arm works from different slots and he can play on the run. A two-way player and right-handed pitcher, Talbert has a fast arm stroke from a high-¾ slot. Tall-and-fall delivery that he repeats with relative ease. His fastball was mostly 87-88 from the stretch, dropping down to 85-87 from the stretch. Hitters struggled to pick the fastball up out of his hand, as the ball got on top of them quickly. Slider played enough to get some weak contact with more lateral 10/4 shape at 68 mph.

Alex Gonzales, SS/OF, Argyle HS, 2020
Baylor commit. Gonzales was an every day player for Argyle HS during their undefeated state championship run. The right-handed hitter shined during batting practice, launching balls from the middle-to-pull side, including a home run to left field. He has a simple swing with loose hands, creating leverage with good lag in the zone and explosive extension through contact with an exit velocity of 91 mph. The recent Baylor commit scorched a ball right at the second baseman during the game. A primary infielder, Gonzales has a quick first step and plays through the ball with rhythm and soft hands. His arm works well from different slots with an accurate stroke and top velocity of 76 mph. Adding to his athleticism is a 6.85 60-yard dash, and he is spending this fall on the gridiron for Argyle.

Chase Spencer, SS/OF, Plano West HS, 2021
Spencer has a wiry, quick-twitch, still developing frame at 6-foot, 150-pounds. Starting from a tall, slightly open stance, the right-handed hitter loads back smooth as his hands work back with rhythm and he takes a short stride forward. Relaxed hack with rhythm, quick hands, Spencer has some whip in his barrel, working on a slightly uphill plane with a loose finish. On the infield, the smooth actions, rhythm and footwork are excellent for his class. Quick first step, good tempo, soft hands out front as he plays low through the ball. Easy transitions into an arm stroke that is accurate from different slots, starts the pivot with ease and he can throw on the run. The footwork, actions, and swing are there, look for him to make even more jumps as he adds strength throughout his frame.

Carson Ozmer, SS/3B, Denton Guyer HS, 2020
Ozmer has a strong, athletic frame at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds, and will be a fun two-way player to follow this year. Positionally, he projects as a power hitting infielder, as he showed a quality hack with juice during batting practice (94 Exit Velo). Starting from a tall, open stance, Ozmer pushes back smooth using a reverse leg lift as his hands trigger back. Lands slightly close with good energy in his lower half as he transfers his weight through contact with leverage. Compact path allows him to generate quality bat speed as the barrel works through the zone with slight lift and a short finish. Ball jumps off his bat with gap power and more likely to come. He smoked a single into the right-centerfield gap on a first pitch fastball during the game. On the infield, Ozmer plays through the ball with rhythm and quick footwork, his hands work really well with a fluid exchange and the ability to throw from different slots without hesitation. Highly accurate arm across the infield with a top velocity of 83 mph. 

Austin Thorp, 2B/SS, Colleyville Heritage HS, 2020
Athletic, 5-foot-8, 144-pound frame. A two way player and switch hitter, from the left side he starts from a tall, relaxed, grounded stance, then picks his hands up as he lifts his leg, striding forward, landing balanced. Loose-quick hands delivery the barrel with hard contact and natural lift. Loose finish with good barrel awareness and an exit velocity of 84 mph. From the right-side, he starts from a tall stance, loading back smooth with a leg kick as he triggers his hands, tilting the barrel forward, then landing balanced. Mostly opposite field approach, the ball comes off his bat with some zip, a loose finish and easy weight transfer. At shortstop, Thorp plays with a bounce in his step and easy rhythm through the ball. Solid range and good tempo ranging to both his left and right, he stays centered over the baseball and presents his hands out front, playing soft into a quick transition. Gets rid of the ball quickly with high end accuracy and a top velocity of 81 mph across the diamond. His arm works well from different slots and he can play on the run. Expect big things from Thorp moving forward.

Ian Mason, SS/3B, Euless Trinity HS, 2020
Mason has an already strong, muscular frame for a junior at 6-foot-3, 210-pounds, and is an offensive infielder. The right-handed hitter showed off his strength during batting practice, driving balls deep from the middle of the field to the pull side gap. Athletic stance with quick rhythm and loose hands, he uses a leg kick to get started as he triggers his hands, pointing the barrel forward before striding forward, landing with good separation. Short path, strong hands at contact and solid extension and a top exit velocity of 85 mph. Defensively, Mason has a quick first step and does a nice job of creating quality angles early in his footwork. Solid range, soft hands, quick exchange, can get rid of the ball from a lower slot when ranging to his glove side and on the run. Does a nice job of staying centered over the ball, and threw with a top velocity of 80 mph across the diamond. With his frame, actions, and offensive upside, I could see Mason making the transition to third base at the next level.

