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South Texas Underclass Games: Infield Analysis

Toby Bicknell
Texas Scouting Director

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COLLEGE STATION, TX - Some of the top underclass talent from around the state converged on Texas A&M on Tuesday for the South Texas Underclass Games. The event was loaded with underclass talent from the 2019, 2020, 2021 class, with a few 2018 grads sprinkled in. Here is a full report on all 30 infielders that participated in the event.

Top Performers

+ Michael Gresham, SS/RHP, Boerne Champion HS, 2019
Gresham is a legit two-way prospect that stands 5-foot-10, 170-pounds with a strong frame. The rising junior put together one of the better overall performances at The South Texas Underclass Games. Confident shortstop with fluid actions, quick footwork, soft hands and plus arm strength (91 mph across the diamond). Makes the play on the run with athleticism and accurate throws, attacks ground balls with a good sense of timing. A right-handed hitter, Gresham showed pull side power during batting practice, driving multiple balls to the wall in left field. With his upside on the mound, and ability to play the infield, look for Gresham to garner a lot of attention from college recruiters.

+ Rhett Maynard, SS, Amarillo HS, 2019
Maynard is a player that college recruiters will want to see sooner than later, he has an athletic, lean-muscular, quick-twitch frame at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds. Posted a 7.0 60-yard dash time, but with his long, athletic strides that time should improve. The right-handed hitter maintains balance throughout his swing with loose hands and good barrel awareness. He starts from stacked stance with flex in his lower half, smooth rhythm to load back. Short stride, simple weight transfer, maintains great posture, heads stays on contact, quick hands, good extension with a loose finish through contact, barrel stays in the zone a long time. Took a solid round of batting practice, driving the ball through the middle of the field with authority, 90 mph exit velocity. During the game, he had a long, quality at-bat where he fouled off multiple pitches, ending with a high popup to shortstop, and a deep fly ball that he scorched to right field. At shortstop, he has fluid footwork, average hands and can throw from different slots while playing on the run with an accurate arm at 80 mph and a quick wrist release. A projectable athlete, Maynard’s bat and speed definitely play at the next level.

Gage Boehm, RHP/1B, Hutto HS, 2020
Boehm (a recent Texas commit) has advanced strength with broad shoulders and a thick frame at 6-foot-3, 245-pound frame. At the South Texas Underclass Games in late July, Boehm put on a power display during batting practice. The right-handed hitter has a simple swing with balance and juice in his bat. After registering a 93 mph exit velocity off the tee, he launched towering home runs deep over the left-field wall with little effort. Boehm also scorched a single past the shortstop on a first pitch fastball in his first plate appearance of the day. At first base, Boehm shows the ability to play low with soft hands out and front and uses solid glove action to make picks at the bag. Average footwork around the bag, clean exchange into a long-¾ arm stroke at 80 mph across the diamond. Look for big things in the future as Boehm, both on the mound and at the plate.

+ Jack Riedel, SS, Memorial HS, 2020
Riedel is a left-handed hitting shortstop with a ton of long term projection in his athletic 6-foot-1, 160-pound frame, and lots of room for physical development. Started the day by running a 7.15 60-yard dash, but with his high-waist, athletic gait, and long strides, look for that time to improve as he adds strength. At the plate, Riedel has a pronounced leg kick with easy, fluid rhythm, loose-quick hands and balance throughout his swing. Smoked a triple off an 89 mph fastball during the game to the right-center gap. At shortstop, he fields the ball with rhythm and good overall feel for the position, solid arm strength at 82 mph across the diamond with some effort. Average exchange that should continue to improve. Overall gamer-type player with great energy, loves to play, sprinted on and off the field all day when the temp was 105.

+ Christian Cienfuegos, RHP/SS, Goose Creek Memorial HS, 2019
Rice recruit. Cienfuegos stands 5-foot-9, 155-pounds, with a quick twitch frame. A two-way player and right-handed hitter, Cienfuegos starts from an open stance, quick leg kick to load, high hand trigger with slight bat wrap as he crouches into his legs, lowering himself into a short stride. Rotational lower half, strong contact with an exit velocity of 87 mph. Barrel gets on plane early and finishes with strength on a short finish and average balance. At shortstop, Cienfuegos has average hands with quick footwork. Longer exchange as he gathers to throw across the infield at 86 mph with effort and carry. Plays through the ball with average athleticism as he can catch and throw on the run.

