Prep Baseball Report

West Milwaukee Preseason ID: Quick Hits

By Wisconsin Staff

On Feb. 18, PBR Wisconsin hosted its latest event along the 2023 winter showcase circuit, the annual West Milwaukee Preseason ID at GRB STiKS Academy in Waukesha, Wis. Around 100 players made it out to this event, providing us with updated looks and a new list of prospects to follow in an area of Wisconsin that regularly produces some of the state’s top talent.

Today, we’ll be highlighting the players who stood out in Waukesha within this Quick Hits piece. Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue to break down the in-depth metrics measured at this event, with the help of our tech partners TrackMan, Blast Motion, Swift, and Vizual Edge.



+ SS Nolan Sandee (Nicolet, 2024) opened the eyes of our staff by showcasing a great deal of quick twitch and athleticism at the workout on Saturday. Standing a strong and well-proportioned 5-foot-9, 160 pounds, Sandee impressed both with the bat and on defense. Sandee’s short and compact left-handed swing features strong hands that generate bat speed which allowed him to drive balls to both gaps. He further impressed on defense where his first-step quickness allowed him to range far up the middle and deep in the six-hole. Sandee showed plenty of arm strength (87 mph) to indicate that he will be able to stick on the left side. In summary, our staff was thoroughly impressed with his bat, his athleticism, the actions in the infield and strong arm, and firmly solidified himself as one of the biggest winners of this winter so far.

+ RHP/OF Carsen Dulak (Germantown, 2024) was an intriguing two-way prospect at the workout on Saturday. The 6-foot, 200-pound right-handed hitter provided a quality round of BP. Dulak has a short and direct path with quick hands that produced a max exit velocity of 93.0 mph and an average EV of 85.1, and he showed the ability to hit line-drives to all fields; he recorded a max batted ball distance of 320 feet. From the outfield, he showed a quick arm that reached an 88 mph high to home, which was among the highest at the event. On the mound, his fastball sat 82-85 mph, T85.3 mph that is mostly straight with occasional sink. His curveball had an 11/5 shape that showed depth at times. His changeup looked to be his best offspeed with sinking actions and he showed the ability to locate it down in the zone. 

+ C/1B Parker Schwake (Wauwatosa West, 2024) is listed at a very physical, strong 6-foot-4, 215 pounds and he used his strength particularly well from the batter’s box where he took one the loudest round of batting practice of our winter circuit so far. From the right-handed batter’s box, Schwake averaged an exit speed of 96.7 mph and his hardest hit ball was recorded at 102.0 – both of which are the highest of our Preseason IDs so far. He was routinely on the barrel, too, which allowed him to bash one baseball after the other into his pull-side gap, the farthest of which traveled an estimated 398 feet. Behind the dish, he worked well around the plate and posted a catcher velocity of 74 mph and a low pop time of 2.14 seconds. Schwake’s athleticism is also underscored by a 7.07 time in the 60, which is impressive for a player of his stature. 

+ INF Mason Roell (West Bend East, 2024) is a lean 6-foot-2, 175-pound athlete with a smooth right-handed swing that resulted in some of the soundest quality of contact at this event. He produces above-average bat and hand speed that helped him average an exit speed of 88.2 mph (95.8 max), and his tall, but slight frame makes him a candidate to be a late-bloomer type should he add strength that will help him improve on an already impressive offensive profile. Roell was also a sure-handed infielder with athletic actions and fluid footwork, and he was 83 mph across the diamond on his throws to first. 

+ OF Issei Takahashi (Arrowhead, 2024) is listed at 5-foot-8, 175 pounds with a strong lower half. He opened the eyes of our staff at the event when Takahashi registered one of the highest exit velos of the day at 94 mph and hit one of the furthest balls at the event (348 feet). He impacts the balls so well using quick hands and a short direct path and has the ability to drive balls to both gaps. From the outfield, Takahashi has a quick release and an accurate arm with velocity in the low-80s. Takahashi is entering his junior year and proved why he will continue to be a name to watch in the state.