Luke Fricks, SS/2B, All Saints Episcopal HS, 2020
Fricks is a fast-twitch, athletic, left-handed hitting shortstop that stands 5-foot-7, 145-pounds. H starts from an open, tall stance then loads back smooth and early as he coils his hips and triggers his hands in a high position. Glide and stride weight transfer as he keeps his front foot low to the ground. Aggressive hack, he uses his entire body to generate solid bat speed with an exit velocity of 90 mph. Natural lift, line drive approach with loose hands produced hard contact during BP. The barrel awareness carried over into the game where he squared the ball up every time at the plate, singling through the right side, and lining out to third, grounding out to third, and stealing a bag. Fricks plays fast, and that carries over to his defense, where he covers ground with his 6.91 60-yard dash. He has smooth footwork, soft hands, and a quick release into his throwing motion with a top velocity of 84 mph across the diamond.

Best of the Rest (Alphabetical)

Tyler Abrego, SS/RHP, Argyle HS, 2021
Lean 6-foot, 160-pound frame. The right handed sets up in an athletic, open stance as his hands cradle up and down. A big leg kick glides his lower half back to center, while his hand work down and back pre-pitch. Abrego attacks the baseball with a balanced swing, has awareness for the barrel, sending line drives to both his pull and oppo sides. Showed strength at the point of contact and flashed a natural finish. Has a good feel for his own rhythm at the plate. On the infield, he showcased a relaxed demeanor and mature mechanics, as he played the baseball with soft hands, a smooth exchange, and displayed a versatile, loose throwing arm. Very polished infielder who looks every bit the part up the middle. On the mound, the right-hander comes down the slope with a compact, tall-and-fall delivery, working from a high ¾ arm slot. Does well to gather himself, gain momentum before driving towards home plate. His fastball ranged from 79-81 mph, a pitch he threw for strikes to both sides of the plate. His 11-5 curveball hovered around 66-68 mph with depth. Only a rising sophomore, Abrego’s development will be worth keeping tabs on.

Cameron Coffee, SS/RHP, Richland HS, 2020
Bulky 5-foot-9, 160-pound frame. The right-handed hitters starts in a balanced, athletic stance with his bat high, as he shimmies his hands into his load position. A medium leg kick coincides with a glide forward as Coffee flashed some pop to the pull-side (88 mph exit velocity) despite his raw tools at the plate. Does understand his rhythm at the plate and showed tremendous barrel awareness during batting practice, as he is quite strong at the point of contact. On the infield, Coffee showed the kind of athleticism needed to play up the middle, as his arm works well from a variety of angles with solid carry (85 mph). Displayed soft hands and plus-footwork.

Cole Crosby, SS/2B, Alamo Heights HS, 2020
Developing 6-foot, 160-pound frame with some present strength. The right-handed hitter sets up in an athletic stance with easy actions. He keeps his hands low and works his bat straight back in a slight wrap-load to go with a noticeable leg lift. Creates lag through the zone with easy pull power (85 mph exit velocity), extends well through the zone and showed organic lift. Very polished at the plate with quick bat speed and a soft, explosive front side. Crosby carries his smooth mannerisms to the infield where he showed polished mechanics and fluid footwork. Played the baseball with an advanced tempo and knows when to show off a quick trigger. Crosby is a very fundamental in all aspects of his game, making him a player to keep tabs on down the road.

Riley Hartman, SS/2B, Argyle HS, 2020
Hartman has an athletic, long-limbed frame with broad shoulders at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds. The long stride runner began the day with a 7.08 60-yard dash. Starting from a tall, neutral stance with high hands, Hartman has a simple, smooth load, then strides forward as he shifts has hands back. Inside-out path, flat stroke, balance approach with line drive power and an exit velocity of 83 mph. He demolished a line drive during the game right at the shortstop. On the infield, Hartman has good tempo through the catch with soft hands and a quick exchange before making accurate throws across the diamond with a top velocity of 77 mph.