+ Nicolas Gullo, RHP/SS, Dripping Springs HS, 2019
Gullo has an athletic, lean, 6-foot, 160-pound frame. A two-way player and left-handed hitter, Gullo starts from a balanced, neutral, slightly crouched stance. Slow load into a leg kick, dives toward the plate with a longer stride as he leaks to his front side. Uses top hand to delivery barrel, short follow through, limited weight shift from back leg. Average power with an exit velocity of 84 mph, mix of ground balls from the middle to pull side with line drives up the middle. At shortstop, Gullo throws from a quick-¾ slot across the diamond at 86 mph with good carry and average accuracy.  Average feet and hands, longer mid-line transfer, creates tempo and momentum after the catch into his throwing motion.

+ Rhett Trlicek, C, Hallatsville HS, 2019
Trlicek is an exciting player that will add solid value to a recruiting class because of his ability to play two positions in the middle of the field. He stands 5-foot-8, 170-pounds, with broad shoulders and a strong lower half. Behind the plate, Trlicek has highly athletic footwork, ultra quick transfer, soft hands, and average carry with pop times ranging from 1.93-2.03 seconds. On the infield, Trlicek gets rid of the ball quickly with a quick transfer from a low fielding position. Feet work well with a good sense of timing, makes the play on the run with good rhythm and average athleticism. Accurate thrower with average carry and a velocity across the infield of 82 mph. A right-handed hitter, Trlicek starts from a tall, slightly open stance. Loads with a high leg kick, short trigger of hands with fluid rhythm. Lower half works well as he fires his hips and slots the barrel on plane into the hitting zone. High finish creates lift and carry with average bat speed for his class (85 mph), whips the barrel through the zone with leverage.

+ Jimmy Lewis, RHP/1B, Lake Travis HS, 2019
Lewis has tremendous upside with his 6-foot-6, 190-pound, long, projectable, athletic frame. A two-way player and right-handed hitter, Lewis has good leverage with his long-limbed frame. He has a balanced, neutral setup, simple load back with rhythm as his hands trigger back and down. Short stride, quick hips with bat speed (88 mph) and a short path with strength at contact. Creates lift and carry as the barrel is in the zone and on plane. Hard single during the game to left field. At first base, Lewis has average footwork with rhythm through the ball. Soft hands and an easy transfer as he transitions into a strong throwing motion across the diamond at 89 mph. Has a good feel for his footwork around the bag. With Lewis' projectable frame, quick arm, pedigree, and present arm strength, it is easy to dream that his velocity will continue to climb and his future is most likely on the mound at a Division I program.

+ Reed Chumley, SS, Langham Creek HS, 2019
Chumley first showed up at the Houston Area Open, earning an invite to the South Texas Underclass Games. He has a lean-athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 150-pounds. The right-handed hitter has an athletic, stacked setup. Smooth load back with good rhythm and a low leg kick into a short stride. Triggers his hands back and slightly down with a smooth load, creating good separation. Inside-out hand path, mostly flat path with barrel awareness. Solid approach during batting practice with hard, line-drive contact through the middle of the field (85 mph exit velo off the tee). Snaps the barrel through contact with a strong top hand, high finish and some effort in his weight transfer. At shortstop, Chumley has a quick, clean, mid-line exchange, soft hands out in front. Quick footwork after the catch into his ¾ arm stroke. Creates momentum to first base as he plays through the ball. Good feel for different arm slots as he plays on the run. During the game he made two outstanding plays. At second base, he ranged up the middle behind the bag and spun to throw the runner out at first base. He also made a nice run through play behind the mound on a high chopper. Overall Chumley is a projectable middle infielder with good feel and a projectable hitter.

+ Kamden Kelton, C/3B, Stony Point HS, 2019
Kelton has a strong lower half and a sturdy frame at 5-foot-11, 195-pounds. The right-handed hitter starts with a tall, relaxed stance and easy rhythm. Simple rock back to load as he walks away from his hands with a short stride, landing athletically. Slight front arm bar, loose strong hands, rotates hips to contact, good extension with high finish creates lift and middle-to-pull side carry. Swing projects for future power, during the game he smoked a single deep down the left field line. On the infield, his soft hands translate well on the corners with good glove action and smooth footwork. Shows feel at third base with a good sense of timing. With his projectable power and strong frame, Kelton could end up being a solid catcher/corner infielder at the next level.

