Underclass Trials: Preview

By Diego Solares
Staff Writer, Associate Scout

On Wednesday, June 23, the PBR Wisconsin staff will host the Underclass Trials, our first showcase of the summer in the Badger State and an annual staple on our calendar. This is an open event to all members of high school classes 2023-25, and will serve as an identifier for future invite-only events, like the PBR Future Games, among others.

For a closer look at the showcase details and the technologies we'll have on-site to assist our in-person evaluation for all in attendance, click here. For a complete look at those registered to attend this event, view the most up-to-date version of the roster by clicking here.

A handful of top prospects in their respective classes attended this same event last year, all of whom recently committed: LHP Matthew Mueller (Brookfield Central, 2022; Gonzaga), OF/RHP Deuce Musial III (Notre Dame Academy, 2023; Illinois State), and RHP Cole Selvig (Regis, 2023; Texas).

Several other ranked names in their respective grad classes attended this same event last year, in INF Jalen Gellings (Campbellsport, 2022), OF J.T. Kelenic (Catholic Memorial, 2023), and MIF Ethan Hindle (Arrowhead, 2023).

Jalen Gellings (3/21/21)

Perusing through this year’s roster, 1B/LHP Jackson Brewer (Homestead, 2024) and OF/RHP Sawyer Deering (Kimberly, 2025) are two names that standout.

Brewer cemented himself as an intriguing follow name in the state’s ‘24 class after showing well at our South Milwaukee Preseason I.D. in March and built off that momentum into the WIAA season, playing a key role for Homestead throughout the spring in his first season. Brewer is a projectable 6-foot-3, 185-pound left/left athlete with a clean left-handed stroke and upside on the mound.

Jackson Brewer (3/13/21)

Deering has made himself a staple name to us inside Wisconsin’s 2025 class as we start to familiarize ourselves more with the state’s incoming freshmen class. He’s an impressive 5-foot-9, 160-pound athlete that’s performed well at both our 13/14 and 15U tournaments at The Rock each of the last few weeks. Offensively, Deering swings a loose right-handed stroke with real feel for the barrel and he’s also been up to 82 mph on the mound with his fastball in our looks.

Sawyer Deering (3/13/21)


In an effort to continue and develop a simplified, contactless check-in process, upon arrival, players will scan a QR Code with their smart phone camera that will lead them to a Google Form. On that Form, players will enter their name (matching the spelling on their PBR profile) and hit submit. Upon submission, players will be prompted to click a link that will direct them to their jersey color and number, located next to their registered name. From there, players will be instructed to the area where they’ll pick up their designated jersey color and number.


Check-in Times:

+ All position players (including registered two-way player): 8:45 to 9 a.m.

+ Registered pitchers-only: 11:30 a.m.

+ Catchers will stay for both sessions.


+ Warm-up/stretch

 + 60-yard dash

+ Offensive Evaluation

+ Defensive Evaluation

+ Vizual Edge vision testing


+ Warm-up/stretch

+ Bullpen Evaluation

+ Catchers will also be evaluated while receiving during bullpens.


Click here to learn more about our tech partners that have enhanced our players showcase experience. Partners TrackMan, Blast Motion, Driveline, and Vizual Edge will enhance the players’ data collection both in-event and post-event. These technologies will assist our evaluation process, while providing players with insight on their own skills in addition to areas of improvement for the betterment of their abilities.