January 18 Preseason All State Positional Scout Analysis: Pitcher Only's

PBR Alabama Staff

Nine guys showed up to pitch only at the event and several put up big numbers during their time on the mound. Five PO's were 86 mph or better and several others showed nice pitchability and a feel for secondary pitches. Let's take a look at those nine arms.
Javi Marrero (2021, RHP/SS, Smiths Station) First time seeing Marrero after hearing about him and he did not disappoint. The ball comes out of his hand easily and he also shows some easy velocity with very nice arm side action. The fastball was 86-88, touching 90 mph. The spin rates were as high as the low 2000’s He showed nice, tight spin on the breaking ball that showed slider type action. The change up showed late tumble to the arm side at 76-78 mph. A definite big arm in the ‘21 class that is ultra projectable. 

Nick Hamlin (2021, RHP/OF, Oxford) By far, the best we have seen Hamlin as he took a very aggressive demeanor on the mound. The fastball showed some sink at times and at other times it showed cutting action. He was 85-87 throughout bumping 88 mph on the day. The breaking ball took nice shape with very late depth in the break at 73- 74 mph. The change up showed really nice arm side tumble and sink at 80-81 mph. A ton of potential in this ‘21 arm. 

George Meyers (2022, RHP/1B, McGill Toolen) First time we had seen Meyers after hearing about him and much like Marrero, he did not disappoint. Meyers showed an electric arm as the fastball seemed to really jump out of the hand. The pitch showed late life at 84-86, topping 87 mph. The breaking ball was commanded well at 76-77 mph and took hard slider action with some downward tilt. The change up was thrown with the same arm speed and tumbled into RH hitters at 78- 79 mph. Love the demeanor on the mound and he has a feel for how to pitch. Very projectable. 

Trey Mooney (2021, RHP/3B, Oxford) Strong lower half that he uses well in his delivery. The fastball showed nice vertical movement and the ball exploded out of the hand and seemed to take off late with spin rates in the 2000’s, sitting 84-86 mph throughout his pen. The breaking ball was commanded down in the zone very well at 74-76 mph and tight spin. Really liked the deception out of the hand with the change up that he consistently stayed down in the zone with. This could be a plus swing and miss pitch for him at 74-75 mph. 

Thrasher Steed (2022, RHP/1B, Gulf Shores) Has filled out physically over the last few years and has continued to progress accordingly. He pounded the zone with three quality pitches and showed a nice, easy delivery on the mound. He showed a high spin rate fastball (high 2000’s- mid 2100’s) with nice sink at 83-85 mph and bumping 86 mph a few times. The breaking ball is firm and shows true slider action and cuts late. The change up shows big time deception as it is thrown with the exact same arm speed as the fastball and has late tumble. Really likeable RHP that has a definite high ceiling. 

Brent Mahoney (2021, RHP/1B, Hazel Green) Showed very well repeating his delivery with nice, easy actions. Showed legitimate ability to throw and locate all three pitches. The fastball showed some arm side life and seemed “heavy” at 80-81, topping at 83 mph. The change up will work well off of the fastball as they both show the same type movement to the arm side. The change up was located down in the zone at 73-74 mph. The breaking ball was fairly firm at 71-75 mph with slider type action. Easy mechanics with more velocity to follow. 

Bo Rhudy (2023, RHP/OF, Gordon Lee, GA) Nice looking ‘23 arm out of Georgia. He shows nice, short arm action with nice “feel” on the mound and a physical frame (6’2 183 lbs.) The fastball has some cut and was 80-81 mph during his entire bullpen. The pitch did show nice spin rates in the mid 2000’s- low 2100’s range. The breaking ball took nice shape with late downward action at 68-69 mph. The change up is evolving and he was able to bury this pitch down in the zone at 72-73 mph. A very intriguing ‘23 RHP to follow out of the Peach State. 

Jacob Page (2023, RHP/3B, Glenwood) Showed a very solid three pitch mix and seems very advanced for a young pitcher. The arm works well with easy actions and the mechanics on the mound are super clean.  The fastball shows solid 2 seam action and could very well eat up right handed hitters at 78-79 mph. He did bump 80 mph a few times. The breaking ball is a two plane pitch, showing solid depth at 64-65 mph while the change up will create some swing and misses as the pitch disappears to the glove side. Solid makeup that is going to be interesting to keep an eye on. 

Lee Rodgers (2023, LHP/1B, Gulf Shores) A young arm that has gained some strength since we last saw him, which translated to a bit more velocity on the mound. Showing a mid ¾ slot and he showed a very nice delivery. Although the velocity may not be there as of now, this is a ‘23 LHP that has a clue how to pitch and shows some potential. The fastball was up to 74 mph and he actually seemed to consistently “cut” the pitch. The fastball also had some nice downward action as well. The change up was a very nice pitch that he did a nice job of staying on top of. The pitch seemed to really fade away from RH hitters at 67-68 mph. The breaking ball was fairly firm with slider action at 60- 61 mph.

Keep checking back as we will continue to break down the individual performances as we take a look at the ten catchers at the event next.
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