David Rodriguez Jr
David Rodriguez Jr
David Rodriguez Jr
David Rodriguez Jr



Rodriguez Jr

Father Judge (HS) • PA
6-2 • 200LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Bucks County Generals


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Physical: Thick 6-foot-2, 200lb frame with connection and athleticism. The St. John’s commit ran a 7.82 in the 60-yard dash.

Offensively: RHH - Taller, slightly open stance at a balanced position; utilized a lift and replace stride to get to even, initiating a flat path towards a higher finish on the backside. Sneaky good bat to ball skills with ability to hold direction on pitches out over the plate. Mature, gap to gap approach during batting practice en route to a T93 mph bat-exit velocity. Young, middle of the order type presence as he continues refinement, hitting behind the ball with an active lower half in the box. Could really drive the ball in advantage counts, ambushing fastballs in game action. 

Defensively: The third baseman stayed low to the ground with natural feel at the hot corner. Moved right left, right left to the ball, funneling inward and released at a H ¾ slot accurately to the target (pace, 79 mph arm, medium intent). Able to throw on the money across his body and made plays on the run in either direction. 

Pitching: RHP - The righty started off the left side of the rubber with an advanced feel for his repertoire. Stayed connected over the rear hip, turning and driving downward to the mitt into a stiff front-side. The FB ranged from 85-87 mph from a H ¾ slot (2250rpms) missing barrels with slight arm-side run. Mixed a 67-69 mph CB with depth out of the hand, able to land with confidence to the bottom of the zone (get me over version and strikeout version). Then commanded a 77-79 mph CH with some tunnel off the heater.


Physical: Strong projectable 6-foot-2, 200lb frame with good proportions/feel. 7.54 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH - Upright, slightly open stance at shoulder-width as the hands started loose on the shoulder. Utilized a lift and replace stride out towards the pitcher landing even with a quick trigger through a flat path and high finish. Able to stay behind the baseball flashing good barrel actions and clean extension on the front side producing bat-exit velocities into the upper 80’s (T87 mph via Trackman). Able to lift and find extra-base hits to pull, going 310 feet on his furthest swing of the day (batted ball distance). Notched a 67% fly ball rate which played admirable into his desired approach, backspinning the baseball through the middle of the field. 

Defensively: The third baseman demonstrated a low posture with on-time, rhythmic footwork that approached with some momentum. Fielded softly off the middle/left side exchanging fluidly and getting rid from a whippy H ¾ slot (accurate, low intent, 80 mph arm strength). Able to move in either direction confidently and fed easy double play throws to the second baseman's left shoulder. 

Pitching: RHP - Operated off the middle of the rubber with feel for tempo, getting stacked and driving down the mound connected into footstrike at ¾ slot. Pounded the zone at the knees with heavy action from 84-87 mph (strikes, arm-side run, 2175rpms AVG) and could manipulate pace on the bump, pausing at a side rocker at times. Mixed a sharp sweeping 73-75 mph CB up to T15 inches of HM across the plate for strikeouts, freezing hitters. Two-way abilities flash with the mound leading the charge.


Physical: Strong and projectable 6-foot, 185-pound frame. 7.69 runner in the 60-yard dash. 

Offensively: RHH. Balanced, even stance with slight coil around the backside in the setup. Utilized a high hands start coupled with a leg-hang stride to initiate a slightly uphill barrel path into the hitting zone. Showed a swing very similar to Giancarlo Stanton, quick and on plane early and rode that slot all the way through extension with fluidity, not a lot extra going on creating high level bat to ball skills in the box. Recorded a top bat-exit velocity of 89 mph according to Trackman Baseball / registered a top batted ball distance of 327 feet. Twitchy and adjustable lower half allowed the hands to work through pitches aggressively in any quadrant. 

Defensively: The primary shortstop featured a medium-high center of gravity with feel for lateral movements, adequate footwork while arriving on time to the spot with regularity, quick feet after fielding getting directional towards the target, low ¾ slot on the release. INF - 77 mph

Pitching: RHP - Above average pace in the delivery, side rocker step into a high leg lift with minor hip coil, directional towards the plate with whip and quickness in the release out of a high ¾ slot. FB ranged from 81-85 mph with an upwards of 2161 spin per Trackman Baseball, mixed in a sharp 72-74 mph CB with 11/5 plane getting some swing and misses in the box. 

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