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Edward Hall
Edward Hall
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Edward Hall




McQuaid Jesuit (HS) • NY
6-3 • 190LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Diamond Pro 17U Showcase


2022 National

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Physical: 6-foot-3, 180 pounds;long, lean frame. runner in the 60.
Offensively: RHH. Open stance with some weight shifted on the back side, 45 degree angle in his bat; uses a large stride forward and hitches his hands down and back to create some rhythm. Quick actions from the lower half, turns on time and effectively with an uphill swing path with some ease in the swing, pulls the hands and whips the barrel through at the last second. Shot the ball well the other way, showed the ability to turn on the inside pitch and take it pull side; peak Trackman exit velocity of 91 MPH.
Defensively: Upright stand with arms down by his side, keeps some bend in the knees; Takes choppy steps to keep his feet underneath him and ensure he fields the ball on his glove side. Easy hands that field out in front and work through a clean transfer; short arm action that throws from a 3/4 slot with good downhill speed. OF - 84 MPH.
Pitching: Maintains a good tempo down the mound, gets to a balance point and fires from there. Long, swinging arm action that presented some looseness and speed when he got downhill. FB: Peak velo of 84 MPH, while sitting 81-84 MPH. Throws a FB that played well to both sides of the plate, could be thrown as an elevated 2 K pitch as well. Displayed a tall breaking ball that he was able to drop in the zone. SL: 69-71 MPH. The slider had a good glove side tilt and could be a great 2K pitch. CH: 71-72 MPH. The CH was a good change in speed from the FB and also flashed some great arm side fade when thrown on the right side of the plate.


Physical: Athletic / projectable 6-foot-3, 185-pound frame with feel for his body. 7.14 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH. Bent, open stance with the hands starting high next to the ear in the setup. Utilized a slow leg-hang stride to initiate a flat barrel path with weight shift into a stiff front side. Attacked the ball at the front of the plate with long levers delivering the bat head with intent towards impact. Worked the middle of the field mostly with hard line drives spraying it around to the tune of a 22% hard hit rate and 44% line drive rate during batting practice. Dealt damage when catching it just right on pitches out over the plate, liked to get the arms extended early / peak batted ball distance of 345 feet to LCF / top bat-exit velocity of 89 mph according to Trackman Baseball. Showed a feel for the hands in the box and the lower half was adjustable while hitting into a stiff front side. 

Defensively: The primary first baseman featured a solid feel around the bag with a low center of gravity and ability to range to the glove hand side. Medium-low setup on the approach while using a soft glove hand out in front to play through or give depending on the hop. Was able to get back to the back if need be on double play feeds with an accurate, high ¾ slot across the diamond. INF - 84 mph

Pitching: RHP - Starts from the left side of the rubber with a side rocker step, medium leg lift with repeatable actions through a moderately paced delivery, gets directional towards the target upon footstrike with medium posture on the land, high ¾ slot with quickness in the arm action (medium/full arm circle). FB ranged from 85-88 mph showing late life at the plate and an upwards of 2384 spin per Trackman Baseball. Mixed in a 68-70 mph breaker with 11/5 shape that kept hitters off balance, countered with a 69-72 mph CH featuring occasional arm-side fade off the plate for LHH. 


Physical: 6-foot-3, 180-pounds. Tall, Lean build.
Run: 7.53 runner in the 60.
Hit: RHH. Tall stance; even feet and shoulder width; slightly open; small leg lift into a smooth stride; tends to close himself off  Middle of the field to pull side; consistent contact; barreled up; high two-handed finish; level bat path.
Power: 86 MPH raw exit velocity. shows pop to pull side gap, good solid line drives.
Defense: Fields the baseball upright. Would like to see him get lower; good footwork around the bag; keeps the ball in front of him.
Arm: 3/4 arm slot; long arm swing; uses full body behind throw. INF - 83 MPH.

Pitching Delivery: Steady pace, Knee gets above the waist on leg lift before sitting in to back leg on stride out, Stays in line with shoulders; stays balanced through a repeatable release and follow through.
Arm Action: Long, fluid arm swing to a high 3/4 release.
FB: T85, 83-85 MPH. Downhill plane with arm side run; rides thro9ugh zone when elevated.
CB: 71-72 MPH. Tight break with 11-5 shape.
CH: 69-70 MPH. Slows down some; locates down with arm side fade.

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