Austyn Winkleblech
Austyn Winkleblech
Austyn Winkleblech
Austyn Winkleblech
Austyn Winkleblech
Austyn Winkleblech




Canon McMillan HS (HS) • PA
6-0 • 165LBS • S/R
Travel Team: Artillery Scout Team


2023 National

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2023 State

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Physical: Uber-athletic 6-foot, 165-pound frame with obvious feel for his body in all phases; lean strength present. 6.60 runner in the 60-yard dash. University of Pittsburgh commit. 

Offensively: Switch hitter - More comfortable from the right with more juice present, but an abundance of athleticism allowed a recent switch to both sides in the past couple years to stick without much of a hiccup in production. Mirrors from either handedness with a bent, loose stance with the hands high and knob showing at ear height. Utilized a toe tap stride with a barrel tip at the top of the load as the weight shifted into a stiff front side; the bat head worked through an accurate, slight uphill attack into the hitting zone. Recorded a 52% fly ball rate and packed a punch through the air, evidenced by a 354 foot peak batted ball distance. Got up to as high as a 93 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman Baseball with some bat speed present. 

Defensively: The primary outfielder featured easy centerfielder qualities with confidence in any direction and an elite first step. Handled plays to either gap with smooth actions and got downhill with the chest in a hurry, above-average tempo and a live 88 mph arm strength with length in the takeaway. 

Pitching: RHP - The righty started off of the middle of the rubber with a pause at the top of a high stack position; drove down the mound with explosiveness allowing a whippy arm to come through clean out of a high ¾ slot. FB ranged from 82-83 mph with good spin metrics and a 50% zone rate, mixed a tight 75 mph SL with wipeout shape to it, getting up to 17.6 inches of horizontal play.


Physical: Twitchy and athletic 6-foot, 155-pound frame and plays the game at a speed above the rest of the competition. 6.54 runner in the 60-yard dash exploding onto the scene at the PA State Games. 

Offensively: Switch hitter. Deep crouch with an inward pointing barrel as the hands work loose and low in the setup. Utilized a leg-lift stride coupled with a load up to the shoulder for stretch in the body at launch. Demonstrated some lower half glide and weight shift through contact allowing for plenty of barrel whip towards extension and an understanding of how to use the middle of the field. Tough out at the plate and finds barrels from both sides of the plate as he mirrors in the swing/setup from either side. Generated more power and natural backspin from the right side of the plate with more of an uphill attack angle, as he generally sprays line drives and works flat through the zone from the left side. Recorded a bat exit velocity of 92 mph per Trackman Baseball during batting practice.

Defensively: The primary outfielder showcased advanced footwork with impressive range to either side. We mentioned the impressive 60-yard dash speed earlier, but he covers tons of ground on balls hit in the air. Can get around the ball with next level banana route and drop step techniques to cover the gaps and should realistically slot in day one as a ready to go centerfielder at the collegiate level. OF - 86 mph

Pitching: RHP - Pace in the delivery as he gets advanced hand speed working through a power high ¾ slot on the bump. Long limbs allowed for extension making the fastball at 81-83 appear harder at the plate with 2373 spin per Trackman Baseball. Dropped down to the side on occasion getting arm-side run on the fastball and living 78-80 mph. Mixed in a 64-66 mph CB with 11/5 shape and inconsistent command at times as well as a quality 71-73 mph cutter that tied LHH’s up on the inside. 


Showcased a lean and uber-athletic 6-foot, 150-pound frame with twitch in his actions and plus speed for his age. The switch hitter mirrors from both sides starting with a balanced, athletic stance with a quick hands load coupled with a short lift-and-replace stride to initiate a slightly uphill barrel path through the hitting zone. Generated advanced hand speed with twitch to contact point creating hard line-drives to all fields during batting practice. A fluid lower half allowed for consistent extension through the ball yielding a solid 84 mph bat-exit velocity. Ran a blazing 6.57 60-yard dash with an impressive first step, showing off the advanced athleticism he possesses. The primary outfielder took advantageous routes to the ball with above-average footwork creating downhill momentum towards the target with regularity. Hips were fluid and able to open up playing the ball with a drop step to go and get it. Recorded an 84 mph arm-strength from his position out of a high ¾ arm-slot during defensive evaluations. The right-handed pitcher mixed up arm-slots from side arm to high ¾ sitting 79-82 mph with repeatability in the arm-swing. Countered with a 68-70 mph curveball with 11/5 shape and slider frisbee action when thrown from down low. Flashed a 70-72 mph slider thrown with quality arm-speed and featuring bite across the zone.


5-foot-11, 145-pound right-handed hitter starts with a square, crouched stance and utilizes a lift-and-replace stride to initiate his swing. Showcased advanced rhythm at the plate with a consistent feel for the barrel to both gaps. Registered a solid 81 mph bat-exit velocity and ran an impressive 4.04 home-to-first time. Demonstrated athletic movements in the outfield arriving to the ball on time, carrying accurate 84 mph throws towards the plate. The right-handed pitcher sat 79-81 mph using a deliberate side-rocker step in his high 3/4 delivery. Commanded a late-breaking, tight 70-72 mph curveball that featured 11/5 spin. Displayed feel for a changeup that sat 65-67 mph with arm-side run while being thrown with good sell.


Defensively, works well to and through baseball with aggressive in line weight shift and follow on throws. Athletic actions and proper technique suggest potential as above average defender with imminent strength gains.

Offensively, initiates from a wide, neutral set up with lift and replace stride. There is slightly passive weight shift and early locking of the front knee. Considerable length is present. While benefit would be gained from being more aggressive in weight shift and shortening of swing through better back shoulder connection athleticism and foundation of swing suggest considerable potential going forward.

On mound, works out of mid 3/4 arm slot. There is substantial hip coil with balance and rhythm to delivery. Arm action is loose. Passive glove hand connection to front hip combine with closed landing of stride foot leads to crossfire action and first base fall. Delivery is repeated well. FB at 65-67 mph was cut to glove side. CB sat 57-59 and had 11-5 shape demonstrating moderate depth. CH is presently work in progress.

+ 2019 PBR Junior Future Games Selection (14U Team Pennsylvania)

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