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Sept. 8 All State Games Scout Analysis: Pitchers

PBR Alabama Staff

All State Games Positional Analysis: Pitcher Only’s

There were eight pitchers that showed up at the University of Alabama on September 8 for the All State Games. These eight guys did not play a position, they only pitched in the game. All other pitchers who also played a position will have their pitching scouting analysis done with the positional write up. Each of the pitcher only’s threw two innings during one of the games. Let’s see how those eight pitchers fared:

Trent Hodgdon (2021, RHP/3B, Smiths Station) Very clean mechanics and arm action on this ‘21 RHP that continues a strong summer circuit. Really competes on the mound and shows the ability to locate down in the zone. The FB was 84-88 mph and sat at 88 mph consistently in his 1st inning of work. The fastball showed nice spin rate from the high 2200’s to the mid 2300’s. He can locate the slider type breaking ball for a strike early in the count and also has feel to throw it as a swing and miss pitch with 2 strikes. The spin rate on the breaking ball was high 1800’s- mid 1900’s.   

Ethan Roberts (2022, RHP/OF, Muscle Shoals) Showed a clean, effortless delivery and had a really nice outing over 2 innings. The CB has some depth but shows more slider type action and he was able to throw it is a strike at 73- 74 mph. The FB was low 80’s but touched 84 mph and was sneaky quick with ASR. He was able to locate the FB on the inner half and outer half of the plate. Tall, lanky build with plenty of room to develop physically to go along with clean arm action. 

Blake Medley (2022, RHP/1B, Hazel Green) The ‘22 grad showed a breaking ball that was a curveball/slider combo. The arm and delivery are clean and he throws from a high ¾ slot. The breaking ball took nice shape and was anywhere from 72-75 mph. The fastball was “heavy” with some sink. He was consistently 82-83 mph and touched 84 mph on several occasions. Has a bulldog tye mentality on the mound. Interesting ‘22 to follow. 

Nick Hamlin (2021, RHP/OF, Oxford) Hamlin impresses each time we see him. Has a tall. Slim build with plenty of room for physical development and strength but the mechanics are clean. The arm action is clean and he throws from a high ¾ slot. The FB was low 80’s (81-82) in his 1st inning of work but his 2nd inning of work saw him increase his velo and he was up to 83-84 mph. The FB showed some late life. The breaking ball has tight spin and he showed the ability to locate the pitch for a strike at 72-75 mph. The CH is legit now with serious tumble into RH hitters at 68-68 mph. A ton of potential in this ‘21 RHP. 

Ethan Adkison (2021, LHP, Next Level Baseball Academy) ‘21 southpaw that attacked hitters from a high ¾ arm slot and showed a “loose arm”. The FB was consistently 81-82 mph and topped at 83 several times. He showed nice ASR on the FB and also did a very nice job of pitching in vs. RH hitters. The breaking ball was 73- 74 mph and showed slider type action but his best offspeed pitch was his CH at 72-73 mph with real nice action. There was nice deception vs. hitters on the CH. Physical LHP to follow. 

Steven Cash (2022, LHP/OF, Bibb County) Young LHP that really shows high pitchability. The term “crafty” comes to mind watching him pitch. Showed an easy delivery with solid mechanics. The FB was 76- 78 mph and topped at 79 mph with spin rates in the mid 1800’s. The breaking ball showed spin rates in the mid 1700 range at 60-62 mph. The CH shows solid deception and tumble away from RH hitters at 66-67 mph. He does a nice job of creating vertical and horizontal movement on the mound. ‘22 grad that knows how to pitch.

Jackson Crow (2023, RHP/OF, Oxford) The youngest arm at the event but he did a nice job in his two innings of work. Did a very nice job of attacking the zone with all of his pitches from a nice, clean delivery with no wasted actions on the mound. The FB was 76- 77 mph and topped at 78 multiple times with some late ASR. The breaking showed nice depth at 67-70 mph and he was able to flip this in for a strike. The CH was 72-73 and really tumbled out of the hand. 

Brody Cook (2021, LHP/OF, Winfield City) The LHP showed nice, late  depth on his CB at 62- 63 mph and had feel for the pitch. The delivery is clean and the arm works from a short slot hiding the ball from hitters. The FB was up to 77 mph with arm side life. Really liked the deceptive action on the CH as it was difficult to pick up out of the hand.  Showed a feel for how to pitch while on the mound and a ton of confidence in the CB.

Keep checking back over the next few days as we will continue to release content from the event of the players in attendance. Our next scout analysis will be on the outfielders in attendance. 

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