+ Bryce Palumbo, SS, Strake Jesuit HS, 2020
Palumbo has a lean, quick-twitch frame at 5-foot-8, 132-pounds, with plenty of room to fill out as he continues to mature. Overall good feel for the game and plays hard. What he may currently lack in strength, he more than makes up for with fundamentals and awareness. The right-handed hitter has a neutral stance with his hands in a good position over his back shoulder with a positive bat wrap. Late rhythm, quick leg lift into a short stride. Inside-out path with good bat-lag and life in his hands. Barrel stays in the zone a long time with good barrel-whip through his finish. Opposite field, contact approach with more bat speed to come in the future. Went 1-for-2 during the game with a sharp single through the right side and a rollover groundout to shortstop. On the infield, Palumbo has quick feet and a fundamental fielding position with soft hands and good glove action. Shows feel at shortstop, creates momentum to follow his throws, plays through the ball, long gather to throw from a quick, high-¾ arm stroke at 77 mph across the infield with accurate throws and average carry.

+ Fabian Bernal, SS/OF, John Paul Stevens HS, 2019
5-foot-9, 125-pound, still developing, quick-twitch frame. Bernal started the day by running a 7.0-second 60-yard dash. The left-handed hitter has a relaxed setup and a simple, efficient swing. Starts with an easy leg kick, lands balanced with a relaxed stride. Efficient-quick hips into his lower half transfer. Loose, quick hands with barrel awareness, finishes the barrel with easy effort. Mostly line drives during batting practice, strong top hand at contact. During the game, Bernal collected two quality at-bats during the game, laced a single to left field and then flew out sharply on the barrel to left field. In the outfield, Bernal has a quick exchange with athletic footwork after the catch as he gathers with a crow hop to throw from a high-¾ slot with a quickish arm stroke at 80 mph. On the infield, Bernal has active, quick feet with a good first step when he moves laterally. More choppy footwork on routine balls, midline exchange allow his arm to work efficiently with accuracy at 73 mph across the infield. Although Bernal still needs to add strength as he continues to develop, he is a quick-twitch left-handed hitter that can play multiple positions.

+ Zachary Freshcorn, SS/RHP, Waller HS, 2020
6-foot, 150-pounds, high-waisted, with a young projectable frame. A two way player and right-handed hitter, Freshcorn has a solid, balanced setup. Subtle load as he walks away from his hands. Mostly upper body oriented swing with an inside out path, line drive approach and average bat speed (81 mph). At shortstop, Freshcorn has a good first step, playing over his toes with projectable athleticism, soft hands and a clean midline exchange. Accurate throws across the diamond from a clean, ¾ slot with average carry at 78 mph.

+ Brady Braun, SS/OF, Klein Cain HS, 2020
Braun has a still-developing, quick-twitch frame at 5-foot-6, 120-pounds. The right-handed hitter has a simple, projectable swing, starting from a balanced, athletic setup. Smooth load back, loose easy trigger, short stride, quick hands, compact path. Maintains posture as he transfers his lower half, good extension through contact. Good barrel awareness, line drive power with more projection in the future. On the infield, Braun has fluid footwork through the ball with quick feet after the catch. Average hands and clean exchange into a long, high-¾ arm stroke. Arm works well from back to front, accurate thrower with average carry.

Best of the rest (alphabetical)

+ Carlos Abello, 3B/C, Kinkaid HS, 2019
Abello is a projectable left-handed hitter with broad shoulders and a strong lower half at 6-feet, 180-pounds. He has a balanced swing with a smooth leg kick, long stride, lands athletically as his hands slot back. Hard contact, gap power with an exit velocity of 91 mph off the tee. Clean path through the zone, loose finish. On the infield, he has average footwork and hands, and throws  from a high-¾ slot at 76 mph across the diamond.

+ Drew Baggerley, 1B/RHP, Deer Park HS, 2019
Baggerly stands 6-foot-1, 180-pounds. The right-hander works from a ¾ arm slot with a long arm stroke and a tall-and-fall delivery. His fastball was 68-71 mph. His curveball was 63-64 mph. Changeup came in at 67 mph. A two-way player and right-handed hitter, Baggerley has a simple swing with balance. Quiet load back into a short stride as he triggers his hands. Predominantly upper body swing with an inside-out, level path and line drive power. At first base, Baggerley has average feet, soft hands, fluid exchange and threw 72 mph across the infield.

