Inside the Rankings: Top 10 Class of 2023 Catchers/Outfielders

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With our latest rankings release for the 2023 class we decided to dive in deeper with a breakdown of the top 10 at each position. Today we continue with catchers and outfielders, NINE of whom are uncommitted.

Disclaimer: Players listed below are ranked in order of their PRIMARY listed position on the website that they have chosen. A dual player that is also strong at their secondary position may carry more weight in their overall ranking.

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Class of 2023 Rankings Release


Chase Krewson OF / LHP / South Fayette, PA / 2023

Tale of the Tape: The 6-foot, 170-pound Notre Dame commit swings it with the best of them in the class featuring a quality understanding of approach each time he steps in the box. The left-handed hitting outfielder gets off consistent, aggressive hacks at the plate with advanced athleticism in the frame and an innate feel for the barrel resulting in hard hit balls all over the field. A top of the order table setter, Krewson can run pretty well (7.35 60-yard dash) and possesses top-notch extra base hit prowess at the moment allowing for an 85 mph bat-exit velocity during gameplay. Projects currently at two of the three outfield positions with a lightning quick first step and gets easy reads on anything hit in the air for his pitchers. Utilizes the drop step technique to perfection on routes & recorded an 83 mph arm-strength from his position with more velocity on the way soon. Offense is the main calling card at the moment with ability to continue adding strength as he matures; should be a name to circle as he enters what should be a prolific career at South Fayette. 



Austyn Winkleblech OF / RHP / Pittsburgh Central Catholic, PA / 2023

Tale of the Tape: The 6-foot, 155-pound outfielder is an absolute burner on the basepaths and creates havoc for opposing pitchers any time he gets on-base. Recorded a 6.54 60-yard dash at the PA State Games and ran a 4.15 down the first base line from the left side in game action. Gets behind the ball using the ‘banana route’ technique in the outfield with legitimate projection as an everyday centerfielder at the next level. Recorded an accurate 86 mph throwing arm from the outfield giving Winkleblech an option at any of the three outfield positions if need be. The switch hitter just started batting left-handed, but the potential has shown. Naturally a righty, the Pittsburgh Central Catholic product hammers fastballs early in the count with an uber athletic setup and sneaky strength in the lower half yielding a 92 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman. Bat to ball skills play from either side which should point to a significant role as a leadoff man moving forward. The strength is continuing to rise as he matures and has caused all measurables to increase over the past year. Also a right-handed pitcher, Winkleblech has been up to 82 mph from multiple arm angles on the bump. Mixes in a 64-66 mph curveball with different shape depending on the release slot and counters with a well above average cutter which has landed for strikes in the 71-73 mph range. 



Jackson Natili C / RHP / Peters Township, PA / 2023

Tale of the Tape: The long and lean 6-foot, 170-pound catcher features present athleticism in the frame and strength in movements across all facets of the game. The right-handed hitter showcases fluidity in the barrel with natural hand speed through the zone and pull-side lift allowing for an advanced 90 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman. Demonstrated in game success at the Flood City Elite Showcase Tournament the 4th of July weekend with multiple hard hit barrels and an overall solid showing. The primary backstop works hard for his pitchers, stealing strikes with minimal glove hand movement at the catch point. Pop times range from 1.88-1.95 in a showcase setting (2.05 in game) on accurate throws of 77 mph from the crouch. Featured advanced straight line footwork getting out of the crouch and downhill with ease generating quick, fluid transfers on the release. Flashed athleticism while blocking to either side of the plate, beating the ball to the spot, and creating soft walls with ability to recover. The right-handed pitcher sits 82-85 mph out of a whippy high ¾ arm-slot with fluidity in the arm-swing. Mixed in a 70-73 mph curveball with 11/5 shape, playing with depth in the zone.



Cole Constable C / OF / Cathedral Prep, PA / 2023

Tale of the Tape: The quick-twitch, 5-foot-10, 173-pound primary catcher is an intriguing athlete in all facets of the game. Constable runs a 6.81 60-yard dash and it shows as he moves with agility behind the plate working extremely hard for his pitchers. Can create soft walls with impressive blocking range on either side of the dish and while the receiving skills are currently developing, there’s still a lot to like. Pop times range from 1.93-2.01 behind the dish on accurate throws of 75 mph from the crouch with quickness in the transfers. If he doesn’t stick behind the plate at the next level, the athletic catcher can slot in at any outfield position with a more than manageable 84 mph arm-strength. Offensively, the Cathedral Prep product shines with an advanced, high bat-to-ball skill approach from the right-side of the plate. Has shown the ability to hit for average as well as plug the gaps for extra bases while featuring top notch RBI production in a middle of the order evidenced by an above-average 89 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman. With his arrow pointing steadily north entering what should be an impact Sophomore season for the Ramblers, Constable has all the signs to keep improving and adding strength in an already impressive frame. 



Jason Janesko C / 2B / Riverside, PA / 2023

Tale of the Tape: Demonstrates advanced feel for the body in an athletic 6-foot, 165-pound frame with standout measurables across the board. Janesko oozes twitchiness with a 6.71 60-yard dash and lightning quick hands in the box. The right-handed hitter peppered the left-centerfield gap during the PA State Games with a short time to contact per Blast Motion and registered a well above-average 91 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman. Adjusts well on the offspeed pitch above the belt and has shown ability to go the other way if pitched out over the plate. The primary backstop ranged from 2.03-2.07 on pop times with a top arm-strength of 77 mph from the crouch at the PA State Games. Janesko has displayed natural feel while receiving, often beating the ball to its spot with a soft glove hand. Moves lightly on his toes with quality range while blocking, creating soft walls and downward chest angles on either side of the plate. One of the better athletes you’ll find behind the dish, the Riverside Area product possesses an extremely high ceiling and might still see a couple more significant jumps in the next few years. 