+ C Brady Johnson (St. Thomas More, 2024) showed well in Waukesha, listed at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds with a strong frame. From the right-handed box, Johnson showed a short and quick swing that produced a max exit velocity of 90.6 mph, at an average EV of 86.1, and he used the entire field well. Behind the plate, Johnson has quick feet and a smooth transfer. His quickness and arm strength pair well, which allowed him to reach a 79 mph high on his throws to second, producing a low pop time of 2.01, and both measurements led the showcase. 

+ RHP Parker Meifert (Greenfield, 2024) tossed one of the cleanest ‘pens of the day, showing the ability to pound the zone with four pitches, each with distinct characteristics. His fastball sat 85-86 mph (86.7 max), while pairing a cutter off it with short, lateral action. He boasts a well-above-average curveball that spins in the 2,400 rpm range and he also has a feel changeup that he locates well.

+ RHP Mason Sherman (Waukesha West, 2024) is a sturdy 6-foot-1, 185-pound junior who led all ‘24s with a max fastball velocity of 87.4 mph, sitting 85-87 throughout his ‘pen. The fastball runs hard, at times, to his arm-side and the breaking ball flashed above-average downer action. A straight changeup rounds out a three-pitch mix worth following throughout the year after Sherman’s PBR event debut in Waukesha last weekend.

+ C Bryce Duszak (Menasha, 2024) is a 6-foot-1, 200 pound athletic framed back stop who had an impressive showing behind the plate and with bat on Saturday. Defensively, Duszak showed off his arm with an event best 2.03 pop time and 82 mph velocity with carry through the bag. He folds well with soft hands during his receiving work and has established himself as a solid defensive performer. With the bat, Duszak his with a simple centered and quiet approach with quick hands with the ability to produce exit velocities in the low 90s (max 92.0 mph). 

+ OF Conner Des Lauries (Oconomowoc, 2024) is listed at a projectable 6-foot, 165 pounds. He started the event with a solid 7.25 s 60 showing athletic gait and quick burst. During hitting, Des Lauries sprayed line drives from an easy loose swing registering a max exit velo of 89 mph and a max distance of 301 feet. 

+ C Gavin Schiefer (Lake Country Lutheran, 2024) showed a strong frame with good proportions at 6-foot, 195-pounds. Schiefer has an open setup with relaxed hands. He has a direct bat bath with quick hands that stay long through the ball. His strength was able to produce one of the highest exit velocities of the day 95.2 mph (90.3 mph average), and one of the farthest batted balls on the day (336 feet). Behind the dish, he showed a strong arm that reached a max catcher velocity of 80 mph, an event best, and a low pop time of 2.09.

+ RHP/INF Devin Gentry-Komasa (West Bend East, 2024) was an intriguing two-way player at the event - listed at a strong 5-foot-11, 190-pounds. In his bullpen, his fastball flashed slight arm-side run and sat 81-82 mph (max 82.8 mph). He showed above average off-speed pitches with his slider showing short, lateral actions, and a changeup that showed sinking actions. On the offensive end, he showed off his quick hands and the ability to hit line drives to all fields. He recorded a max exit velocity of 93.8 mph and a max batted ball distance of 329 feet. In the infield he showed rhythmic footwork, and an accurate arm with throws that reached a max velocity across the diamond of 80 mph.

+ 3B/RHP Bradyn Nelson (Oconomowoc, 2024) is listed at a strong and sturdy 6-foot, 195 pound athlete who ran one of the top 60s at 7.13 seconds showing good burst and quick turnover. He hits from a wider base set with a slight crouch and relaxed hands. Nelson repeats a rhythmic swing with quality mechanics and showed off the ability to impact line drives with a middle pull approach and registered the fourth highest max exit velo of the day at 95.7 mph. Bradyn also showed an infield velocity of 83.0 mph indicating enough arm strength for the left side of the infield. 



