Andrew Hart
Andrew Hart
Andrew Hart
Andrew Hart




North Allegheny (HS) • PA
6-2 • 195LBS • R/R
Travel Team: US Elite 17u National
2023 National

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2023 State

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Physical: Strong, efficient 6-foot-2, 195lb build. 6.98 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: RHH - Tall, balanced stance just inside shoulder-width with a slight bend in the knees. Utilized a toe-tap stride while maintaining posture, to initiate the swing through a flat path towards a balanced two-handed finish. One of the more strikingly consistent rounds, posting a T103 mph bat-exit velocity and also 95 mph AVG. Went 411 feet for his furthest swing, pacing the leaderboards at the event. Plenty of burst available and gets short-to-long perfectly on time. 

Defensively: The body might suggest a move to third base down the road, but the shortstop can certainly handle himself at the 6 position. Beat the ball to the spot with multiple routes on the approach. Up-tempo footwork and made the play on the run effortlessly from lower ¾. Reached back for an 88 mph best across the diamond from a power H ¾ release.

Pitching: RHP - Quality pace in the delivery and offsets the front side shoulder upwards to pull down with aggression into footstrike. Clean arm-action that repeated well towards the glove, landing an 86-88 mph FB with late, consistent run. Mixed a shorter upper-60’s curveball with lots of feel, recording an 80% zone rate and countered with a 71-73 mph straight-CH, killing spin at times.


Physical: Thicker, athletic 6-foot-1, 190lb frame with strength that carries. 7.21 runner in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: RHH - Even, shoulder-width stance slightly favoring the backside. Utilized a higher hands start and leg lift, initiating the bat through a slightly uphill, quick path with bat speed into the zone. Posted good rotational scores, exploding on the inner half for eye popping numbers. Lifted the ball for home run juice to the pull-side, staying consistently short into an efficient swing that transferred over to game action. Worked up to a T99 mph bat-exit velocity (via Trackman) at his peak while delivering the top hand to all quadrants; hit into a stiff front side with good sequence. 

Defensively: The shortstop moved with direct, attacking footwork after a ready “prep step,” gaining ground on the ball with a soft glove hand. Funneled inward to the chest, separating and releasing with moderate, easy intent across the diamond (H ¾ slot, 77 mph arm).

Pitching: RHP - The righty started off the middle of the rubber; good balance down the slope after finding a comfortable stack position at waist height; generated easy strength at a H ¾ tunnel, pounding the zone with an 86-88 mph FB (T2283rpms). Mixed in a sharper 71-73 mph CB with depth and turned to a more lateral 72-75 mph SL across the plate. A 78-80 mph CH offered a solid fourth pitch with short fade.


Physical: Strong/very athletic 6-foot-1, 190lb frame with projection left in the build. 6.90 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH - Loud performance in all phases, starting from a balanced stance at shoulder-width using high hands and a slight bend into the backside. Initiated through a lightning quick, powerful slightly uphill path accelerating at the front of the plate for big time pull-side damage when thrown out over the plate. Hit into a stiff/adjustable front side allowing for good blockage and sequencing throughout the swing; added a T102 mph bat-exit velocity via Trackman and worked up to a 377 foot batted ball distance on his best swing of the day. A 73% hard hit rate points towards consistency and suggests “high follow” status moving forward with the offensive skills leading the way; easy middle of the order consideration. 

Defensively: The primary shortstop generated powerful, strong downhill steps gaining ground on the ball with a soft/smooth glove hand that funneled inward. Always kept the feet moving and approached at good angles to hold momentum to the target. Released with stretch and good extension on the front side from H ¾, carrying the ball across the diamond at 88 mph. 

Pitching: RHP - Flashed two-way abilities beginning off the middle of the rubber with solid pace to the delivery. Got stacked at an even position, driving connected down the slope with athleticism allowing for easy life out of a H ¾ slot (FB ranged 86-88 mph, 2458rpms max, 52% zone rate). Mixed a gradual downer 67-69 mph CB (1940rpms) with 11/5 shape and future swing/miss potential, countering with a power 76-78 mph CH thrown with good tunnel out of similar FB release. 


Physical: Holds weight well in a lengthy and uber-athletic 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame. Leveraged strength in the movements in all phases; 7.04 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH - Tall, upright setup out of an open stance as the hands showed bouncing rhythm off the shoulder pre-load. Flashed a barrel-tip on time with a controlled toe-tap stride allowing the bat head to initiate through an extremely efficient, flat barrel path with ability to manipulate it based on the quadrant he’s pitched into. Above-average hitter in all categories (bat speed, bat to ball skills, power, maturity) and is going to be a nightmare throughout his high school career. Up to a peak of 101 mph bat-exit velocity with EASY swings in the batters box, generated a 73% hard hit rate (batted balls over 90 mph) per Trackman Baseball. Looking at the hand and bat speed measurables, which both rank in the top 1% for his age, (27.9 mph, 82.4 mph) you can see how special the North Allegheny product could be down the line. 

Defensively: The primary shortstop flashed advanced defender qualities with a consistent, sub 4.15 pace across the diamond. Great posture and really worked hard early in the route to create angles towards the target. Got downhill with above-average feel for the transfer allowing for effortless plays on the run. Special athlete in the middle of the field and an 86 mph arm strength across the diamond. 

Pitching: RHP - Up-tempo pace in the delivery from the middle of the rubber, traditional windup with a medium leg lift to belt height featuring slight hip-coil. Good outward move towards the plate with noticeable balance at footstrike, finishes over the front side with solid extension. Lower leg lift from the stretch still getting good drive from a more shallow position. H ¾ slot gave way to 82-84, T85 mph FB’s with consistent command in the zone (67% zone rate) and mixed a two-plane breaker (60-61 mph) with occasional slurve tendencies. Killed spin on the CH-piece, hitting the brakes halfway towards the plate.


Physical: Strong and athletic, 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame with advanced feel for his body in all phases of the game. 7.13 runner in the 60-yard dash. Offensively: RHH. Balanced, even stance at shoulder width while the barrel began flat with rhythm over the shoulder preload. Utilized a toe tap variation as the timing mechanism (toe drag stride) in order to connect to the ground and jolt the hands into the hitting zone through a fluid, slightly uphill path with noticeable bat speed. Mature approach with impressive lower half drive and rotational power in the box, short time to contact as well with a standout 24.60 mph maximum hand speed according to Blast Motion. The righty can make later decisions on ball flight at the plate and did extreme damage at the front of the plate generating mostly hard, pull-side contact during batting practice. Recorded a peak bat-exit velocity of 99 mph per Trackman Baseball while hitting into a stiff front side / 50% hard hit rate was the tops at the event. Defensively: The primary shortstop moved fluidly from the left side of the diamond during defensive evaluations with a soft glove hand playing out in front. Held a low posture in the movements in any direction with increased range to the glove hand side. Can pick it in the middle with feel for the hands and gets it over to first base at an above average pace. Projects as a quality defender moving forward and his advanced arm strength with accuracy to it only helps the case, high ¾ slot on throws towards first base. INF - 85 mph

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