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2020 Cardinals Scout Day - Quick Hits

Logan Wedgewood
PBR BC Scout

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We would like to thank all who participated in PBR British Columbia's Cardinals Scout Day. This was a great opportunity for the class of 2021-2024 prospects to get into the system, see where they match up from their peers and showcase their tools and talents. 

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2020 Cardinals Scout Day - Quick Hits

The Arms

Maguire Wakelyn RHP / Yale Secondary, BC / 2021

Report: Wakelyn showed three good pitches with movement in his bullpen. He topped at a PR at 85MPH and sat in the 82-84 range with run. His changeup had noticeable action to arm side with swing and miss potential. His breaking ball had good depth and looked to project like a nice add-on slider to play off his FB and CH movement.

Joel Robinson RHP / Yale secondary, BC / 2021

Report: We saw Robinson at Whalley last month as well, and he showed consistency in his velocity range on both dates. He sat 82-84MPH on his fastball with a downhill plane from a high ¾ arm slot. His CB ranged at 66-67MPH with decent action. His changeup was deceptive at 76-77MPH with some arm-side movement and good intent with the pitch.

Ryken Brandsma 1B / RHP / Yale, BC / 2023

Report: Brandsma has plenty of room for upward gains in his fastball velocity, ranging from 77-79 on the day. With improvements in athleticism, his arm speed should pick up and easily add a few MPH to his fastball and make his off-speed offerings more effective. He topped out at 80 on the day. His curveball right now ranges in the 12-6/11-5 range and is a significant velocity drop off from his fastball at 60-62MPH. He also throws a slider, which has a different shape from his curveball. Ryken will be an exciting watch as he develops.

Aiden Cutrell RHP / OF / Yale secondary, BC / 2021

Report: Cutrell has an explosive delivery with high intent on his fastball. He has a high arm slot with good backspin on his fastball and showed the proficiency to live at the top of the zone. He sat with his fastball from 80-83. His breaking ball sat 70-71 and had great depth in pairing off a high fastball. His change-up is a nice third pitch as he can get it down in the zone with a drop off of 5-7MPH.

Jack Neill RHP / Yale, BC / 2021

Report: Neill has an excellent mound presence and feel for all three of his pitches. He got down the mound well and had the right direction towards home plate, helping him throw consistent strikes. Jack tends to miss high on occasion, but he should clean that up fine with strength and body control growth through his development. He ranged 81-83 on his fastball and topped out at 83 on the day. He throws a good curveball/slider combo with different shapes and velocities at 72-73 and 73-75. Jack has a short and quick arm path and, with strength, should gain speed quickly.

Cooper Crompton RHP / Walnut Grove, BC / 2020

Report: Crompton has been recorded in the mid-high 80s in the past but appeared to be having some difficulty with his feel and release on his fastball on Saturday. His fastball often exploded into a big cutter, almost slider type movement, at around 80-82. He topped at 84 on the day. It is easy to see the Velo is still there, as he was throwing his changeup at a consistent 80-81 MPH range, with arm-side run. His slider ranged from 76-78MPH and had good movement. When he irons out his spin and efficiency with his fastball, it should quickly jump back up in velocity.

The Bats

Treyson Smith 1B / 3B / Mennonite Educational Institute, BC / 2021

Report: Smith was impressive on the day with his power. He routinely hit good loft fly balls in BP, with one going out to the big part of the field. His EV was at 89 off the tee on a cold afternoon and showed the ability to barrel balls consistently in BP. Smith is one of the highest touted left-handed hitters in terms of power potential in the province for this grad class, and he has the size to continue on that trend. Should he gain some more consistency in his approach and swing, he could turn himself into a legitimate power threat at the next level.

Michael Brand 3B / RHP / GW Graham, BC / 2022

Report: Brand has a repeatable swing with a nice bat path through the field’s middle part. With an 89 MPH Exit Velocity off the tee, he has some power and hit consistent line drives in batting practice. He does not try to do too much with his load and keeps his head still through his forward move. He is at his best when he is short with his bat, and at times tends to extend his arms early and get long. If he can continue to gain strength and refine his swing at the plate, he will be capable of damage going forward—a player to watch.

Liam Bushey 3B / SS / MEI, BC / 2021

Report: Bushey has a tall and fall lefty approach in his forward motion, which at times can lead to a timing-reliant swing and approach. He struggled a bit in BP to hit the ball with true backspin, but it is easy to see something special here with his swing. He has a quick body and can generate bat speed in a hurry. He led the day in Exit Velocity, at 92MPH off the tee on a cold afternoon, and is a left-handed bat to watch going forward.

The Gloves

Mitchell Middlemiss OF / RHP / GW Graham, BC / 2021

Report: Middlemiss ran a camp best 6.9 60-yard-dash and was complimented by also having the top positional velocity on the day at 80MPH. He moved well around the outfield, and his throws to home had good backspin, ride out and were on target. Middlemiss is a high-calibre athlete with tools and is no slouch in the batter’s box either. He was among leaders with an 88MPH Exit Velocity with good backspin to the field’s big part. We have seen Middlemiss on many occasions, and he has consistently shown his athleticism and tools in workouts. It will be exciting to see what numbers he can put up this year, and has the potential to be one of the top multiple tool guys in the region right now.

Jack Taylor SS / 2B / Yale Senior Secondary, BC / 2021

Report: Taylor had the smoothest hands and footwork around the infield on the day, showing good range to his left and right. His timing and footwork are polished for most BC 2021s, and he has a good feel for the middle of the diamond. His arm strength has room to grow at 74 MPH, but with strength and development in the weight room, his movements should only get better. Taylor is a middle infielder to watch defensively.

joshua pilgrim C / 3B / Yale secondary, BC / 2021

Report: Pilgrim has a solid frame as a backstop. He is a big body that can move well around the plate. During bullpens, he looked comfortable receiving and working with pitches to present them in the zone. He had the highest positional velocity among catchers at 72MPH and managed to POP a 1.95 on the bag among his average times of 2.05- 2.10. He moved well and showcased a proficiency in throwing to two from both his feet and his knee.

Ryan Johnson C / Yale, BC / 2021

Report: Johnson was the best receiver and blocker on the day during bullpens, showing the right timing with the ball and good awareness with his body to get good bounces on balls in the dirt. He showed a quick transfer and footwork but had a slight hitch in his delivery to second base, which, if cleaned up, will be an easy way to gain on his 2.15-2.25 average POP times, as well as likely increase his positional velocity to second base. He has a good feel for the position and trends to be a good catcher moving forward as he grows his skillset and adds strength.