Prep Baseball Report

On Deck Preview: Preseason All State-Pittsburgh

Andrew Kowalo
Director of Baseball

From now until mid February we will be highlighting players that will be back in front of our our eyes this preseason. Today we take a look at:

Noah Czajkowski RHP / OF / Norwin, PA / 2022

What to expect:
 Noah has really attracted our attention heading into this pre-season. At 6'1 185 lbs he is able to range his fastball anywhere from 83-85 mph to go along with an average spin rate over 2200. He showed even more potential on the mound with a max spin rate of 2440 at the 2020 Pa State Games. This allows his fastball to play quicker and give hitters fits. Look for him to maintain his impressive spin rate and jump a few mph this February.

What we'd like to see: Everyone knows that a good pitcher has the ability to throw multiple pitches for strikes. For Noah that needs to be his next step in the pitch development process. His breaking ball has flashes of being very good and if he can find a way to land that pitch consistently, he will be a force to be reckoned with.


Andrew Hart SS / RHP / North Allegheny, PA / 2023

What to expect:
 Andrew is a 6'1 185 SS/RHP from North Allegheny High School. On the mound we have seen him 82-86 with an avg spin rate over 2200. On top of that he posted a 99 mph exit velo in October of 2020. There is obvious power and explosiveness in his game not only on the mound, but also at the plate.

What we'd like to see: With all of the raw power that Andrew displays, the next step in his game is to harness in that power and create more consistency. Being an efficient player will help with his longevity throughout his career. We are very excited to see how much of a jump this young '23 will make in 2021.


Andrew Marcello OF / Central Catholic, PA / 2022

What to expect:
 Andrew is an ultra athletic ball player in many ways. Not only is he a 6.6 runner, he has been up to 85 from the outfield. At the plate he displays a simple approach, allowing him to consistently barrel up the ball. His speed on the base paths and ability to keep the game simple will prove to be very beneficial going forward.

What we'd like to see: The old adage "speed never slumps" comes in to play when talking about Andrew. At the same time, no one can ever be too fast or too strong. If he can put on some size and maintain / improve his speed, he has all the makings to make a splash at the next level. We look to see the 60 time improve and also improve his power numbers at the plate.


Ryan Hood RHP / Derry Area, PA / 2022

What to expect:
  Ryan stands at 6'4 210lbs and with that frame we project him to make a jump in velo this pre-season. With the body he has and an already impressive arm at 84-86 on his fastball, there is a lot more in his tank. To pair with his fastball, Ryan spins a breaking ball in around 70 mph with over 2700 spin rate. Some eye catching numbers coming from the righty.

What we'd like to see: As mentioned above, Ryan possesses all the physical factors that it takes to be big time. With all of that praise, there are still strides he must take if he wants to compete at a high level. By making a few minor adjustments to his lower half explosiveness and efficiency he could make that jump which will grab the attention of coaches everywhere.

Devan Zirwas OF / LHP / West Allegheny , PA / 2022

What to expect:
 Devan is a very physical ball player for an athlete in his class. His numbers are at the top of the charts when it comes to exit velo (89 mph),  bat speed (79 mph), and hand speed (24 mph). At 6'2 200 he is able to create extreme power throughout his entire body. He is a big time power bat coming out of the '22 class in Pa.

What we'd like to see: When it comes to big and physical athletes, they sometimes lack on the defensive side of the ball. Devan is not a below average defender by any means, but there is always room for improvement. He could improve on his athleticism in the OF and at 1b to expand his versatility in the future. With as much power as he displays at the plate, it would be exciting to see him use the same explosiveness on the mound. His fastball has been 81-83 and we look for those numbers to rapidly climb this pre-season.


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