+ The No. 3-ranked player in Wisconsin’s 2025 class is Louisville commit RHP Peter Kussow (Arrowhead, 2025), who continued to impress with what he showcased on the mound on Saturday. Kussow stands 6-foot-5, 195 pounds, with extra-long levers that he repeats well for his age and size, especially. He moves smoothly down the mound and, even with his long arm circle, he releases the ball consistently from a high ¾ window that makes for a steep entrance to and through the zone on a fastball that lived in the 88-89 mph range (89.5 max). He pairs the firm, heavy fastball with an out-pitch weapon, his slider. It’s an aggressive, go-to secondary that he showed excellent feel for, landing it in and beneath the zone regularly at 79-80 mph. It has sharp, late, downer action that spins right around the 2,700 rpm range on average, with a firm, fading changeup, 82-84 mph, as a fine third pitch in his mix. Kussow exemplified why he is one of the top arms in the entire Midwest, and he’s gaining even more momentum after this performance. 

+ LHP Ryan Brennecke (Oconomowoc, 2025) is a strong 6-foot-2, 190-pound sophomore southpaw who has impressed our staff on several occasions already, as a competitive strike-thrower with upside. He looked good again on Saturday, sitting 82-83 mph, with hard arm-side life that he locates well. The changeup is already an out-pitch, tunneling exceptionally well off his fastball with late fade that added to its deception. Brennecke also showed improved feel for a short breaking ball that should grow into a reliable third pitch for him. The feel three-pitch mix, above-average control for his age, and his left-handedness contribute to his status as a top-20-ranked with an arrow up still.

+ RHP Jack Welak (Catholic Memorial, 2025) is a top-40-ranked member of the state’s sophomore class. He stood out again last weekend, where the 5-foot-10, 160-pound athlete displayed a repeatable delivery and a loose arm showcasing the ability to drive balls through the zone with his tailing fastball at 82-83 mph. He also wields a slider with big lateral movement that he can land in the zone for strikes and expand for chase and swings and misses. Finally, Welak showed impressive feel for a fading changeup at quality arm speed to round out his three-pitch mix. He’s an interesting uncommitted follow to monitor this spring and summer.

+ RHP Zachary Kiffmeyer (Oshkosh North, 2025) has some physicality to his 6-foot-2, 200-pound stature, and he sat 82-83 mph (83.7 max) over the weekend as he continued to show as a follow member of the state’s sophomore class. His fastball has arm-side life and the changeup plays off it very well, with fade thrown aggressively that matches his arm slot/speed effectively. Kiffmeyer also flashed an improving slider that can become a useful weapon in his arsenal as he continues to develop.

+ RHP Sean Beug-Hoffman (Brookfield Central) became a follow at this event, as a physical 6-foot-3, 195-pound sophomore with broad shoulders. His fastball spins at an above-average rate for his age, and it projects to be a weapon on its own as he grows into more velocity. On Saturday, Beug-Hoffman sat 83-84 mph (84.6 max) and the four-seamer looks like a rise/run type with some hard arm-side action that also carried through the zone. His feel for spin is raw but intriguing, as his curveball flashed horizontal bite that spun at 2,540 rpm on average, which was the highest of the entire event.

+ RHP Owen Dobberstein (Pewaukee, 2025) is another physical follow right-hander to know in the state. He’s listed at 6-foot-2, 180 pounds, and he was up to 82.1 mph on a straight, heavy four-seamer. Dobberstein’s spin feel is evident, as his curveball has shown us some tight bite, both in this showcase setting and in-game, and it spun in the 2,300 rpm range on Saturday.


+ OF Nathan Schopf (Oak Creek, 2025) stands a strong and athletic 6-foot-1, 205 pounds. Schopf showed plenty of strength and athleticism during the event, maintaining his status as an explosive high-follow member of the state’s sophomore class. First, he is a quick-twitch runner for his age and size, recording a 7.07 time in the 60-yard dash. Next, during batting practice, Schopf displayed quick hands and the ability to impact the baseball with the second highest max exit velocity of the event, 98.9 mph. Schopf’s inherent strength resulted in an 82 mph high throw home from the outfield, where he’s getting more and more comfortable defensively. This was a good look at one of the state’s top-ranked position players in its 2025 class.

+ C Marek Bolson (Oconomowoc, 2025) performed well yet again in front of our staff over the weekend. Bolson stands at a particularly projectable 6-foot-1, 175 pounds, adding some strength over the offseason which should help him get into more powerful contact from the left side. Bolson’s sweet left-handed swing is athletic and effortless, that works off a natural incline that should be boosted by the strength he gains as he continues to mature and develop. While his offense is packed with potential, his defense is presently impressive. Bolson’s a soft-handed receiver with quick hands and feet that work athletically together, and his accurate arm helped him record pop times in the 2.06-2.13 range with upside 73 mph arm strength.