+ Jared Chambers, SS, Lutheran South Academy, 2019
6-foot, 164-pound frame. Chamber, a left-handed hitter, took a solid round of batting practice. He starts with a balanced, athletic setup, late rhythm to load, static hands. Natural left-handed swing with the barrel working on plane with the baseball, quick hands produce hard contact on the barrel. Gets the barrel out front with lift, high finish, average power to the pull side, exit velocity of 83 mph off the tee. In two game at-bats he flew out to left and center field, both on the barrel. At shortstop, he throws from a short, over the top slot at 74 mph across the diamond. Average footwork, soft hands, long exchange on routine plays. Made the run through play with athleticism. Ran a 7.35 60-yard dash.

+ Tuffy Dornburg, 3B, Goliad HS, 2019
6-foot-1, 190-pound, strong frame. The right-handed hitter starts from a tall, open stance with relaxed hands. Smooth inward roll with early rhythm to load, long stride, lands balanced with his hands back and ready to hit. Mostly level path with loose finish and extension through contact, 79 mph exit velocity. Handled the ball on the outer half during batting practice, driving balls hard through the middle. On the infield, Dornburg has choppy footwork with a deliberate exchange and threw 74 mph across the diamond.

+ Justin Gale, 3B/RHP, The Woodlands HS, 2019
Gale has a long, lanky frame at 6-foot-4, 170-pounds. A two-way player and right-handed hitter, Gale starts from a tall stance with flex in his knees. Choppy rhythm as he loads with a quick leg kick and triggers his hands, landing square into a hard stride. Flat path, average bat speed at 80 mph off the tee. On the infield, Gale has deliberate footwork with average hands and exchange into a long, high-¾ arm stroke at 69 mph across the infield.

+ Scott Guzman, 2B, Thorndale HS, 2019
5-foot-8, 145-pound frame. The left-handed hitting Guzman starts from a slightly open stance and loads with a high leg kick as maintains posture. Long stride, loose hands, triggers back into a slight front arm-bar, lands aggressive as his hands stay back while his weight shifts to his front side early. Barrel stays in the zone, average approach and transfer, flat finish, line drive approach, 79 mph exit velocity. On the infield, Guzman has deliberate footwork, fields the ball deep, long gather to throw from a short, high-¾ slot at 72 mph across the diamond with some accuracy and average carry.

+ Katcher Halligan, 1B, St. John’s HS, 2021
Halligan has a strong frame for his class at 5-foot-11, 175-pounds. The left-handed hitter starts from a tall, open stance, smooth-early load back, long stride, partial dive as his weight shifts to his front side early and he walks away from his hands. Average bat speed for his class, mostly ground balls during batting practice, cuts himself off with a flat finish. At first base, Halligan made quick, strong throws to second base when coming off the bag. Throws from a high-¾ slot with a short arm stroke at 73 mph. Longer exchange when throwing to third base. Average hands and footwork for his class that should continue to improve as he develops.

+ Diego Ortiz, 3B, Sharyland Pioneer HS, 2018
5-foot-10, 220-pound, sturdy frame with broad shoulders and strong lower half. Ortiz is an offensive right-handed hitter with an advanced approach. He launched balls during batting practice with easy pull power. Starts from a tall, slightly open stance with his hands away from his body, waggling the barrel with rhythm. Early, relaxed load with a well-timed, big leg kick, lands soft with balance as his hands are ready to go. Strong lower half transfer, clean path with good barrel lag and whip, excellent extension through contact as he throws the barrel with a high finish, creating lift and carry. Although his exit velocity was only 80 mph off the tee, his power and projection shows much better on the field. On the infield, Ortiz fields the ball deep with heavy feet, long exchange, and average hands. Throws from a high-¾ slot at 73 mph across the diamond.

+ Cole Outlaw, SS, Cypress Ranch HS, 2019
Outlaw has an athletic frame at 5-foot-9, 160-pounds. At shortstop, he has a quick arm from a long, over the top with good carry at 84 mph. Long strides as he ranges laterally, average footwork on routine ground balls with average hands. Makes the play on the run and can throw from a lower slot. Offensively, the right-handed hitter starts from a tall stance, quiet load back, short stride, front arm bar. Inside out path, upper body rotational hack with an exit velocity of 80 mph. Posted a 7.22 60-yard dash.

