Frankie Collora
Frankie Collora
Frankie Collora
Frankie Collora
Frankie Collora
Frankie Collora
Frankie Collora
Frankie Collora




Ward Melville (HS) • NY
6-1 • 175LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Titans


2020 National

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2020 State

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ENY ASG (September 15, 2018)

Projectable pitching frame at 6-foot, 160-pounds. Ran a 7.32 60 Yard Dash. Pitching - Athletic pitching delivery with balance and an aggressive finish. Repeatable direction towards target. Creates power from backside without collapsing or sinking too deep. Works out of a high 3/4 release point with clean, fluid arm action. Consistently gets extension out over his front leg. Kept FB down in the zone at 80-81 MPH and topped at 83 MPH. Also showed pitchability with tight CB at 68-69 MPH and CH with late fade at 73-75 MPH. Overall, quality 3-pitch mix with an advanced feel for pitching.

60 Yard Dash: 7.2
Exit Velocity:
Positional Arm:

Above average frame in terms of projection at 6-foot-0, 160-pounds with long limbs. Above average carry from the OF with 80 mph arm strength, with a solid use of his lower half. At the plate: Low hand set, open stride. mostly level barrel plane with 78 mph exit velo. Pitching - Lean body frame. Loose and fluid motion. Shows good lower half transfer and drive. Arm action is long with a high 3/4 arm slot. 77-81 FB velo with down movement and arm side run into right handed hitter. Mixes pitchess well to keep hitters off balance. CB sits 64-65mph. Big sweeping action on CB. Ability to mix in CH at 71-72mph. Moves side to side of plate keeping hitters honest. Getting hitters to roll over and pop up consistently. Tends to work backwards with offspeed. 

Preseason - Long Island (February 23, 2018)

 Frank is a 6-foot-0,150-pounds RHP/OF that ran a 4.52 home-to-first. Offensively: He hits in a crouched stance, uses a short stride and finishes with both hands on the bat with good extension and produced line drives with. Defensively: Charged the ball methodically in the outfield and made throws with 83 MPH velo. Pitching: He had a great showing on the mound. Worked with a great pace, had a clean delivery with a high leg kick, clean arm action and good finish, sat 80-83 MPH and worked down in the zone. Showed command of off-speed pitches, very deceptive change up at 71 MPH.

ENY All-Star Games (September 17, 2017)

Collara stands a lean athletic 6-foot-0, 150-pounds with frame to build on. He uses a slower tempo to his delivery, high knee lift, hands stay high before breaking has he drives towards home. He uses  a long and back towards 2B arm-action, front shoulder stays slightly open. Stride is on the power line, slightly short for his body size. Releases the ball from a power 3/4 slot, fastball sits 77-80 mph with arm-side run (has been up to 82 mph). Curveball sits upper 60's low 70's with 11/6 shape when he gets through the pitch, at times loose side-to-side spin. Overall, impressive next-level projectable arm with signs of more physical gains to come. Fun player to follow.

Long Island Top Prospect (January 16, 2017)

Collora is an impressive 2020 right-handed hitting first baseman/RHP. Checks in at 5-foot-11 and weighs 140 pounds, ran a 4.88 home to first. Offensively- Hits from a slightly opened wide base, both knees bent, with the hands starting below the back shoulder and bat nearly resting on the shoulder. Uses a shift of weight to the backside while the lead foot elevates, kicking back toe down to the ground, while the hands are loaded straight back staying on the edge of the back shoulder and barrel of the bat getting almost perpendicular to the ground with no wrap during the launch phase of the swing. Displayed pop from the pull side line to the center of the field, using a quick hands and a compact path to the ball. Recorded an exit velocity of 75 MPH on the day. Defensively- Showed fluid and athletic movements to the ball both on the ground and in the air. Fielded the ball in a strong position above the glove side getting the body into a quality athletic position to throw. Recorded an arm velocity of 77 MPH, with throws showing carry and life out of the hand. Pitching- Worked from the stretch, pivot foot center of the rubber while the hands come set in front of the right ear, for the duration of the event. Lifted the lead knee well above the waistline, showing good balance and a stable back leg, while the hands remained ear height during the gathered phase of the delivery. Stuck the landing with the lead toe slightly closed keeping the lead arm and front side tight with little to no horizontal movement. Slight recoil with finish. Fastball, thrown from a high  arm slot, topped out at 77 MPH showing extreme arm side run and heaviness as well as late life. Demonstrated the ability to locate it to both sides of the plate. Change up with some late sink that drops off the table. Breaking ball has some late lateral action (65-66 MPH), as it sharpens this will become a very good secondary offering.

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