+ C Connor Harvie (Waterford Union, 2025) showed off why he is the No. 24-ranked sophomore in the state of Wisconsin on Saturday. Listed at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds, Harvie impressed both with the bat and behind the plate. At the plate, he displayed quick hands from a short, compact, balanced right-handed swing that drove baseballs to all fields, reaching a max exit velocity of 90.6 mph and a max distance of 311 feet. Behind the plate, Harvie showed smooth hands, quick feet, and the ability to turn the ball around with his best pop time of 2.05 seconds. Overall, Harvie further solidified himself as follow backstop in the state.

+ OF Gabriel Ciralsky (University School, 2025) showed some offseason gains over the weekend, adding strength to an already athletic 5-foot-10, 170-pound stature. His athleticism has long stood out, now a 7.02 runner with foot speed that plays even better on defense. Ciralsky’s strength was especially apparent inside the left-handed batter’s box, where he averaged an exit speed of 85.3 mph and a max of 92.2, both of which were substantial improvements from last summer.

+ C/OF PJ Hamel (Arrowhead, 2025) is listed at a projectable 6-foot-3, 180 pounds, with long levers. Hamel impressed our staff both at the plate and on defense. During BP, he showed a short and compact swing that can impact the ball to both gaps. He recorded a max exit velocity of 88.5 mph and a max batted ball distance of 309 feet. He impressed further in the outfield where he recorded one of the top outfield velocities at the event, at 85 mph, along with one of the top catcher velocities at the event (75 mph). Hamel displayed athleticism both behind the plate and in the outfield, diversifying his toolset and coming away as a player to check back in  on this spring and summer.

+ OF Yamato Takahashi (Arrowhead, 2025) stands at an athletic 5-foot-8, 165 pounds with a strong and sturdy upper and lower half. Takahashi ran a 7.18 60 yard dash and was quick to get to his top speed. He also showcased the ability to hit line drives to all fields with short compact hand path with exit velocities consistently in the upper 80s and a max distance of 319 feet. Takahashi is a polished baseball player and will be one to follow going into his sophomore season at Arrowhead. 

+ OF Brandon Morrissey (Beaver Dam, 2025) is listed at an athletic 5-foot-11, 195 pounds with strength throughout. Morrissey impressed with the bat at the event deploying a quick left handed stroke to register a max exit velocity of 90 mph and a max distance of 297 feet. He also showcased quality arm strength of 84 mph during outfield defense. The performance at the plate and on defense shows why he is the 39th ranked player in the state for the class of 2025 and one our staff will continue to have on our radar. 


+ RHP/INF Greyson Zach (Pewaukee, 2025) is the No. 2-ranked player in the state’s sophomore class, and possibly its most athletic. Zach gave our staff another impressive look this past Saturday in Waukesha. Listed at an athletic 6-foot-3, 205 pounds with strength throughout, he began the day by running a 6.93 in the 60-yard dash, an exceptional time for someone his size and age. He followed this up with an impressive bullpen where we saw his fastball hit an event-high 89.8 mph max. His fastball played with slight arm-side action and occasional sink. His curveball, 69-70 mph, varied between an 11/5 and 12/6 plane. And Zach rounded out his arsenal with a changeup that cuts from slight deceleration. Defensively, he showed clean and soft hands with athletic movements on the infield, paired with a quick arm that reached a high of 90 mph across, which was the highest of the event. In batting practice, Zach’s strength shows best in the batter’s box where balls jump from his right-handed barrel, from a middle to pull-side approach. He produces line-drive type of contact that averaged an exit speed of 91.8 mph, the second highest of the event, and a 95.7 max, also one of the highest of the day.

