Prep Baseball Report

Bay Area Open: Quick Hits

Ryan Ozella
N. California Area Scout

Oakland, CA - A wide ranging group of players made their way to Laney College for the Bay Area Open, with players representing the 2020-2024 grad classes taking their shot at showcasing their skills. Below is a quick look at 15 players who made an impression during the day.

Quick Hits

2023 C/P Zachary Justice - Bishop O’Dowd - 5-9, 150, R/R

Very athletic build with advanced strength for his size; hands and feet were both big so some more growth in frame possible (8.19 60yd). Performed very well throughout the day with a positive attitude; threw first bullpen staying to catch final bullpens and last guy to leave. Wide stance at the plate using a rocker motion to start quick bat with whip through the zone; strength in the frame showed up being able to stay on the baseball driving to all parts of the field (74 EV). Behind the plate he was quick and accurate showing a strong arm that could keep the ball on the bag (2.05-2.07 Pop, 73 MPH). Smooth actions behind the plate using his flexibility to work under the baseball and keeping the ball in front of him with lateral agility. A loose 3/4 release with an athletic lower half projecting three pitches finished a solid day for Justice. FB 75-76 T78 MPH with angle to both sides of the plate. CB 63-65 MPH loose with slurvy actions and late sweep; pitch can tighten up having plenty of time to continue developing it. CHG 66-68 MPH with some sink and run off the plate; slowed arm for more action. Consistent effort during the day adding another tool to his skillset. 

2020 OF/RHP Connor Hennings - Live Oak - 6-3, 190, R/R 

Long, lanky and projectable frame; lean muscle is strong with fast actions from the long limbs (7.00 60 yd). Tall stance, slightly opened with body control; stays behind the baseball well with a quick bat. Peppered the pullside gap flashing leverage with some quickness through contact; control of the bat able to handle pitches up and down the zone (92 EV). Arm is long and loose in OF showing his athletic actions staying behind the baseball and letting his strong arm keep balls online with life and carry (84 MPH). Delivery is athletic with very high front knee staying balanced over rubber; arm having length out of the glove with small stab before a H-3/4 release. FB 81-83 MPH with run arm side and angle glove side; strong angle with extension has pitch jump at plate. SLD 74-77 with late cutter shape showing short actions; pitch flashed some late life and has improved from previous viewings. CHG 71-74 heavy arm-side run and sink; could really turn it over. Guys that move at his speed and size are tough to find and bat continue to show promise.

2020 OF Tyler Keenan - Monte Vista Christian - 6-2, 190, R/R

Physical build with tight waist and athletic actions (7.05 60 yd) showing strong tools. Bat showed speed from longer bat path able to drive the ball to the gaps with strength and carry; flashed some pop to the pull side of the field as well (90 EV). In the OF showed his athletic actions moving fluidly in RF with very good footwork. Strong compact arm with a quick release putting balls online with life and bounce off the turf (88 MPH). Keenan has been on my radar over the past year continuing to show those tools during this summer after doing it during the Spring season. Looking forward to see how he competes at the State Games in August.

2021 RHP/OF Mark Graham - Drake - 5-11, 170, R/R

Medium long frame with some width and strength in the upper half (7.79 60yd). Competed on mound and showed some bat skills using a wood bat during the showcase. Staying tall and utilizing a big foot lift, Graham stayed to the pullside creating easy lift and flashing pop; leverage on the baseball showing lift through contact with aggressive hacks (88 EV). On the hill showed a long, loose and whippy arm being able to ride his back hip and attacking with three pitches. FB 82-84 with sink and run to both sides of the plate. SLD 69-72 with late bite cross the plate; flashes average or better with ball coming out of his hand with a flick off the fingers. CHG 73-75 flashing potential as well with arm-side run as he turns the ball over. Projectable delivery and stuff on the hill with some pop in the bat.

2021 MIF Elijah Lee - Dublin - 5-11, 150, S/R

Long medium frame that is very lean and slender showing agility and quickness in short spaces (7.65 60yd). Switch hitter showing similar hand pump from right and left side of the plate that allows him to get his quick bat started; hard line drives with carry to the pull gap from the right while staying to the oppo gap from his left (79R/76L EV). Really liked the defensive actions at SS with quick feet able to take strong angles and controlling his body through the baseball; the arm was compact and quick able to make throws from different angles and on the move (80 MPH). 

2022 MIF Jack Metcho - Rodriguez - 5-9, 140, R/R

Athletic build showing high waist, squared up frame; it’s a young body that is shaping well looking to add strength as he matures (7.88 60yd). Showed well in MIF and on the mound with good fundamentals. At the plate stayed behind the ball going gap-to-gap with line drives showing some carry from a compact and level bat (76 EV). The defense was solid showing a quick first step and strong glove actions playing well on the move; arm showed a high release keeping the ball online to first base (81 MPH). Also showed a compact 3/4 arm with a smooth, athletic delivery on the mound; flashed three pitch mix that projects growth. FB 76-78 MPH with some arm side fade; moved the ball to different spots with flashes of life up through the zone. CB 60-65 MPH 11/5 shape downer with late depth; feel came and went and will need to be more consistent. CHG 66-68 MPH decent fade and sink to arm side; better feel in the delivery allowing pitch to work on it’s own. Type of frame and skills that are good baselines for growth opportunities; fall/winter development would be key.

