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June 25 Underclass Games Scouting Analysis: Outfielders

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June 25 Top Underclass Games Scouting Analysis: Outfielders

Seventeen outfielders took part in the Underclass Games at UAB on June 25. The athleticism of this group really stood out in the morning workout and several of the players had very nice days at the plate as well. Let's take a look at those seventeen outfielders.

Avery Seaton (2021, OF/RHP, Madison Academy) A player that keeps putting up impressive numbers each time we see him. On the mound he showed clean actions with a nice, tight delivery. The FB was up to 84 mph and showed late run and the breaking ball showed more slider type action in the low to mid 70’s and played well of the FB. Did a nice job of pounding the zone.  The arm obviously works from the OF (86 mph) and the athleticism plays easily. Solid feel for the position. Showed a leg kick approach at the plate with nice rhythm in the set up. Does a nice job staying through the hitting zone and really stayed short and drove balls to the RCF gap. Like this ‘21 athlete. 

Alex Wade (2022, OF/RHP, Madison Academy) Another guy at the event that brings a lot of tools to the field. On the mound he was effective from a ¾ slot and very nice ASR on the FB that was up to 83 mph. The pitch came out of the hand easy and seemed to really jump on hitters. He consistently showed the ability to get in on RH hitters. The breaking ball showed nice slider action but did show some depth at times at 72 mph. The ball explodes out of the hand in the OF at 86 mph and the throws were easy for the catcher to handle with easy accuracy. The athleticism is evident and the speed plays. Love the setup at the plate as Shows real nice rhythm in the swing and easy pop to all fields from a slightly tilted swing path. The stance starts open from a tall stance and he keeps the barrel through the hitting zone. A top ‘22 in the state. 

Banks Langston (2023, RHP/OF, Florence) Clean mechanics and actions on the mound that shows solid mechanics that he does a nice job repeating. We saw the FB with a little more velo previously but the pitch still shows nice action with late ASR into RH hitters. The breaking ball took nice shape with late depth and tight spin. A clean arm in the ‘23 class to follow. In the OF he shows advanced athleticism with nice speed and plenty of arm strength  (84 mph). Showed a quick transfer on the throw. At the plate, he had an impressive day from his open stance to get started. He showed a level swing path that consistently produced hard line drives to the middle of the field. During game play, he had two loud AB’s with hard hit balls up the middle. Like this ‘23. 

Alton Davis II (2022, LHP/OF, Hueytown)  A long bodied LHP that showed a very smooth, clean delivery. Really showed arm side fade on the FB up 77 mph. He featured a breaking ball at 70 mph that can be a major force as he gets more consistent with it. Could be a real nice arm down the road. The actions in the OF were fluid as well and the ball came out of the hand well and showed arm strength (84 mph). At the plate he started with a slightly closed stance and did a nice job of getting his hands to the hitting zone and showed a level swing path. Repeatedly showed pull side line drives during BP. 

Nathan Grisham (2021, RHP/OF, Lauderdale County) The ‘21 RHP showed nice arm action and featured a nice, tight breaking ball from 68-70 mph. Was really able to locate to both sides of the plate with both pitches, including the FB that was to 80 mph. In the OF, his speed is evident (6.98 60 yard dash) and he looked natural getting to balls off of the bat. The ‘21 showed a quick transfer after the catch and the arm worked at 82 mph from the OF. His throws stayed on plane with no fade on the throws. At the plate, he showed an inside out approach and was oppo heavy from a square stance and a level bat path. Looked like a prototypical 2 hole hitter. 

Nicholas Whitten (2021, OF/LHP, Deshler) Showed feel for a good 3 pitch mix and did a nice job staying down in the zone. Nice balance in the delivery with a clean arm action and delivery. Was able to throw the breaking ball for a strike at 64-65 mph with nice late down action on the pitch. The FB was up to 76 mph with typical LHP ASR. Has feel on the mound. In the OF he showed nice actions fielding balls to his glove side with a quick transfer. The arm strength is solid (82 mph). He started with an open stance at the plate and used a nice toe tap approach to get into rhythm with a level swing path. 

Blake Medley (2022, RHP/OF, Hazel Green) Physical ‘22 player that competes on the mound. Showed a nice tight breaking ball with depth that has swing and miss potential. The delivery is clean and tight and has a ton of upside as a RHP. Showed some cut on the FB up to 81 mph. The breaking ball was 72 mph and took nice shape out of the hand. In the OF, he showed nice reaction to balls of the bat and tracked balls well. The arm strength is there as he was 81 mph from the OF and throws stayed on line. At the plate he started with an even stance and showed some tilt in the bat path. There is definite juice off the barrel, especially to the pull side. The hands are physical and the rhythm in the swing translates well. 

