Bay Area World Series (CA): Uncmtd 2021 3B/1B

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Scouting Director

Lathrop, CA - Bay Area World Series (est. 2004) has seen its fair share of outstanding players over the years (38 MLB players and over 800 D1 players, including 3Bs like J.D. Davis & Mitchell Walding). There are some potential thumpers in this report.

As is the case all over, kids are always getting better, some later bloomers, some are a bit underexposed, even in California. Sometimes it just takes the right eyes on a player to give them that nudge toward colleges looking for one more potentially impact-type talent for their next incoming class. Maybe not necessarily even an impact talent, rather, adding quality depth to an incoming class, which ultimately, can be more important as injuries and attrition take place over a college career.

These uncommitted players participated in the games portion of BAWS 2020 (September 5-7). Videos from the games are in the editing process, though some of them have video from the BAWS workouts or from a previous PBR event. Stats are in their PBR profiles. The reports are a brief look at the standout qualities for these players.

Listed alphabetically - click on player profile for bio information and stats, video, etc:

Drake Bicknell C / 3B / Jesuit, CA / 2021

Has ability to play well abv avg defense at both C/3B, plays calm, has tools, very comfortable w/pace of the game. Displays same traits at the plate, middle of line-up hitting potential, definitely an RBI man, chance to develop into an impact player at collegiate level and get on the field early in his career. Plays the game with a cool demeanor, never in a hurry, professional approach to the game.

Jackson Gifford 3B / OF / Harbor, CA / 2021

Hit tool stood out. Quick trigger (RHH), short swing produced hard contact w/little effort. Projects to have extra base hit power w/ability to hit quality college pitching. Solid avg defense tools, maybe capable of 2B or LF in addition to 3B. Been noticed for his bat for a couple of seasons now, suggesting that its absolutely for real.

Dominic McLaughlin 1B / 3B / Hanford, CA / 2021

Two things stood out, his outstanding play around the bag on multiple picks on short hops that were well above average in difficulty level. Offensively (RHH) he's got some thump, grinded out ABs vs quality pitching & projects to hit in college and do so in the middle of a line-up. His arrow is pointed up, he's a producer.

Ben Pernetti 3B / RHP / Pleasant Grove , CA / 2021

Physical man-type body, showed 2-way talent though stood out a bit more brightly on mound. HEAVY stuff, zone pounder w/FB 83-88 (max 2305 spin) & potential hammer CB (70-74, avg spin 2431, max 2517). There is some LHH thump here too and corner position defensive talent. Knows how to play the game, not a fast guy but outstanding baserunner, instincts routinely show up.

Ian Avalos 1B / 3B / Vintage, CA / 2021

Physical profile suggests his most useful tool must be RHH power bat & that's exactly it. Not just a mauler, has the hit tool, routinely makes outstanding barrel contact, has present usable power to all fields & there is more coming. Capable defender as he started out his HS years as a left side infielder. Make no mistake though, its his potential to drive the ball and be a run producer that matters.

Bryce Baughman RHP / 1B / Placer, CA / 2021

Low slot RHP reliever profile for college level to add different look for a pitching staff, pounds zone w/3 pitches (FB/SL/CHG), showed ability to lower his slot even further, low-80s w/projectability for more, middle of field approach at plate (RHH), barrel contact w/extra base pop in 4 of 6 plate appearances. Doesn't overdo it at the plate, sees ball well, lets swing live naturally, should continue to add strength.

Will Florio 1B / OF / St. Francis, CA / 2021

 A former 3rd baseman, he's shown good defensive chops at 1st base, while steadily improving his offensive talents. Used RF well, twice singling sharply that way. As he improves the consistency of contact, he will start driving the ball and to all fields. Strength gains should really server him well, especially his approach and ability to get the ball through the gaps. Has been a steady improver through HS.

Kadon Floro 1B / RHP / Buhach Colony , CA / 2021

Participated in workout portion only; Of note he's younger brother of Dodgers reliever Dylan Floro. Physical LHH w/short stroke and ability to create power while maintaining bat control. Whippy life in the swing w/ample power potential. Competent and confident 1B defender. Has also shown strike throwing ability.

Hayden Hildenbrand LHP / 1B / Lodi , CA / 2021

Rangy projectable body, strike thrower w/full repertoire which projects very nicely given his future size and strength gains. As weekend went on he found feel at the plate (RHH), driving the ball gap to gap. Much more development is ahead for him in the coming 2-3 years and that is going to serve the offensive profile well.

Tyler Madden 1B / C / Live Oak, CA / 2021

There is the potential for real raw power as he continues to evolve. Has no trouble showing pop to the pull side. Hands are strong and loose, there is some 'country-strong' to his hitting talents. Showed ability to use middle of field in BP. Given a couple years of reps and physical changes, he could emerge as a real RHH power threat.

Ben Singler 1B / Sequoia, CA / 2021

Participated in workout portion of event only, Big football type body, by the frame the expectation would be that he can pound the ball, and he can. Only did the workout portion but put up impressive EV stats w/correlating Blast numbers. Plays 1B w/light feet and an accurate arm. One swing from him and pitching staff takes notice to tread lightly.

Pranav Sundar 1B / 3B / San Ramon, CA / 2021

Big body that can be shaped into a physical presence at the plate (RHH). Takes aggressive swings intent on doing damage. Made consistently extremely hard contact to all fields to give a glimpse of the impact power he can develop. Defensively the profile fits best at 1st base, range/arm. 


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