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Preseason All-State East: Quick Hits

Jason Burton
PBR VA/DC Scouting Coordinator

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Saturday morning, over 70 players from all corners of DC and Virginia descended on Costal Sports Center in Norfolk, Virginia for the Preseason All-State East event. Today, our staff gives some quick-hitting notes on 14 players who really caught our eye on Saturday:

Jerry Barnes III C / 3B / First Colonial, VA / 2022

Physical frame that has added noticeable strength. Had a big day all the way around. Hands moved fluidly behind the plate, yet were visibly strong at the catch. Ability to turn borderline pitches into strikes with the actions. Strong arm on pops up to 82 mph and accurate in game thrower. At the plate the physicality transfers into contact. 102 mph exit velocity per Trackman with power potential to all fields. This is going to be a big riser and a catcher that can impact the game immediately on the defensive side.

Owen Pierce OF / RHP / Chantilly, VA / 2022

Arguably one of the better all around 2-way performances of the day. Strong back and shoulders with athleticism present. Displayed a high end run tool turning out an event best 6.68 laser 60. On the mound Pierce was up to 86 with a fastball that had life through the zone. At the plate he had one of the more complete rounds of the day. Hard loud contact spraying line drives from gap to gap. Really liked the athleticism that went along with the strong metrics posted by Pierce.

Matthew Phillips 1B / OF / Maury, VA / 2022

Another strong 2-way performer was Phillips. L/L 1B/LHP that showed power potential at the plate. Uphill path to the swing, hands had rhythm in the load, and showed balance throughout. On the mound the fastball was up to 85 and showed feel for a four pitch mix. It is a full loose arm circle on the backside and has some whip and arm speed through release. Really nice first look at Phillips.

Anthony Roszko RHP / 1B / Indian River, VA / 2022

Strong physical frame standing 6-foot-2 with raw power projection on the mound and at the plate. At the plate, open stance, explosive hips with balance after hip fire, slightly uphill straight path through the ball, strong at contact with extension through the ball, ball gets natural backspin off of contact, exit velocity was up to 97. On the mound, long loose quick arm action normal effort generates fastball that was 83-87, touching 89. High spin over 2500 rpm on his fastball. Curveball had sharp break at 66-69 and very high spin up to 2788 rpm. Impressive two-way players to follow.

Kenneth Schaedel OF / 3B / Cape Henry, VA / 2022

6-foot-3 frame with athleticism present and projection left. Impressive 6.9 laser 60 for Schaedel. His talent is evident all over the field. Arm strength across the infield and from the outfield. Lateral range and power at the plate that will allow him some positional versatility at corner infield, or corner outfield. Has physicality at the plate that will produce middle of the order power, but the swing offers some adjustability that will allow him to hit for average as well. Highest ranked uncommitted player in VA/DC 2022 rankings and it is very apparent why.

Yoon Chae SS / RHP / Cape Henry Collegiate, VA / 2023

Chae offers an all around skill set that few possess. Got on the mound and had advanced feel for three pitches. Ability to throw all three for strikes in any count. At the plate he works linear into the swing. Slight uphill path, keeps hands inside, and line drive tendency with doubles power. Chae may have been the best infielder there on Saturday. Moves well laterally, hands are soft, accurate arm across, and can throw from multiple slots with ease. Arm strength may have to move him to second base down the road, but he has the actions to stick at shortstop.

Johnny Sutryk SS / 2B / Landstown, VA / 2022

Sutryk has made some big strides since we last saw him. Very complete performance for the middle infielder out of Landstown. It is a balanced set up at the plate with hands set high and a shorter path to contact with a long finish. Would like to see him free the hands up more through contact, but shows some feel for barrel and strength in the swing. Flashed sneaky power to the pull side. Ran a 6.9 sixty and has the range and footspeed to stay up the middle.

Benjamin Blair RHP / SS / Liberty Christian Academy , VA / 2023

Long thin 6-foot-2 frame with a lot of projection left to it. Blair was an athletic mover on the mound. Got down the mound well. Long loose arm action working from a lower three-quarter arm slot. Feel for three pitches and both secondary pitches have a chance to be legitimate out pitches. High ceiling arm that has a chance to make a nice velo jump in the future with added strength.

Kaden Hilburger OF / RHP / Tabb, VA / 2022

Hilburger has an athletic frame with projection left to it. Potential two-way player, at the plate, explosive hips with good lower half balance, very short and quick to contact, hands stay inside, some whip in his bat. Swing is slightly uphill with line drive set-up in gaps and ability to really elevate and drive ball to pull side, strong contact point with extension through the ball, live exit was 95. Strong arm in the outfield where his position velocity was 92 while also running a 6.79. On the mound, three-quarters arm slot, shorter fast loose arm action, some effort to drop and drive delivery. Fastball was 85-87, change 74-75, and slider was 73-78 with hard sharp 10/4 break. A lot to like on both sides and a prospect who shouldn’t be available for much longer.

Ethan Blakeney OF / RHP / Bayside , VA / 2023

Blakeney has a lankier athletic frame with some strength present and a lot of projection left to it. Has some two-way potential as a prospect, on the mound, long loose three-quarters quick arm action, easier effort to delivery. Fastball was 82-84, touching 85. Showed feel for three offspeed pitches, curve and slider have different velos and distinctly different shapes, both pitches have sharp break and good armspeed. At the plate, good strong base to swing, hips have some explosion, short to ball with some strength at contact line drive swing generates some carry in the gaps, exit velocity was 90. Strong athletic package across the board, arm in the outfield was 90 while he also ran a 6.94.

Turner Fitzpatrick 2B / SS / Atlee, VA / 2022

Fitzpatrick has an athletic frame with some strength present now and still plenty of projection left to it. Open stance from the right side, good lower half balance, quick bat with a strong contact point and extension through the ball. Uphill finish will generate loft and carry, exit velocity was 96, power is present with still more potentially in the tank. Athleticism and some decent actions at short with some quickness in his arm action.

Dean Winters OF / LHP / Patriot, VA / 2023

Athletic frame and actions from the 2023 LHP/OF. Quick direct load at the plate with bat speed and barrel whip through the zone. Had some loud BP on the day, as well as being one of the more consistent arms on the mound. 



Jacob Smith 1B / 3B / Hickory, VA / 2022

Smith has a physical athletic frame with plenty of strength present and still some projection left. Has some rhythm with a leg kick stride and explosive hips with good balance. Swing is short and very quick, some whip in it. Slightly uphill line drive swing with a lot of strength at contact and plenty of power present, chance to hit for average and power to all fields, exit velocity was 98.

Matthew Drumgold OF / OF / Potomac, VA / 2022

Drumgold had a nice all-around day and has continued to develop into a good prospect. Athletic frame with strength present and projection still left to it. Hits from the left side, simple quiet set-up, keeps hands in and is very short to the ball, strength at the contact, slightly uphill line drive swing has some power present and more coming, exit velocity was 93. Showed some arm strength during the outfield workout as well as speed, posting a position velocity of 84 and 60 time of 6.98.