Kellen Mashburn (2022, OF/RHP, Bob Jones) Nice looking athlete (7.0 60 yard dash) that also has some power in his game. Really did a nice job staying through the hitting zone with the barrel from a slightly closed stance. The foot gets down to shape a well synched swing with juice to all fields. Shows solid barrel control. In the OF, the transfer to the throw is quick and he did a nice with the feet moving to the throw. The arm works and throws stayed on plane to the plate. 

Garrett Lee (2021, OF/RHP, Lawrence County) Showed some feel on the mound with a FB up to 80 mph but the pitch showed some ASR and late sink vs. hitters. The breaking ball took the shape of a slider with nice, tight shape. The arm path is clean and the delivery is clean. The breaking ball was 67-68 mph. The arm action translates to the OF as well as the ball came out of the hand well. Did a nice job of using him momentum in the throw. At the plate he started from a slightly open stance and the swing was well synched with the top and lower half of the body. Had a definite pull side approach. 

Brodey Lentz (2022, LHP/OF, Lauderdale County)  An impressive looking young LHP that showed a ¾ arm slot with nice arm side ron his FB up to 79 mph. The body works well and there is a smooth delivery as the ball jumps out of the hand. The breaking ball shows slider action in the mid 60’s. The change up showed deception at 66-68 mph. The OF play is solid and he seemed to “glide” to the balls showing nice athletic movements. The transfer was quick and the ball had carry to it, staying through the cut off man. 

Chandler Brewer (2021, OF/1B, Hazel Green) The OF actions are solid and he has no trouble working through his throws to the plate. Does a nice job of resetting the feet after the catch. Athletic enough to also play 1B. Has a very disciplined approach at the plate from an even stance . The swing stays short with a level bat path and a leg kick approach. Has some big time juice to the RCF gap. Physical bat. 

Connor Wilson (2023, 1B/OF, Cherokee County) A 2023 that really turned some heads. A physical player that shows some nice strength now. Solid defensive actions in the OF with a quick transfer and nice work of the feet. The arm works and throws stayed on line to the plate. At the plate is where he really jumped out. The barrel is loud with some tilt in the swing showing a legitimate middle of the field approach. Created some backspin and the ball carried off of the bat. Impressive ‘23. 

Eli Steadman (2021, OF/3B, Briarwood Christian) In the OF his defensive work was “plus”. Liked the actions and he had a super quick transfer and everything stayed together preparing for the throw. The arm is real nice and the ball stayed low to the ground and easily though the cut off man. The throws were super accurate and easy to handle by the catchers. At the plate, he showed a very solid approach from the left side as he started with a slightly open stance. Had a very short leg kick approach that allowed him to generate some pop even though his approach was short and compact. Real nice bat speed and strength in the hands. 

Maddox Macrory (2022, RHP/OF, Oak Mountain) Showed a nice athletic delivery and nice loose arm action. Did a nice job of creating good rotation at foot strike. The breaking ball showed tight spin at 73 mph that he showed the ability to flip in for strikes at any time. The FB was up to 75 with late life. Defensively he showed well during defensive drill work and feel for OF play. Does a nice job getting to his glove side on ground balls to the OF. The throws stayed on line to the plate. Offensively, he started with a slightly open stance and showed solid contact during BP with a definite pull side approach. Did a nice job of staying through the hitting zone with the barrel. 

Christopher Bryant (2021, OF, Gardendale) Real nice athlete that can really run, turning in an event best 6.64 60 yard dash. This athletic action transfers to the game as well and the play in the OF shows that. Tracks balls very well and has a solid transfer after the ball is in the glove. Slightly open to begin with at the plate with a level swing path, that plays perfectly into his game. The swing is a bit stiff but still has nice timing and does a nice job using the lower half. There are some definite skills in this ‘21 OF.

CJ Butler (2023, RHP/OF, Shoals Christian) On the mound, he pounded the zone with both his FB and breaking ball. The arm path was super clean and his mechanics were very solid. The FB was up to 72 mph and the breaking ball showed late bite and tight spin at 62-64 mph. Really attacked the hitters. OF actions are solid and the feet worked well with the catch and throw. Did a nice job moving through his throws from the grass. At the plate, he started with an even stance with the feet and the barrel path was flat through the zone. Showed a bit of an inside out approach. Will be able to add some strength to the swing as he continues to fill out physically. 

Devin Howell (2023, OF/3B, Ohatchee) Another 2023 that really jumped out to us at the event. In the OF, the skills and fundamentals are solid and the arm strength will continue to improve as he gets older and stronger, but the defensive actions are solid. Really looked the part at the plate as he started with an even stance with the feet and did a nice job of getting his weight back to the begin the swing. Really kept the barrel through the hitting from a simple, quick approach with the barrel.

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