+ Nico Patrick, C/1B, Argyle HS, 2019
Patrick is a projectable left-handed hitter with a strong lower half at 6-foot-2, 208-pounds. He has an open stance with early, fluid rhythm and a short stride. Hands work well through the zone with an inside-out path, high finish, and whip in the barrel. Does a nice job of dropping the head and staying inside the baseball and delivering the barrel with a loose finish, creates back spin in the middle of the field and has projectable gap power. At first base, Patrick has quickish footwork with soft hands, average rhythm through the ball to throw from a high slot at 73 mph across the diamond.

+ Josh Phillips, 3B, Bridgeland HS, 2021
Phillips is only a rising freshman but has an imposing 6-foot-2, 205-pound, strong frame. He earned an invite to the Underclass Games after a stellar performance at the Houston Area Open. The left-handed hitter has pop in his bat with natural lift and aggression as he registered an exit velo of 84 mph. He starts from an athletic, slightly open stance with positive downward tilt in his shoulders. Smooth load with rhythm as he triggers his hands back with a leg-kick and long stride. Barrel gets on plane early as he drops the head in the zone with a strong top hand punch and high finish through contact. Solid power from the middle-to-pull side. Attacks the inside of the ball with good barrel awareness. Very projectable left-handed bat. On the infield, Phillips has average hands and rhythm through the catch, and average feet for his class and frame. Long exchange into a high-¾ slot at 79 mph across the diamond.

+ Hunter Reid, 3B/RHP, Plano Senior HS, 2020
6-foot-2, 218-pound, projectable, sturdy frame. Offensively, the right-handed hitter has a balanced throughout his swing, wide stacked stance with flex in his lower half. Loads back early, hands wrap to trigger into a front arm bar, short stride, inside-out uphill path. Line drive power, middle of the field approach with an exit velocity of 82 mph. On the infield, Reid has average hands, clean exchange, still developing footwork, long gather to throw from a low-¾ slot with a long arm stroke at 78 mph across the diamond.

+ Zane Spinn, SS, Holland HS, 2020
Holland has a lanky, high-waisted, still developing frame at 5-foot-11, 140-pounds. The left-handed hitter starts from a tall, slightly open stance. Quick load back, triggers his hands down and back, front arm bar, longer path with an exit velocity of 72 mph. Quick leg lift into a short stride, simple weight transfer with balance throughout. On the infield, Spinn has soft hands with still developing footwork and a quick exchange. Throws with a long arm stroke from a low-¾ slot at 67 mph with average accuracy.

+ Cooper Timmons, SS, Clear Falls HS, 2019
Timmons stands 5-foot-11, 160-pounds, with a lanky, long-limbed frame, and plenty of room to add strength in the coming years. On the infield, Timmons has a quick exchange with rhythm through the ball and a quick release. Hands work well after the catch, transitioning quickly to his midline and into a long, loose arm stroke at 75 mph. Arm works well out front, accurate thrower, athletic fielder on the run. At third base during the game he made a nice play on a swinging bunt chopper to get the runner at first base.  The right-handed hitter has a relaxed, tall, neutral stance. Simple, smooth load back, short stride, good lower half weight transfer. Handled the ball on the outer half during batting practice, front arm bar, longer path and a 79 mph exit velocity. Ran a 7.53 60-yard dash.

+ Cameron Tobola, OF/SS, Klein Oak HS, 2019
5-foot-5, 140-pound frame. A right-handed hitter, Tobola starts from an open, tall stance, with low-set relaxed hands. Simple load with a short stride as he triggers his hands up and back. Short path as he throws the barrel with his top hand, line-drive power with average bat speed for his class (79 mph), simple rhythm, and fair approach. In the outfield, his feet work efficiently with an athletic arm swing from a high slot, creating carry and accuracy throws at 80 mph. On the infield, Tobola has average footwork and hands. Flashes range as he moves laterally with average rhythm through the ball and a gathered exchange. Accurate strike thrower to first base at 78 mph with average.  

+ Garrett Zaskoda, RHP/SS, Sealy HS, 2019
6-foot, 165-pound, athletic frame. A two-way player and right-handed hitter, Zaskoda has a balanced, slightly open setup, quiet hand trigger into a short stride. Hands work quick with a simple, flat stroke through the zone with a line drive approach. Loose finish of barrel, good extension through contact with average bat speed. At shortstop, Zaskoda has an accurate arm at 81 mph. Average footwork, but he shows good range laterally, plays through the ball with athleticism and average hands.


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