Tyler Sausville
Tyler Sausville
Tyler Sausville
Tyler Sausville
Tyler Sausville




Colonie (HS) • NY
5-7 • 150LBS • L/L
Travel Team: Colonie Raiders


2022 National

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Physical: 5-foot-7, 150 pounds; athletic frame. 7.29 runner in the 60.
Offensively: LHH. Wide feet with weight shifted on his back foot with a bat rested on his back shoulder; moves the hands back to the catcher and shifts almost all of his weight on his back leg. Very aggressive actions in the lower half, back foot comes off the ground through the swing with Very slight uphill bat path, a lot of aggression in the swing with good rotation in the torso. Pulled the ball to the right side of the field, through his aggressive swing he can produce good pop; peak Trackman exit velocity of 86 MPH.
Defensively: Upright stance with some bend in the knees; Tracks the ball well, field off glove side foot. Hands are easy, fields on glove side and works into crowhop; loose, whippy arm action from a low 3/4 slot with good arm speed. pop times. C - 88 MPH.
Pitching: Works with quick tempo down the mound, throws off a firm front leg. Straight take back out of the glove with a very low 3/4 slot. FB: Peak velo of 85 MPH, while sitting 83-85 MPH. Displays a FB with good life that played with some ASR. CB: 66-69 MPH. Throws a sharp CB with swing and miss potential. SL: 69-70 MPH. Throws a slider that has good movement and tunnels well off his other pitches.


Physical: Lean and athletic 5-foot-7, 150-pound frame with room to continue adding strength / advanced feel for his body at the moment showing twitch in the movements. 7.18 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: LHH. Balanced, slightly open stance with a slight bend in the knees as the hands started idle on the shoulder. Loose setup allowed for a minor move behind the shoulder coupled with a knee knock stride to initiate an efficient, slightly uphill barrel path into the hitting zone. Was repeatedly on time and loved to get the hands out in front of the ball, had no issues getting through towards extension / advanced feel for the barrel in the box. Was able to stay athletic and adjustable in the lower half throughout the swing, matched plane early and often / could stay back and handle offspeed pitches in the zone. Tough out at the plate and demonstrated as much in game action, not only found hard barrels but took his walks as well showing discipline. Recorded a peak bat-exit velocity of 88 mph per Trackman Baseball and a 23.10 mph top hand speed according to Blast Motion. 

Defensively: The primary outfielder featured twitchy actions with a quick first step / low center of gravity during defensive evaluations. Good direction on routes flashing decisiveness early on, could drop step and go get it or play downhill through the baseball with momentum towards the target, fielded off of the right foot with quality catch and throw skills out of a high ¾ slot, quick arm action. OF - 83 mph

Pitching: LHP - Side rocker step with quick pace throughout the delivery, medium leg lift with solid direction towards the plate, lands with tall posture and doesn’t quite get over the front side enough at times, uses a lot of arm out of a high ¾ slot. Can mix slots at will, running an 82-84 T85 mph FB in on LHH with an upwards of 2438 spin, tough to time up in the box. Mixed in a slow breaking 67-69 mph CB with 1/7 shape and depth, countered with a 65-66 mph SL with more horizontal plane. Commanded a 66-67 mph CH appearing mostly flat but possessed occasional arm side fade.


Physical: 5-foot-6, 145 pounds; lean, athletic build. 7.21 runner in the 60.

 Offensively: LHH. Upright, with feet wide and slightly open while bat rests on shoulder; gains ground with a leg hang and stride while hands load straight back . Aggressive lower half hitting into a stiff front side with Quick into the zone with a rotational acceleration of 30, on plane efficiency is 64% with plus bat speed of 75.5 MPH.  Consistent, hard line drive contact with present juice to the pull side; peak Trackman exit velocity of 91 MPH.

 Defensively: Walks into ready position; quick first step with athletic footwork covering ground . fields the ball on glove side with a seamless transfer; short arm action on strong, accurate throws.   OF - 88 MPH.

 Pitching: Works uptempo with a leg lift above the waist before driving out in line with the glove arm staying closed until foot strike and the accelerates through release. short take away to a low 3/4 release (averages 2 feet on release side). FB: T 85 MPH, 83-84 MPH. Fills it up with life and arm side run through the zone averaging 2239 RPM on spin, 17.9 inches of vertical movement and 15.9 inches of arm side run. CB: 64-65 MPH. Sharp, 2 plane curve with 1-7 shape averaging 6.8 inches of vertical drop and 11.5 inches of horizontal movement. CH: 66-67 MPH.


Physical: 5-foot-6, 145-pounds. Compact, athletic frame; 4.32 home-to-1B.
Offensively: LHH. Tall, relaxed stance with a slight bend in the knees, bat rests on back shoulder, hands work back on load along with a very small stride for timing Generates loft with an uphill swing plane, hands get to and through the hitting zone quickly, strong, two-handed finish. Hard contact to all fields, pull-side power potential. 88 MPH raw exit velocity.
Defensively: Small, choppy steps on approach, fields the ball well outside his glove foot, uses a crow hop to get rid of the ball quickly. Short arm swing with a 3/4 slot; OF - 85 MPH.
Pitching: Works with a steady pace; leg lift above the waist, sits in back leg while glove arm reaches across keeping shoulder closed on stride out before accelerating through a repeatable release and balanced follow through. Hand comes back out of the glove to a neutral slot before getting to a clean 3/4 release.
FB: T83, 82-83 MPH. Arm side run with life through the zone.
CB: 66-69 MPH. Sharp 1-7 break.
SL: 66-66 MPH. Tight slurve action.
CH: 67-68 MPH. Maintains arm speed with late fade.


Offensively- the left handed hitter stands in the box in a tall stance with feet shoulder width apart. Short simple load actions. Quick direct path to the baseball. Displayed hard consistent contact in the gaps during the batting practice session. Defensively- Sausville displayed active footwork in the outfield. Stays under control when approaching the baseball. Smooth exchange and gets rid of the ball quickly from a high ¾ arm slot. Pitching-the left handed pitcher displayed a repeatable delivery. Sausville works with tempo, mainly on the third base side of the rubber. Works off a high knee lift and smooth hand separation before working downhill. FB has late arm side run and peaked at 79 MPH. CB has a tight early spin ranging from 58-60 MPH. 

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