2022 C/SS Zander Ditona - Castro Valley - 5-9, 145, R/R

Wiry, athletic frame with squared shoulders and some length in the torso (7.65 60yd). Good all around baseball player offensively and defensively. Played well behind the plate with agility using a quick transfer to put the ball on the arm side of the bag consistently (2.12-2.16 Pop, 70 MPH); took control in bullpens showing strong blocking skills with rolled shoulders. Kept low hands with a foot lift at the plate; made adjustments quickly, tightening hands to stay inside the ball. Went gap-to-gap showing some lift into the outfield and projecting more carry (80 EV). Played with a sense of quiet confidence moving around well and competing. 

2020 MIF Jonathan Gazdar - Northgate - 5-11, 163, R/R

Medium athletic frame with strength in the build; chance for frame to add some more (7.52 60 yd). Loved his aggressive approach at the plate from a crouched stance with present batspeed. Full body swings with lift through contact able to work the barrel driving the ball into every part of the field; late whip through the zone hearing the barrel hit his back with the full finish (89 EV). Moved around with ease at SS showing a compact arm with some strength (85MPH); athletic actions with good angles and body control showing advanced range. Understood his tools and utilized them well. 

2020 OF Isaiah Weitherspoon - Inderkum - 6-0, 190, R/R

Athletic, physically strong frame with some bounce in his step and twitchy actions (7.13 60yd). Quiet slightly opened stance allowed him to get bat moving quickly, mashing balls gap-to-gap with hard line drives (86 EV); bat speed is solid with strength in the frame adding to the hit tool. Raw tools in RF with skills that fit best in the middle of the diamond; allows his long, loose arm to make throws and quick feet to cover ground (80 MPH). The tools still have space for growth with a mature physical build. 

2021 MIF Dominic Giuffre - Archbishop Mitty - 5-9, 155, R/R

Medium full frame showing solid strength throughout proportioned frame (7.40 60yd). Balanced with high hands keeping them tight; mechanics allowed his batspeed and strength to show as he got the barrel out driving balls into the oppo gap and middle of the field (90 EV). Showed advanced feet in middle infield extending range and making plays; angles and hip action stood out covering ground at SS. Smooth arm with compact high release able to make the throws from every spot at SS (76 MPH). Has definitely put the time in on his frame and tools have some room for growth in Spring. 

2020 RHP/OF Riley Dorcy - Rodriguez - 6-1, 190, R/R

Mature, physical frame with length in lower half (7.87 60 yd) flashing two-way skills. Stayed to the gaps with strength in the line drives from a tall stance; bat flashed lift through contact with quick arcing barrel (92 EV). Compact arm really let it go showing carry from RF and throws having life through the target; will need to harness the throws for more accuracy (85 MPH). Showed life on the FB in bullpen with crossfire style delivery getting compact arm to also utilize two strong offspeed pitches. FB 79-83 T85 showing life at the plate and angles to both sides; worked velocity up as bullpen got going suggesting more in tank. CB 61-62 deep and long 12/6 shape that fell off the table halfway to the plate; projectable. CHG 72-75 straight with bits of bottom; feel can improve. Athletic delivery and some strength in the bat. 

2021 RHP/OF Fisher Johnson - Aptos - 6-1, 175, L/R

Large, strong-thick frame; muscles with some space for more as he matures (7.52 60yd). Another two-way guy who showed tools at both areas. Left hand swing staying tall allowing compact swing to flash carry into the gaps; peppered the middle of the field with line drives (87 EV). Strong arm fits in corner spot showing better than number with carry from a 3/4 release hitting the arm side of the bag; some length out of the glove but timed it up well with his athletic footwork (83 MPH). On the hill that long arm showed more quickness getting to 3/4 hanging behind his back adding some deception. FB 81-83 with cut gloveside. CB 69-70 with late action blending from a true 12/6-to-12/4 shape; short with late depth. CHG 74-78 with late arm side run and bottom; really sells the pitch and projects well. Two-sport guy who is also playing football; could make some jumps with focus on Baseball.

2022 OF/C Ethan Pack - John F. Kennedy - 5-9, 170, L/R

Medium, firm build with high waist and tight muscles projects some added growth (7.57 60yd). Showed feel for the wood barrel working a compact swing to all parts of the field with line drives staying on the baseball; direct hands allowed him to control the swing and chance for more in the hit tool as he matures (84 EV). Moved well in RF with very accurate arm and athletic actions; arm put the ball online with some life right where fielder needed it (82 MPH). Liked his competitiveness and showed his strengths. 

2020 RHP Cameron Barger - De La Salle - 6-2, 190, R/R

One of the PO’s who stood out with a repeatable, athletic and fluid delivery. The high waisted frame is strong, but still young suggesting there’s still some growth opportunity. Long arm stays wide with an athletic front knee getting to 3/4 release cleanly; allowed him to manipulate the baseball with his three pitch mix. FB 81-83 having life at the plate up through the zone and angle down to spots. CHG 72-74 with some sink and run arm side; lost some of the feel in the stretch but was solid in windup. CB 66-69 having late 11/5 shape with strong feel; put it into and through the zone having action occur at the plate.


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