+ RHP/INF Eli Bryant (Beaver Dam, 2025) is listed at a long, athletic and projectable 6-foot-2, 180 pounds. Bryant impressed at the plate with a simple, repeatable swing driving balls to all fields with one of the top max exit velocities of the day (94.0 mph). During defense, Bryant showed quality middle infield actions with soft hands and plenty of arm strength (84 mph) to stick on the left side. He finished off his impressive day with a great showing on the mound, where it’s arguable that his future is brightest. He showcased an athletic delivery from a high ¾ slot with quick arm speed that produced a fastball that reached an 87.7 mph high. To go along with the projectable fastball, Bryant showed feel for a 11/5 shaped curveball located well to the bottom of the zone, developing feel for a slider and a fading changeup. Bryant further solidified himself as one of the top uncommitted sophomores in Wisconsin.

+ RHP/INF Graiden Liethen (Arrowhead, 2025) stands at 5-foot-11, 160 pounds, with room for strength to capably fill in an already athletic frame. He impressed on the mound with an athletic move through the delivery and clean repeatable arm action showing fastball velocity at 80-81 mph (81.9 max) . He also deploys a slider with 10/4 shape and the ability to repeat and execute in and out of the zone. Additionally, he executed multiple changeups with sinking action at the bottom giving him a three-pitch mix. As a position player, Liethen showcased a compact swing, and quality middle infield actions with a strong arm (80 mph) to make him valuable on both the mound and as a position player.

+ INF/RHP Dean Staudacher (Muskego, 2025) stands at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds, and he has an athletic frame with good proportions that shows quality projection. At the plate, Staudacher has a smooth and easy swing on a direct path to the baseball. He impressed defensively where he showed a quick first step and athleticism, and he’s also equipped with notable arm strength (87 mph) that was accurate to first base. His arm works differently on the mound, however, as a true submarine-type that leads to a heavy sinking fastball in the low-70s, and an effective changeup that matches that slot and pitch action well.

+ INF/RHP Charlie Slawinski (Brookfield East, 2025) currently sits as the No.28-ranked player in the state’s class of 2025. Standing at an athletic and projectable 6-foot, 170-pounds, Slawinski impressed this past weekend with his ability to drive the ball gap-to-gap. He used his quick hands to record a max exit velocity of 90.8 mph and a max batted ball distance of 324 feet. On the defensive end, he showed first-step quickness and athletic actions around the ball. This was paired with a quick and accurate arm that reached a top infield velocity of 86 mph. He showed well on the mound with his fastball sitting 82-83 mph, and topping out at 83.6 mph. He also showed a slider with 10/4 shape that flashed tight spin with late break, and a changeup thrown with late arm-side run.

+ INF Ben Shingledecker (New Berlin West, 2025) is listed at an athletic 5-foot-10, 170 pounds with more fill coming to his frame. He ran one of the fastest 60 yard dash times at 7.06 seconds showing quick burst and fast turnover. With the bat, Shingledecker showed off his hitterish hands with a short swing and showed the ability to impact the baseball to all fields. Shingledecker is a name our staff will watch going into the spring. 


+ OF Matthew O’Grady Jr.’s (Badger, 2026) in-game success and high-level athleticism earned him national recognition in 2022 where he thrived at the PBR Junior Future Games for Team Wisconsin, eventually landing a place on the initial national ‘26 rankings. He added significant strength in the offseason, listed at 5-foot-11, 165 pounds, with an impact run tool, as a sub-7.00 runner who reached a 19.9 mph top speed in the 60-yard dash – both elite for a freshman. Offensively, a right-handed hitter, O’Grady has a twitchy strength in his hands and wrists, and he laced multiple line-drives to both gaps during BP and his best batted ball traveled 353 feet, which was the second farthest of the showcase. The ease with which he runs, plays the outfield, equipped with arm strength (84 mph high), and gets to that same strength in the batter’s box keeps his future very bright as a member of the state’s blossoming 2026 class.

+ RHP/3B Tyson Grulkowski (Muskego, 2026) may have been one of the day’s biggest winners, regardless of class. Grulkowski stands a long, wiry, and projectable 6-foot-3, 190 pounds, and his athleticism produces a well-sequenced swing that produces easy bat speed that allows him to leverage balls to all fields efficiently. Additionally, Grulkowski is an impressive defender on the infield, where his athleticism blends in well and his footwork and arm strength (84 mph max) project to develop seamlessly into a third base profile. He was just as promising from the mound, too, where he reached an 83.2 mph high, which led all freshmen, and he spins it at a high rate that raises his ceiling even higher. The spin translates to the curve and slider, which both feature high spin rates and not just for his age, and the changeup is a promising point of development to watch as well. His performance in Waukesha allowed him to burst onto the scene as an instant follow member of the state’s 2026 class. 

