Freshmen Free & Junior Future Trials East: Quick Hits

Jason Burton
Richmond Scouting Coordinator

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Saturday morning, over 30 players from all corners of DC and Virginia descended on Coastal Sports in Norfolk, Virginia for the Freshmen Free Showcase and Junior Future Games Trials East, our first event of 2021. Today, we give some quick hitting notes on a few standout players from the event: 


Charlie Brinkman C / OF / Fredericksburg Christian, VA / 2024

A few big takeaways with Brinkman from Saturday. First and foremost is the physicality Brinkman has added to the frame. Noticeable strength in the arms, back, and shoulders. Looks to have been working really hard in the weight room. Had the best pop time, catcher velo, and tied for highest outfield velo for the day. Tried to get out of the box a little quick a few times and bobbled the exchange, but other than that the exchange was quick and clean. Best thing about the exchange was it stayed high and carried the arm right into the throwing slot and was able to get it out quick. Excited to follow Brinkman over the next few years. 




CJ Buchan C / 1B / Hampton Roads Academy, VA / 2024

Buchan has cleaned up the frame some and moves noticeably better behind the plate and at the plate. He has added arm strength on pops and in turn has lowered the pop time from behind the plate. Where Buchan stood out most is at the plate. The right handed hitting catcher has plenty of intent in the swing and profiles as more of a middle of the order run producer at this time. Pull side power potential to the swing. 





Luke Craddock 1B / OF / Highland School, VA / 2025

One of the most impressive all around days. Craddock has a very physical frame for a 2025 and still possesses athleticism. On the mound and at the plate Craddock was under control into the pitch and swing while offering late intent to both. The arm action on the mound was loose and pumped the zone with three pitches. At the plate Craddock glides into the stride before an explosive finish. Offers plenty of bat speed and strength through contact. We know it is still early, but Craddock appears to have the making of an advanced bat with physical tools to go with it. Should be an intriguing follow over the next 18-24 months to see him continue to mature. 







Michael Cureton 1B / 3B / DeMatha Catholic, MD / 2024

Physical frame with proportional strength throughout the body. Cureton is a switch hitting middle of the order bat that has a chance to have real power as he continues to grow. One of the top exit velocities on the day along with max distance of 323 feet on Trackman. Cureton offers bat speed (78.3 mph max) and hand speed (22.3 mph max) to go along with the physical attributes (hand speed and bat speed data provided by Blast). Runs well and athleticism is present. 




Ryan Gocio C / 3B / Ocean Lakes, VA / 2025

Square athletic stance at the plate with a direct stride into contact. The bat path is level through contact and had nice feel for the barrel. Gocio used the middle of the field well and the swing appeared to be easily transferrable into game settings. Average arm strength behind the plate that should continue to progress as he matures and add more physical strength. 





Andrew Hart OF / LHP / Cape Henry, VA / 2024

Hart is an elite runner, turning out a 4.15 Home-1st from the left side. Arm strength is average/above average for his age, but his range and angles of approach allow him to play all three outfield spots. This is the first time we have seen Hart try his hand at switch hitting. Biggest difference we saw between the two is Hart is much shorter from the left side. Hands stay higher on the left side and barrel gets out of the zone quicker from the left side as well. Much more comfortable from the right side, but understandably so. Hands are set a little lower from the right side, more lower half involvement, and more of an extra base threat from the right side. Is athletic enough to make adjustments and allow his speed to play a little better from the left side if need be. 





Aden Judge OF / RHP / Nansemond River , VA / 2024

Judge, as noted below, has added some really nice physical strength to the frame. Arm strength has increased since we last saw him late summer/early fall. At the plate Judge seemed more balanced and under control while still producing plenty of hand and bat speed through contact. The barrel stayed in the zone through contact and Judge flashed carry in the gaps. Also, posted one of the best exit velocities at 90 mph. Raw athletic talent that continues to add polish. High follow going forward. 





Henry Knighton SS / RHP / St. Christopher's School, VA / 2025

In the past 12 months Knighton has grown around 4-5 inches and looks like a completely different young man and player. Knighton had a nice all around day, but really stood out on the mound. Showed ability to throw three pitches for strikes. Pitched from a low effort delivery that was a little more upright and could get more lower half involvement. Overall Knighton had a solid day and should continue to make gains as he matures physically.  





TJ Norvell RHP / 1B / Greenbrier Christian Academy , VA / 2024

Norvell has a chance to be a big arm in the future at Greenbrier Christian. 6-2 frame with some strength to it already and should fill out nicely. Long loose arm action that wraps a little bit on the backside. Displayed ability to throw three pitches for strikes and was tied for the top fastball velo of the day at 78 mph. The delivery was under control and built up pace as he moved towards the plate. 





Brayden Pendleton RHP / OF / Greenbrier Christian, VA / 2024

Another Greenbrier Christian arm that could make a nice 1-2 punch down the road with Norvell. Ultra projectable frame that is listed at 6-1, but very well may be taller than that. Long limbs with plenty of room to add strength. Normal effort delivery with a loose arm circle. Control over command right now with average feel for secondary. Fastball was up to 76 with some arm side run. This is a high ceiling arm that has a chance to make some big jumps as he adds some strength and bulk to the frame. 





Tyler Rowling SS / 2B / Paul VI, VA / 2024

Arguably the best infielder at the event, Rowling made the defensive portion look easy. Active feet on approach. Hands were soft and presented out front. Worked through the catch to a clean exchange and quick release from multiple arm slots. The arm strength was average, but more importantly he got it out quick and was accurate on all throws. The offensive side is not as advanced as the defensive side, but Rowling should be fine as he adds strength. There was rhythm in the swing and had balance throughout. Hands were set high and short to contact.





Jose Ruiz SS / 2B / Deep Creek, VA / 2024

Compact athletic frame at 5-foot-5. Ruiz had a solid all around day. Solid defensively up the middle with accuracy across the infield. At the plate he started open and upright with a really short path to contact. 82 mph exit velo per Trackman and had some pull side tendency to the swing. 




Garrison Wight 3B / RHP / Cape Henry , VA / 2024

Wight has a projectable 6-foot frame. Garrison posted the best infield velo of the day at 79 mph across the infield. He also showed strength at the plate. More present power to the pull side, but did not shy away from using the whole field. More line drive tendency to the back side of the field while lifting to the middle and pull. Posted a 85 mph exit velo per Trackman. 





Parker Wight LHP / 1B / Cape Henry, VA / 2024

Long athletic 6-2 frame with projection left. Wight worked with pace and intent on the mound. Had a bit of a glove tap during the delivery that seemed to be a timing mechanism for the hand break. Loose full arm circle and working out of a three-quarter slot with some arm speed. Arm speed never wained on the secondary pitches. Breaking ball had late depth and 12/6 shape while the fastball offered arm side run and late life getting up to 77 mph. Really like the ceiling for this left hander and has a chance to be a really good arm for Cape Henry Collegiate in the future.