Jake Maynard, SS/2B, Amarillo HS, 2021
Maynard has a lean-muscular, athletic, frame at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds. The right-handed hitter starts from a wide base with loose-relaxed hands before he shifts his weight back then strides forward, walking away from his hands, creating separation. Glides forward as the barrel sweeps through the zone, balanced lower half transfer and loose finish on an upward plane. Mostly opposite field approach during batting practice with an exit velocity of 86 mph. At shortstop, Maynard has a clean arm stroke and throws with solid accuracy and a top velocity of 79 mph. Overall, there is life in his body and he is a young player to keep an eye on as he continues to develop and add strength.

Reece Parrott, SS/OF, Newman Smith HS, 2021
5-foot-11, 160-pound, high-waisted, long-limbed frame. The right-handed hitter shows that kind of rhythm, strength, balance, and feel for the barrel that should allow him to move up recruiting boards in the near future. Starting from athletic stance, he loads back smooth and gets his hands ready to hit as he uses a leg kick for timing, then takes a short stride, landing balanced with good separation. Fluid hack with good barrel lag through the zone, his hands create whip in the barrel with relative ease, line drive power, and an exit velocity of 84 mph. Stung balls during batting practice and has the look of a middle guy that has a chance to hit at a high level. Parrott showed quality actions at shortstop, playing through the ball with smooth footwork, a clean exchange and clean arm stroke the produces carry across the diamond at 79 mph.

Tino Ramirez, SS/3B, Jesuit College Prep, 2020
Ramirez has a long-limbed, still developing frame at 5-foot-10, 150-pounds. The right-handed hitter starts from a tall, balanced stance, then triggers his hands back before striding forward. Rotational upper body swing with an inside out path produced an exit velocity of 83 mph. Made several nice defensive plays during the game, including turning a couple of double plays and ranging to to his glove side.

Jason Schneider, SS/3B, McNeil HS, 2020
Schneider has a high-waisted frame with broad shoulders at 5-foot-10, 150-pounds. The right-handed hitter starts from a wide, balanced stance, picking his hands up as he loads back smooth, then takes a short stride. Barrel stays in the zone a long time as he gets the barrel on plane early, good lag in the barrel with a loose finish and an 84 mph exit velocity. On the infield, Schneider plays through the ball with soft hands, funneling the ball to his midline before throwing a long arm stroke and a top velocity of 77 mph.

Juan Solis, SS/3B, Brazoswood HS, 2020
Solis appears taller than his listed 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, with a long-limbed, projectable frame. The right-handed hitter starts from a tall, open stance with easy rhythm in his hands. Smooth load back as he triggers his hands back and down, relaxed stride, lands balanced. Easy lower half weight transfer, smooth hack through the zone with excellent lag in the barrel, quick hands, loose finish on a slightly uphill plane. Quality round of batting practice with good pop through the middle of the field and an exit velocity of 88 mph off the tee. Defensively, Solis has quick hands and threw 76 mph across the diamond.

Austin Testerman, RHP/SS, Whitewright HS, 2020
At 6-foot, 145-pounds, Testerman has a still developing, long-limbed frame. A two-way player, Testerman posted a 7.18 60-yard dash, running with athletic, long strides. The right-handed hitter starts from a wide base before pushing his hands back to load, then rotates his lower half as he slots the barrel in the zone. Inside-out path, working on an uphill plane produced line drives through the infield with an exit velocity of 81 mph. On the infield, he has a quick first step and shows solid lateral range. Staggered footwork in his fielding position with soft hands, a clean exchange, and a top velocity of 82 mph across the infield.

Jace Walker, SS/2B, Robinson HS, 2020
Walker has an athletic, quick-twitch frame at 5-foot-11, 160-pounds. Started the day by running a 7.06 60-yard dash, then took a solid round of batting practice where he posted a 99 mph exit velocity. Starting from a tall, open stance, Walker triggers his hands back and down into a front arm bar, gathered leg kick creates leverage and separation as he lands ready to hit. Quick hips and hands, his barrel works on an uphill plane, flashing pull side pop and carry deep to the outfield. On the infield, Walker has quick footwork and soft hands out front that funnel the ball back to the mid-line of his body. Quick exchange and release, ball has good carry across the diamond with a top velocity of 81 mph.

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