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Vestal (HS) • NY
5' 11" • 167LBS
R/R • 23yr 7mo
Travel Team: Southern Tier Sluggers/Post 89 American Legion


2018 National

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2018 State

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July 2018 

Athletic build with good footwork. Offensively sets up square to the pitcher in a balance athletic stance. Quick hands through the zone with upward lift barrel action. Ability to drive the ball to the gaps and runs well with long strides. Very athletic, talented player with a high ceiling.

May 2018
In 3 games of work at shortstop, Dando (R/R) was 3 for 7, 2B, 2 R, 2 RBI, 1 BB, 1 HP, and 2 SAC flies. Batting in the 3 spot, the 5-foot-11 160 pound Dando accounted for both of Vestal’s RBIs with SAC flies against tough Union Endicott pitching.  
May 2018
The 5-foot-11 160 pound shortstop remained hot at the plate from week to week.  In 5 games of work at shortstop, Dando was 11 for 20, 1 3B, 6 R, 6 RBI, and 1 K.  At SS, Dando (R/R) continues to play solid defense maintains .970 fielding percentage.
April 2018
The 5-foot-11 160 pound shortstop is off to a quick start for Vestal. Over 3 games he is 3 for 6 with 3 BB, 2 R, 2 RBI.  At SS, Dando (R/R) maintains a perfect 1.000 FPCT in 11 chances with two leaping catches on line drives and a nice play in the hole with a diving stop, quick transfer, and a throw to second from one knee for the force out against Seton Catholic Central.
Downstate Unsigned Senior Games (October 21, 2017)
Dando stands in at 5-foot-11, 167-pounds. Ran a 7.63 – 60. Offensively- Fluid swing with collegiate potential. Pre-pitch trigger sets up a level barrel path swing that demonstrates line drive ability up the middle and to the pull side. Utilizes the whole body well throughout the swing. Recorded an exit velocity of 84 MPH, tying his previous best mark set in 2017. Defensively- Smooth approach and footwork to the baseball. Funnels the ball into the chest well with a quick transition to the throwing position. Good footwork on throws across the diamond with accuracy. Recorded a positional arm velocity of 74 MPH.
Last Chance Preview (October 14, 2017)
Dando stands in at 5-foot-11, 167-pounds. Ran a 7.60 – 60. Offensively- Smooth trigger getting body set prior to pitch. Utilizes good lower body rotation getting whole frame involved in the swing. Shows an upward lift barrel path with potential gap to gap power. Recorded an exit velocity of 81 MPH, 3 MPH shy of his previous best set in 2017. Defensively- Shows good footwork and approach to the baseball. Smooth funnel into the chest with a quick transition to the throwing hand. Moves well left/right and was accurate on throws. Recorded a positional arm velocity of 76 MPH.
NY Games (June 25-27, 2017)
Solidly built shortstop at 5-foot-11, 174 pounds, ran a 7.58/60. Offensively - uses inner knee rotation out of a nearly upright stance for an exit velocity of 82 MPH, repeatable motion, level bat path through the zone with full extension, consistent barrel contact, gamer that has gap-power. Defensively - Clean and balanced footwork, economic use of movement, sure hands, smooth transfer, infield velocity of 72 MPH.
Southern Tier Sluggers Workout

