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St. Francis SCP (HS) • CA
5-11 • 188LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Dub Dynasty


2022 National

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2022 State

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Delivery: Real max-effort delivery. Knee lift is straight up/down. In line at landing. Straight-downhill with shoulders. Closes up front side and flings it open. More rotational than linear with energy. Firms up front leg at landing.
Arm Action: RH. Compact arm circle that comes out of a 3/4 slot. Decent arm speed that accelerates early. Consistent arm speeds on all pitch types. Went 3 innings giving up a ton of weak contact. 2 runs 0 earned.
FB: T84, 79-82 mph. Worked it more up in the zone. Hitters had trouble getting on top of it. Lots of flyouts.
CB: 65-67 mph. Lower spin CB at around 1400 rpm. Slurvy break due to present HB break.
CH: 77-78 mph. Higher spin CH that was only about 100 RPMs less than FB. More of a straight change that dies late.


Positional Profile: OF/RHP

Body: 5-11, 194 lbs. Medium athletic build with a filled-out strong upper half. 

Hit: Loose low-hanging hands in stance. Uses a leg kick trigger as hands load back. Longer swing. Level path through the zone. Used the middle of the field throughout his round.

Power: 93mph max exit velo. 323ft max distance. Flashed some above-average bat speed with 71mph max. 

Defense: Aggressive actions. Attacks the ball with good momentum. Gets to release quickly. Whippy arm. Above-average arm strength from the outfield. ⅗ accurate.

Run: 7.29 laser timed 60.


Body: 5-foot-11, 194-pound physically mature frame.
Hit: (RHH) Began in a balanced stance with a quick load. Then uses a big leg kick trigger as his barrel tips towards the pitcher. Above average bat speed. Flatter bat path with a level finish, rotational swing.Pull side approach.
Power: 98 mph exit velocity. 3rd highest at the event. Max bat speed of 76 mph and max rotational acceleration of 19.4 gs shows a decent power ceiling.
Defense: (OF) Firm hands, choppy footwork, developing exchange. Capable. Fielded the ball to the side with developing movement laterally.
Arm: 83 mph outfield velocity. Loose arm action, occasional accuracy.
Speed: 7.41 (60-yard)

Pitching: Drop-and-drive delivery, max effort, ¾ arm angle, above average arm speed, loose arm action. Consistent balance point, downhill shoulders, lands soft, a clean finish.
FB: T84, 80-83 mph. Very consistent accuracy, running action, heavy movement.
CH: 74 mph. Arm side control, swing and miss action.
SL: 64-67 mph. Low in the zone command, hard action, sharp movement.


PBR Norcal Preseason All-State - Max FB 78, FB 75-77, CB 61-63
Standard body type with what appears to be some lower body strength/size gains at 5-foot-10, 161-pounds. Composed controlled delivery, slide and glide down the slope with on-line stride. Good stability at foot strike. Compact on the backside with a bit of an inverted elbow, eventually getting to a 3/4 slot. Aggressive back hip finish through release. Best two pitches were the curveball (10/5 shape w/occasional slight backing up action) and change-up (late fade), both thrown with confidence and feel. Control of fastball and consistency of release point with the fastball are areas to continue to work on, as is quieting the front side. Velocity has steadily crept up over the number of viewings we’ve had and there is more to come with adjustments.


7.75 60yd, 81 OF, 86 EV

5-10, 160 compact frame with added strength in chest and arms; still young and projectable frame. Balanced stance with high back elbow keeping hands just below back shoulder; quick load over back foot with quiet front side allowing hands to start to turn barrel behind him. Barrel turn allows hands to get on plane early working upwards through the zone; when he keeps the front shoulder on the baseball there better direction through the ball and ability to allow bat speed to play. Quick turns produce higher carry gap-to-gap and flashed consistent hard contact (86 EV). Utilizes his lower half staying connected to the ground as he moved through the baseball; arm is slingy from mid-3/4 slot allowing arm to produce low trajectory throws with bits of run to the bases (81 OF).


CCB World Series - long medium frame having more strength in his lower half. Compact 3/4 arm out with elbow showing clean swing and high front knee tuck; needs to work to control his hips more consistently down the mound, times where he gets over-rotational instead of driving down the mound. FB 75-79 life at the plate moving it to arm and gloveside flashing cut. Needs to control pitch better for long-term success.  SLD 61-63 short with late tilt; ability to bend hitters and pitch projects well. Velo held over back to back days and has a future on the mound with continued focus. 


PBR N CA Preseason All-State - Has grown since last view a few months ago, up to 5-foot-10 152-pounds, lean/lanky upper body with wide shoulders, is developing size/strength in lower body, still quite a ways from any sort of physical maturity which is a good thing, competed as a two-way player, on mound has calm delivery with easy knee lift and good timing of separation, tends to have elbow start the ball out of his glove bringing arm behind backside, good direction down the mound and lands with firm stride leg, gets to 3/4 release point, all holds up to last viewing notes, upper body was somewhat dominant in his delivery and a tad early to open up causing him to spin off after release, fastball was mostly up (T77) with tailing action, best pitches were curveball (62-64 mph) with good spin and two-plane break, feel of change-up (69-71 mph) was above average for age and has life at the plate. Chance to keep developing into a very solid pitcher in 2022 class.

Position Player - Long, medium frame with lean build showing growing strength and widening shoulders. Quick first step with good stride length (7.62 60-yd). Tall, balanced stance with low hands and elbow back; rocks into backside as hands pull back creating good stretch. Level swing that shows quickness and works best when getting most out of lower half; stayed in gaps with line drives and swing projects more as he continues to mature (75 exit velo). Young outfielder who attacks the ball well; can continue to improve his footwork and staying streamlined. Quick, whippy arm that shows well from mid-¾ slot; some run on ball due to arm slot but keeps it online to bases (77 MPH).


PBR Central Coast Open - 5-foot-9, 150-pounds, lean and lanky young body type, plenty of time to gain strength on his fame as he's just started his freshman year. Gets to 3/4 slot, clean easy arm action, quiet on the backside, takes elbow behind body a bit similar to Craig Kimbrel backside, can be a little softer out of his glove. His delivery starts with a wide side-step and early crunch at the peak of his delivery before going down hill with shorter stride. Good direction initially, good hips though can stay closed a bit longer, lower half works well with good stability. Utilizes a lot of rotational force and times where he will spin off the front side with some slight falling action to 1B line and finishes somewhat upright. Displayed some quality life on the fastball with occasional riding action (74-76 mph), curveball (59-62 mph) action was limited as he threw through the break a bit. Change-up was good and his best pitch, showed feel and got to best extension with that pitch (66-69 mph). Good freshman arm and delivery, one to follow in 2022 class on the mound.

Position - Ran a strong 60 yd dash for age group with 7.51 time. Offensively keeps low, even hands that get onto plane early. Showed quick bat speed (78 MPH exit velo) that creates loud contact while flashing pull-side power and line-drives with a pull approach. From the outfield showed a quick, compact arm that was whippy from a low slot (75 MPH). Throws had carry and put on spots where infielder could make plays. Talented young player with chance to develop as a two-way player.

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