Cole Serfass C / 3B / Palmerton, PA / 2023

Tale of the Tape: Still somewhat raw, the extremely physical 6-foot-2, 190-pound catcher possesses likeable actions in all phases of the game with notable strength in the lower half. The right-handed hitter showcases athleticism in the box with an adjustable swing featuring a high “hard contact” rate. Consistently gets a violent swing off evidenced by an 86 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman at the PA State Games. The backstop displays adequate receiving skills behind the dish while pop times range from 2.19-2.25 on accurate throws of 74 mph from the crouch. The transfers can quicken up a bit which will push the pop times down to the 2.0 range with consistency. A man amongst boys on the playing field, we wouldn’t be surprised if Serfass put it all together and had a huge Sophomore season for Palmerton this upcoming Spring. 



Justin Weaver OF / Norwin, PA / 2023

Tale of the Tape: Displays a perfect blend of physicality and athleticism in an advanced 6-foot-1, 180-pound frame with an ease to his actions. The right-handed hitter showcased above-average hand speed through a fluid, slightly uphill path into the hitting zone allowing for natural pull side lift and played pepper with the left field wall in a standout round at the PA State Games a month ago. Movements in the box were intriguing allowing for an eye popping 93 mph bat-exit velocity during batting practice per Trackman.  Demonstrating more of the athleticism Weaver possesses, the Norwin product clocked in at a 7.11 60-yard dash. The primary outfielder displays quality footwork on routes, consistently setting himself up for advantageous hops and getting behind the baseball with regularity. Played through the ball with downhill momentum creating legitimate carry on accurate 84 mph arm-strength from his position. Current speed and arm-strength point to a possible move to left-field at the next level, but the ‘23 prospect should merit consideration in centerfield with natural athleticism and legitimate feel for the game.



Jonathan Leedham C / 3B / Hickory, PA / 2023

Tale of the Tape: A top performer at the Preseason All-State Northwest event, the ‘23 backstop features a physical and compact 5-foot-9, 175-pound frame with present strength in his actions. The right-handed hitter generates easy pull-side juice allowing for a slightly uphill barrel path into the hitting zone. Showcases plenty of fluidity in the lower half allowing for advanced hip-shoulder separation, creating noticeable barrel whip through the contact point towards a high finish. Demonstrates quality feel for the barrel during batting practice yielding loud contact out in front of the plate with ability to drive the ball out of the park backside if pitched there. Recorded an impressive 90 mph bat-exit velocity at the Preseason All State and ran a 7.75 60-yard dash. The primary catcher shows off adequate receiving skills with minimal glove hand movement at the catch point. Pop times range from 2.15-2.25 on accurate throws of 74 mph from the crouch. Displays average transfers from glove to hand coupled with repeatability in straight line movements from the crouch. Featured solid blocking skills beating the ball to the spot and creating soft walls on both sides of the plate with ability to recover. An altogether standout prospect, Leedham projects best as a middle of the order thumper with the defense not too far behind.



Andrew Noone OF / RHP / Bishop Shanahan, PA / 2023

Tale of the Tape: The Bishop Shanahan product and primary outfielder possesses innate feel at multiple positions defensively (any outfield spot and catcher) demonstrating the athleticism present in a lean 5-foot-10, 160-pound frame. If that’s not enough to like, the right-handed hitter registered a 90 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman at the PA State Games a month ago while staying inside the ball with regularity and creating easy backspin to both gaps. Liked the approach in the box during gameplay and the swing works against any velocity. The primary outfielder moves fluidly with comfortability going either direction to the gaps with a quality first step. Recorded an accurate 80 mph arm-strength from his position while notching a 7.49 60-yard dash projecting a stay at a corner spot moving forward. Noone can also move behind the plate where he shows off above-average receiving skills with an extremely soft glove hand coupled with pop times ranging from 2.03-2.12 on accurate throws of 75 mph from the crouch. The blocking ability is there as well with a low center of gravity and quick twitch to beat the ball to either side of the plate while creating soft walls. The ‘23 OF/C is the total package and could be a utility guy down the line, but we like the prospects of Noone sticking behind the plate first and foremost.



Gage Wheaton OF / RHP / Hempfield Area, PA / 2023

Tale of the Tape: The Hempfield Area product displays an advanced 5-foot-10, 160-pound frame with present athleticism and strength in his actions. The movements are quick twitch and repeatable as the right-handed hitter demonstrated advanced bat speed through a slightly uphill path peppering the middle of the field during batting practice at the PA State Games. Featured sink into a strong, high-effort lower half creating solid hip/shoulder connection in a consistent, fluid stroke evidenced by a 90 mph bat-exit velocity per Trackman. Showed off the footspeed clocking in at a 7.04 60-yard dash and with a natural feel for the game, the outfielder projects best in the middle of the field. Wheaton flashes well above-average footwork on the defensive side of the ball playing low through the baseball generating powerful downhill momentum towards the target yielding an accurate 85 mph arm-strength from his position. The right-handed pitcher sat 74-77 T78 mph at the PA State Games with hip swivel and funk out of a high ¾ arm-slot. Mixed in a 64-67 mph curveball with 11/5 shape and feel for spin while commanding a sharp, late-biting 65-68 mph slider with quality horizontal movement. Overall the athleticism really stands out and should project Wheaton as a top of the order candidate moving forward with the ability to be a standout defender at the next level. 



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