+ LHP/INF Colton Semmelmann (Brookfield Central, 2026), listed at 5-foot-10, 145 pounds, provided our staff another interesting look this past weekend in Waukesha. On the mound, the freshman displayed a quick and loose arm on a fastball that reached an 80.1 mph high, featuring arm-side life. His curveball has 2/8 shape with depth and a sharpness to it, and his feel to spin is advanced for his age, generating rates that exceed 2,400 rpm. Semmelmann’s slider had a similar shape to the curve, and had a max spin rate of 2,302 rpm. To round out his four-pitch arsenal, Semmelmann’s changeup flashed cutter movement and he was able to find it in and around the zone. At the plate, he showed a free and easy swing from the left side.

+ RHP/3B Cail Geiger (Menomonee Falls, 2026) has landed on the scene following his performance at this first-ever PBR showcase. Geiger performed as a two-way, though he was especially interesting on the mound. He’s a strong 5-foot-11, 175-pound freshman with a broad build and his natural strength produced a fastball that reached a 83.1 mph high, spinning at over 2,300 rpm at times, which enhances its overall projection. The slider is firm and its short action looks capable of developing into a go-to offspeed pitch as well. Geiger also hit one of the farthest balls of the day (351 feet) as an additional way he showcased advanced strength.

+ RHP/3B Ben Jones (Mukwonago, 2026) is a freshman to monitor this spring and summer. Jones is strong for his age, listed at 6-foot-1, 220 pounds, and he produced a fastball that reached an 80.8 mph high at this event. Jones has a compact arm action and generates quick arm speed that helps his four-seamer project as a riding type that misses bats at the top of the zone. He has an above-average curveball that has an 11/5 shape that spun at a high of 2,185 rpm, which projects on its own. Jones also kills his changeup effectively, leading to sinking action. From the plate, he has quick hands and his strength led to a max exit velocity of 90.2 mph, and a max batted distance of 317 feet.

+ LHP/OF Tanner Buhlmann (Arrowhead, 2026) was another freshman from the event that jumped out to our staff. Listed at 5-foot-8, 140 pounds, the lefty is athletic and well-proportioned with strength coming as he matures. On the mound, he showed a loose and clean arm, and a fastball that sat 75-76 mph with run to the arm side. His slider showed lateral action with a 2/8 shape. When throwing his changeup, he maintained fastball arm speed and he was able to create fade to his arm side.

+ RHP Vincent Bitter (Brookfield Central, 2026) is another young arm to keep an eye on. He showed some of the better velocity on the day from the 2026 class, sitting 80-83 mph. As with many freshmen his secondary stuff is still developing, but shows enough present feel to put together a quality repertoire.

+ RHP/INF Noah Melby (Brookfield East, 2026) is a freshman to keep an eye on, listed at a projectable 6-foot-3, 180-pounds. He looked solid in his bullpen with a fastball that sat 79-80 mph (max 80.8 mph). He showed impressive off-speed pitches that featured a curveball with 11/5 shape and tight break that was consistently located down in the zone, and feel for his changeup that had fading actions. During the batting practice portion of the workout, Melby had a short swing that was quick to and through the ball, and he showed the ability to hit the ball to all fields. On the defensive end, he showed fluid hands and feet, and an accurate arm that topped out at 77 mph. 

+ 1B/RHP Ben Weber (Oconomowoc, 2026) is listed at a strong 6-foot-3, 210-pounds with more fill still coming. He features a narrow setup at the plate with quick hands and loft in his bat path that allows him to hit the ball to all fields. He recorded a max exit velocity of 90.5 mph and a max batted ball of 336 feet, both impressive numbers for a freshman. His bullpen featured a three-pitch arsenal. His fastball sat 77-79 mph with arm-side actions showing occasional sink. His slider and changeup are still developing pitches, but he showed promising feel of his off-speed in his bullpen.