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Blast Motion Reports: Top Prospect Games West

Jason Burton
Richmond Scouting Coordinator


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On June 23rd PBR VA/DC Staff held a Top Prospect Games West event at Bank of The James Stadium, home of the Lynchburg Hillcats, that featured some of the best talent in the area. In this post event analysis we are taking a look at some of the Blast Motion data from the on field BP that day. 

About Blast Motion:

During batting practice, the Blast Motion sensors measured Swing and Impact Metrics across several categories. Swing metrics measure pre-impact mechanics centered around plane, connection, and rotation while Impact metrics measure pre-impact performance outcomes based on ball contact. Below are the top performers in five of the categories measured using the Blast Motion sensors.

Bat Speed:

Bat Speed is the observed speed of the sweet spot of the bat at impact. For more info: Blast Bat Speed 

MLB Avg: 66-78 mph   MiLB: 63-75 mph   College: 66-75 mph

Name School Class Commitment Peak Bat Speed
Peyton Davis Turner Ashby 2021   74.3 mph
Grant Thomas Turner Ashby 2021   73.0 mph
Jaron McNeil-Ward Dinwiddie 2021 Virginia Tech 72.8 mph 
Jack Baldridge Bishop Ireton 2021   72.3 mph
Connor Fuhrman Lord Botetourt 2022 South Carolina 72.3 mph
Dillon Stowers Liberty Christian Academy 2022   72.2 mph
Carson Peggins Lord Botetourt 2021   71.3 mph
Brayden Simpson Cosby 2022   70.8 mph
Brandon Cole Elrod Hanover 2023   70.5 mph
Macho Santiago Douglas Freeman 2022   70.5 mph


Rotational Acceleration:

Measures how quickly your bat accelerates into the swing plane. Rotation is a good indicator of how you build bat speed by sequencing properly. The quicker your rotational acceleration, the more power you will have and the more time you have to adjust to pitch locations. For more info: Rotational Acceleration

MLB Avg: 16.8 g   MiLB Avg: 12.6 g   College Avg: 12.9 g

Name School Class Commitment Rotational Acceleration (g)
Macho Santiago Douglas Freeman 2022   30.4 g
Luke Keister Spotswood 2022   30.3 g 
Julian La Bella Highland School 2022   26.1 g 
Michael Dailey Prince Edward 2022   25.1 g
Dillon Stowers Liberty Christian 2022   24.4 g
Jackson Severt Dinwiddie 2021   21.8 g
Evan Schick Lake Braddock 2023   19.9 g
Jakob Foster Patriot 2023   19.7 g
Brayden Simpson Cosby 2022   19.6 g
Carson Peggins Lord Botetourt 2021   19.4 g


On Plane Efficiency:

Measures the percentage of your swing where the bat is on the swing plane. Your vertical bat angle at contact establishes the plane for that swing. Plane is a great indicator for making more consistent contact on the barrel of the bat. For more info: On Plane Efficiency

Ideal Efficiency %: 70% or Higher    Range: 65%-85%

Name School Class Commitment On Plane Efficiency %
 Andrew Huffmyer  Western Albemarle  2024    92%
 Peyton Davis  Turner Ashby  2021    87%
 Gabriel Sebastino  James River (Buchanon)  2021  Marymount  85%
 Ty Edmondson  Woodgrove  2022    85%
 Reid Driskill  Brookville  2022    82%
 Charlie Krebs  Woodgrove  2023    81%
 Charlie Knighton  St. Christopher's  2023    81%
 Anthony Connor  Glen Allen   2022    81%
 Brayden Simpson  Cosby  2022    80%
 Michael Dailey  Prince Edward  2022    80%



The average Power generated during the swing is found from the effective mass of the bat, the Bat Speed at impact, and the average acceleration during the downswing. Power is measured in Watts. Higher Power is achieved when a hitter is able to swing a heavier bat and accelerate it to higher speeds. For more info: Power

MLB Avg: 3.65-5.65 kW  MiLB Avg: 3.20-5.20 College Avg: 3.83-5.08

 Name  School  Class Commitment  Power (kW)
 Dillon Stowers  Liberty Christian  2022    5.09 kW
 Macho Santiago  Douglas Freeman  2022    5.08 kW
 Carson Peggins  Lord Botetourt  2021    5.07 kW
 Brayden Simpson  Cosby   2022    5.06 kW
 Peyton Davis  Turner Ashby  2021    5.00 kW
 Jack Baldridge  Bishop Ireton  2021    4.96 kW
 Jaron McNeil-Ward  Dinwiddie  2021 Virginia Tech   4.93 kW
 Julian La Bella  Highland School  2022    4.74 kW
 Grant Thomas  Turner Ashby  2021    4.68 kW
 Joey Duffer  Halifax  2021    4.53 kW


Peak Hand Speed: 

Peak Hand Speed is the observed maximum speed as measured on the handle of the bat (measured six inches from the knob of the bat). Peak Hand Speed will occur prior to the moment of impact, very close to the commit time in the swing when the wrists unhinge. For more info: Peak Hand Speed

MLB Avg: 23-29 mph MiLB Avg: 22-28 mph College Avg: 21-24 mph

 Name  School  Class Commitment  Peak Hand Speed
 Quincy Via  Lake Braddock  2022    25.5 mph
 Macho Santiago  Douglas Freeman  2022    24.7 mph
 Dillon Stowers  Liberty Christian  2022    23.3 mph
 Jake Barker  Waynesboro  2022    23.1 mph
 Michael Dailey  Prince Edward  2022    23.0 mph
 Brayden Simpson  Cosby  2022    22.9 mph
 Jackson Severt  Dinwiddie  2021    22.4 mph
 Evan Schick  Lake Braddock  2023    22.4 mph
 Luke Keister  Spotswood  2022    22.3 mph
 Carson Peggins  Lord Botetourt  2021    22.2 mph