Dando, 2018 right-handed hitting middle infielder, stands at 5-foot-11 and weighs 174 pounds, ran a 7.47 60, but has been as quick as 6.97 at previous events.  Offensively- Starts with an upright narrow open base with the hands above the back shoulder and the barrel of the bat moving between a parallel and 45-degree position during the pre-pitch phase. Gets into the launch position with a slight lift of the lead foot, with some moderate stride towards the pitcher getting the lead foot closed as the hands are loaded straight back slightly outside the back shoulder with the barrel of the bat getting greater than 45-degrees with some wrap towards the pitcher. Showed quick hands and an ability to keep the sequence of th swing consistent, with the hands staying back behind the rotation of the hips. Drove the ball with good authority from the pull side gap to the opposite field gap. Recorded an exit velocity of 84 MPH, (+3 MPH from the summer) a personal best. Defensively-  Uses a two-step pre-pitch routine to get the body moving. Approaches the ball with controlled athletic and fluid movements. Fields the ball from the center to left of the body hands out in front. Transfers the ball from the waist, thumbs down, but will have a tendency to double tap allowing the feet and throwing arm to get slightly out of sync. Throws showed good accuracy as well as carry while registering an arm velocity of 74 MPH, but has been as 77 MPH at previous events. 
New York Games (June 27-29, 2016)
Dando checks in at an athletic 5-foot-10; 160 pound infielder.  He ran a 7.50 60 but has consistently been in the low 7’s; 6.97 being his best.  Offensively-   Dando starts in a slightly open stance with good balance; uses a short take back maintaining barrel angle. Weight slides forward slightly; rotational approach from the middle of the body. Enhanced lower half effort will allow the hands to free up. Line drive approach; extra base potential (well hit RBI Double in Game 1 down the LF line). Exit Velocity at 81 MPH, within range of his personal best of 83 MPH. Overall approach may border on tentative; more aggressive approach earlier in the counts will help in game play. Defensively- Dando worked out at SS but he’s appeared almost everywhere in the infield with some LF as well over past PBR events. Projects best in the 2B/3B/LF mold. Controlled prep steps to the ball; steady with the glove; accurate arm. Improvement in first step quickness and lateral actions will be necessary to stay up the middle. Arm strength at 70 MPH.
Preseason All-State (February 28, 2016)
 Dando stands an athletic 5-foot-10, 160-pounds with good tools across the board for a 2018 middle guy. Offensively- Sets up slightly open and strides back to line. Up top gets good separation and tilt with the bat creating explosive bat path through the zone. Dando gets great use of his lower half and never gets cheated on his cuts. With an 83-mph exit velocity and fast hands, there's more power to come from the sophomore. Defensively- Approached the ball under control and funneled the ball to the center. Uses a slightly above 3/4 slot and had 77-mph arm across the diamond. Ran a 7.45 60-yard dash and a 4.4 down the line.  
Eastern NY All-Star Game (September 13, 2015)
Stands at 5-foot-10, 145 pounds, with an athletic body build. Exit Velocity up to 80MPH as he shown a steady increase this past year. Defensively - In the infield, he has a good approach through the ball, glove out-in-front and open, throws with a high 3/4 arm action, plays through the ball, shows some lateral range. Would like to see his feet become more set into fielding position to help better his redirect into his throwing.   Offensively - At the plate his setup is relaxed and balanced, short leg kick stride, with a smooth back load.  Compact short path, upward tilt plane with good extension through the ball.
Futures Games (July 7-9, 2015) 
Our second look at Dando allowed for us to see his versatility. An athletically built 2018 grad who improved his 60 time to a sub 7.0 number (6.97 from a 7.13). Offensively: Owen features a controlled load of his hands with a short stride forward that can occasionally draw his weight forward prematurely. When staying back he gets aggressive hip rotation and keeps the barrel slightly above the ball into the zone. High finish with functional weight transfer. Flashed some pop to the pull side gap. Stroked two doubles in Futures Game #1. Defensively: Owen is best suited at 2B at this point but will run well enough to possibly be moved to an outfield position if need be. Moves well to his glove side, gathers himself and showed an accurate arm (as evidence by a full layout during games). Continued improvement in the arm strength department could open some additional left side opportunities. Pitching: Another aspect of Owen's game is that he is a strike thrower. Clean delivery that features a compact balance point with center chest hand position. Strides slightly open to the 1B side but maintains some front side closure with front foot angle. Could benefit from a firmer front side to create a better down hill angle. Arm path is clean and comes through at 3/4 slot. Additional velocity gains (presently upper 60's to low 70's) will be beneficial but has a firm foundation to work from. 
Futures Showcase (February 28, 2015) 
 Dando stands an athletic 5-foot-10, 140-pounds.  With wide shoulders and room for growth.  Overall Owen showed above average speed, and strength with the bat. Offensively: At the plate he starts slightly open but gets back to even with load. Hands stay just below shoulder height.  Keeps hands inside the ball, but tends to pull off at contact making him lose some extension.  Above average bat speed, makes the ball explode off his bat.  Showed above average exit velocity (77mph).  Bat stays level with slight lift through contact.  Power sure to come when he fills out. Defensively: Dando reacts quick to the ball, evidenced by his 7.13 60yd dash time. Should work on circling the ball, and moving through it.  Receives the ball slightly out in front, clean quick exchange to high 3/4 arm slot.  Topped at 68mph from the hole on a backhand.  Velocity should increase with strength, and better footwork. Pitching: Owen starts with his hands chest high.  Uses a slot rocker step to a waist high leg lift.  Used tall and fall method from the windup.  Used the quick step from the stretch, slightly breaking down his back leg.  Throws from a smooth but quick high 3/4 arm slot.  Extends well ahead of his front side, arm passes easily through glove side.  departs the rubber clean with minimal drag.  Good command of three pitches.  FB-68, CB-57, CH-61.

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