Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hits: Central Coast Open

Ryan Ozella & Blaine Clemmens
Northern California Scouting

The Central Coast Open Showcase took place at Cabrillo College in Aptos (CA) and was open to players from 2019-2022 classes. The event featured 50 players, some of whom are highly ranked and rising, as well as some of the top uncommitted players in Northern California. The participants were put through a pro-style workout that saw them run the 60 yard dash, batting practice, and a defensive workout before the pitchers threw their bullpens to close out the event.

As part of our continuing coverage of the event we will continue to break down all the data, roll out stats, content, and videos from the event, but first here are some quick hits from what we saw at Cabrillo College.

NOTE: Be sure to click on the player profile to see full statistical breakdown. 

2020 CF/SS Michael Mugan (Monterey HS) - Started off the event running the fastest 60 time (6.75) then carried that momentum over to defensive drills showing off a well above average compact arm (84 mph) putting throws online with life to 3rd and Home. During BP the loud bat impressed as well with the ability to drive the gaps with ease while showing balance and barrel control to both sides of the field, with up to 93 mph exit speed. Elite athlete with elite tools and usability of the tools.

2019 SS Trevor Heyn (Pacific Grove HS) - Quality 60 showed athleticism in his length and stride which carried over to the defensive side of the ball where he showed excellent body control matched with his quick feet. His arm showed off very strong with quick actions and multiple angles regularly putting the ball online with life across the diamond. Offensively his quick hands created loft with regular barrel control spraying the ball all around the field. Body control, balance, strength, and tools.

2020 C/2B Keaton Bagade (Prospect HS-Saratoga) - Ran a quality 60 (7.48) and carried that athleticism behind the plate where he showed an above average arm that had a quick release and regularly put balls on the bag. His receiving/blocking skills were on display as well, with his athleticism allowing for quick recoveries from blocks and a strong glove hand available to help pitchers in the bullpen. Offensively he showed a quiet stance with quick hands and the compact stroke to hit line drives with a middle of the field approach.

2020 3B/RHP Chase Minor (El Capitan HS-Merced) - Showed athleticism while using his long stride during 60yd dash. That athleticism was also on display in the infield where he showed strong footwork matched with flexibility in getting his hips low and the ability to let his above average arm work from all types of angles. Offensively he put on a show during BP with an athletic stance that lets his quick hands drive through the ball while showing pop to the pull side gap. On mound up to 86 mph and also possesses good CB and feel of potentially plus change-up. Talented kid.

2020 SS/2B Luke Keaschall (Aptos HS) - Ran a quality 60 (7.28) and showed that athleticism in the infield where his quick feet kept him in good momentum through the ball. He showed a compact average arm with a quick release from average range at SS and showing some feel for playing the position. Offensively he used a toe tap timing to allow his quick hands to get the barrel turned and spray balls from gap-to-gap.

2019 OF/LHP Josiah Granados-Diaz (Aptos HS) - Ran a fast 60 (7.06) and then used same athleticism on defensive side of the ball where his quick, compact arm worked in time with his body producing online throws that had carry. Offensively he showed a compact swing direct to the ball with an oppo approach stinging clean line-drives. On the mound was up to 86 mph and showed a well-above average curveball that is usable vs LHH or RHH. Athleticism translated to the mound.

2019 OF/RHP Andru Holguin (Soledad HS) - Showed athleticism out the gate running one of the fastest 60’s (7.01). Offensively showed a small rock load to create momentum and allow his hands to backspin line drives into the gaps and middle of the field. Defensively showed off a strong arm that was quick and matched well with his body to create carry to bases. Good athlete looked comfortable no matter what he was doing, hitting, throwing, fielding, pitching. Not a big person, but he plays BIG.

2022 OF/RHP Nico Barrese (St. Francis HS-Mountain View) - Ran one of fastest 60’s (7.06) as a freshman and showed highly protectable bat during BP. At the plate he showed a strong weight transfer keeping his quick hands tight to the body. There’s some loft in the swing which projects more 2Bs as he matures and strengthens. From the outfield he showed an arm with longer actions and carry to the bases. On mound up to 78 repeatedly with secondary pitches that showed some promise.

2020 C/1B Joey Taddie (Leland HS-San Jose) - His size and strength jump out when first seeing him and it’s matched with athletic actions as he ran a 7.54 60 at 6-5, 225. Offensively he showed off his strength with a tight swing that produced loft and quick bat speed driving balls deep into the pull side gap. Behind the plate he showed off a compact and quick arm (2.0-2.07 pop times) regularly putting the ball on the bag with some life. He was smooth with the glove and showed athleticism in blocking and recovery.

2020 SS/2B Trevor Leon (St Francis HS-Mountain View) - Ran quick 60 (7.18) and took it to the field with defensive drills as he used his quick feet to show range to the glove side and the body control to readjust to the ball. His quick arm plays average, but also showed more when needed on different angles. At the plate he loads his body back with a foot lift that allows his hands to work in time and create a lofted swing driving the ball with leverage into his pullside gap.

2020 SS/2B Justin Deal (Monterey HS) - Ran a quality 60 (7.37) with athleticism that transferred to the defensive side of the ball. On the infield he showed excellent timing on ground balls while staying balanced and working through the ball with a solid glove before utilizing a quick release to throw from multiple angles. Offensively he used a quiet set up allowing his quick hands to work directly to the ball with line drives peppering the middle of the field.

2020 3B/INF Mario DeMera (St. Ignatius HS-San Francisco) - One of the fastest runners in the day (7.08). Offensively his balanced swing showed quick hands that flashed some pull side pop where he peppered the LCF gap. On defense he showed off a slightly above average arm that showed carry across the field from a quick release.  He plays a bit high with the chest, but has quality footwork that matched with his arm had him looking like a future 3B.

+ 2020 RHP Joey Schott (St. Francis HS- Mountain View) - Long and lean body, good looking frame on him. Flashed three pitches that all have a shot to be usable in a 3-pitch repertoire. Hint at future velocity was there as he was up to 84 mph, CB with 12/6 action and good tilt, arm speed and feel of the change-up.

+ 2022 RHP Zak Sullivan (Woodside HS) - Impressive freshman. Life on the fastball, flashed occasional feel of the curveball and change-up. Arm works really easily and given his body control and delivery, along with present day stuff, he looks capable of throwing hard someday and a chance to have two quality secondary pitches.

2022 OF/RHP Kai Price (Soquel HS) - Started the day with a strong 60 (7.51) and that same athletic ability transferred to all other facets of his game. Offensively he worked to get his low hands on plane early with a pull side focus driving balls into the gap and showing some projectable bat speed. In the outfield he showed a quick arm from a lower slot that had life on throws to his targets.


2019 C Logan Mullin (Newark Memorial HS) - Showed bat speed while driving balls gap to gap. Low pop-times (1.93-2.07) where he showed off a strong arm with snap throws on-line to 2nd base.

+ 2019 LHP Hunter Hanes (Pacific Grove HS) - Long/strong athletic body, sure looks the part and flashed talent that will have him followed in spring. Fastball up to 86 mph and there is more to come.

+ 2019 RHP Carson Hawkins (Vacaville HS) - Long and projectable body with some present day strength, feel of secondary pitches is above average and fastball hints at mid-80s by the spring.

2020 OF Creighton Kreshel (Valley Christian HS) - One of better 60 times of the day with 7.05, BP & exit speed station showed bat speed and a lively athletic swing, while his arm rates above average.

2021 1B Ben Singler (Sequoia HS) - One of most noticeable hitters due to the short stroke that produces plus bat speed and high level barrel awareness. Exit speed of 91 mph was impressive!



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